On Wednesday 28/6/2012 the former Provisional IRA commander and now deputy first minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness shook hands with the Queen Elizabeth the second in what is considered to be a historic event in Belfast.

Now let me say I am very pleased that the violence has in general come to an end in Northern Ireland. I strongly  opposed the violence of all of the paramiltary groups both nationalist and loyalist. Instead I advocated and still do trying to build working class unity between catholic and protestant workers in Northern Ireland and building a non sectarian socialist party. Such a policy is difficult in the situation in Northern Ireland but is the correct policy.

However I have to state regarding the handshake that I strongly dislike both Martin  McGuinness and Queen Elizabeth the second. He was a leader of the provisional IRA and she the nominal head of the British Ruling class. So in a way they are welcome to each other.

Brian Nugent in his book in defence of conspiracy theories in relation to Ireland quotes British army officers who stated that Martin McGuinness has always been a British government agent from the start of the troubles.This does not suprise me at all with the ruling elite creating terror and tension to forward their agenda.Look at Operation Gladno.

In conclusion we need to be working class unity between catholic and protestant workers in Northern Ireland. Build a socialist Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland,England, Scotland and Wales.



Yesterday the Prime Minister David Cameron announced as part of the future welfare reform plans the aim of stopping people under the age of 25  from claiming Housing Benefit. This reform would take place after the next general election. The reason for this reform  the government have stated is that people under the age of 25 do not really need to claim Housing Benefit they can live with their parents.

A number of points need to be made about this outrageous proposal.

Firstly many young people under the age of 25 cannot live with their  parents due to domestic difficulties. Also many young people under the age of 25 have had to obtain employment a long way from where their parents live.  Due to the lack of employment near where their parents live.

Secondly most young people are not social security scroungers there just are no jobs about for young people and those what are available are often low paid.The Smith Institute has stated that seven out of every eight people claiming housing benefit are people in low wages and not people out of work.

Thirdly the reason for the high housing benefit bill in this country is due to the high rents charged by private landlords and the lack of rent controls for private landlords.

So basically young people are going to be made to pay the price for the world wide capitalist crisis.There are few well paid jobs available for young people. Rents are high but of course the government will continue to bail out the bankers.

Yesterday the Labour member of parliament Frank Field endorsed the governments plans. So we should not really trust the Labour Party to lead a fight against the  government plans.

What is needed is decent housing for all with a massive public property building programme and rent controls for private landlords. But in conclusion we need a new economic system based on co-operative ownership and fair shares for all .But to achieve this we need a new political movement in this country.


On Friday morning I watched the Labour Party leader Ed Milliband deliver a speech on television about immigration. The speech delivered in a very dull style was much ado about nothing.Mr Milliband just called for more training for native British people so that less immigrants would be needed and linked this to a more responsible capitalism which takes a more long term view and trains British staff rather than hire low wage cost immigrant workers.

A number of points need to be made regarding Ed Milliband speech.

Firstly he does not seem to realise that the globalist neo liberal capitalist system does not work for the majority of people in the world.The reason immigrants come to Britain is because their are no jobs in their own country.

Secondly the immigrants are often doing the lowest of the low jobs like fruit picking which many British people will not do.

Thirdly their are very few well paid jobs in this country for native British people .Public  sector jobs are being slashed also the  manufacturing industry has been decimated in this country.

Now although I am in favour of stict immigrant quotas coming into this country.The key point that needs to be made from the debate on immigration is the need to build a new world wide economic system based on co-operation and sharing the worlds resources. Only when the world wide globalist neo liberal corporate  economic system is replaced can we deal with the problems of immigration.


As you may or not have noticed there have been alot of flag waving in this country of both the St Georges cross the flag of England and the Union Jack the flag of the United Kingdom.This is of course connected to the queens jubilee and the european nations soccer championship.

Let me  state my own view of these two flags.The Union Jack is the flag of British imperialism.That represents the forced unification of the four nations of the British Isles which then paved the way for the British  empire and the exploitation of other countries eg India.The Union Jack is closely linked to our monarchy which I am opposed to.So socialists should in my opinion be hostile to the Union Jack.

The St Georges cross on the other hand is the ancient flag of England which as and English  Rebublican I can accept. It was this countries flag before the United Kingdom was formed and when England had no empire. This has already been pointed out by Conrad Noel the socialist vicar of Thaxstead who flew the flag for anti imperialist reasons.

Also St George  himself was from Palestine a country whose cause is worth supporting. So despite the attempts to steal the flag by right wing groups like the EDL. English Republicans should be proud to use the flag as part of the fight for an independent anti imperialist England.


As you may or may not know the right wing New Democracy party came slightly ahead of Syriza in the Greek general election last Sunday 17/6/12.They will now be able to form a pro austerity pro bail out coalition government with the misnamed Socialist Party which is pro neo liberal and pro privatization The coalition will also be supported by the so called Democratic Left.

My first comment on the result is that the anti austerity parties won a majority of the vote 52%. The pro austerity bloc only won a majority of the seats due to the unfairness of the Greek  electoral system under which the party which wins the highest percentage of the  vote gets a bonus of an extra 50 seats.

Secondly the Socialist Party and the Democratic Left will pay a high price at the next Greek general election for supporting the bail out austerity policies they face being totally wiped out at the next Greek general election.

Thirdly the austerity bail out policies proposed by the new coalition government just will not work.It will only lead to greater slump and higher unemployment.

What Greece need is a plan to increase production, of public ownership and investment and mostly importantly leave the Euro so that Greece can set its own interest rates and start to plan its own economic future.

That is why Syriza must adopt a policy of leaving the euro.It will almost certainly win the next Greek general election but is it vital that Syriza adopts the correct economic policies.


On Sunday 17/6/2012 Greece will vote in a general election which is important for both Greece and Europe. It is essential that Greece makes a stand against the European Union neo liberal austerity dictatorship.

All of the major Greek political parties support the EU austerity dictate apart from Syriza, the Radical  Greek Left Coalition. Syriza,s leader Alexis Tsipras has stated that he will reject the EU bailout terms and Syriza is in favour of public ownership of  some industries.Syriza is right to adopt these policies however a major weakness of Syriza,s policies is that it is in favour of Greece staying in the Euro and the European Union this is foolish as only by reinstating the Drachma can Greece really develop its own economic programme.

The German finance minister has outrageously interfered in the Greek election campaign and has told Greeks to vote for the right wing New Democracy party. This is outrageous  and clearly shows what a dictatorship the European Union is.

Despite the weakness in Syriza,s programme a victory for Syriza in the Greek general election on 17/6/2012 will be a clear vote against the EU bankers globalist dictatorship and is just the start of a long term fight to build a better  world and a better  Greece.



Two reports suggest that the Houla massacre was carried out by Syrian rebels as part of a Nato false flag operation.

Firstly a catholic Syrian nun from Houla interviewed on Sky news stated the massacre was carried out by the Syrian rebels. Secondly the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung confirms that most of those killed in the massacre were either Shia or Alawi people who tend to support the Syrian government.

This confirms the view of those who state that Nato is using to Syrian rebels to carry out murders and  then blame them on the Assad government. Thus giving Nato an excuse to invade Syria then Iran and finally Russia.

So Natos evil duplicity in Syria has been exposed. What we need is peaceful negotiations between the Syrian government and peaceful opposition groups to establish a democratic Syria peacefully.This is why the Russian peace plan is Syria,s only hope.




Last Sunday I went to the alternative view conference organized by Ian Crane a man who I greatly admire. Although their were some interesting points put forward by the speakers I did have differences with some of the ideas put forward by some of the speakers.

The event kicked off with Brian Gerrish as the first speaker and he was superb. He clearly outlined how a sinsister parallel government is being set up by an organization called common purpose to prepare for a post democratic dictatorship by  a technocratic elite. What is happening in the European Union clearly shows the validity of Brians analysis. Well done Brian.

The second speaker Thomas Sheridan talk was about how to spot a psychopath. He succeeded in this in my opinion.  However I disagree with his view that people should not get involved   in political campaigns as psychopaths will always gain control of the political campaigns. Personally I feel that this is a far to pessimistic view and leads to social inaction with  people just accepting social oppression. We should  instead by fighting for democratic control of political campaigns.

The thirs speaker William Engdahl was also superb. He showed how a globalist debt based banking finance has enslaved the world.His talk was excellent he also seems to be a highly decent man.

The fourth speaker Alessio Rastani to be blunt I had  big problems with. He became famous for stating on BBC news how Goldman Sachs ruled the world. However his talk was basically about how you should use your intelligence to use the financial crisis to make a profit on investments. There was nothing in his talk about social justice and fighting to make a better world. All in all a very disappointing talk.

Max Keiser the fifth speaker I also had problems with he is a critic of bankers rule but appears to support free market capitalism. Perhaps not suprising as he is a former wall street banker. He is obviously  hostile to socialism. Also I stongly dislike his zealous support for the death penalty. To  be blunt he is a faker.

The sixth and final speaker John Perkins is famous for his book an economic hit man where he issued threats to left wing Latin American governments. However again I had problems with his speech he said’ I am a capitalist’ and he strongly supports capitalism. He was extremely naive in stating we should just send emails to companies like Nike asking them to pay their employees decent wages. So he still obviously still accepts corporate capitalist world rule.

So in conclusion there were some interesting points raised at the conference. However I had big differences with the American speakers  and their support for capitalism as we need to get rid of the  corporate big business system and build a new economic system based on co-operation.


As you are no doubt aware this Sunday and Monday the jubilee celebrations are taking place to mark Queen Elizabeth the second being our  countries Queen for 60 years.

The general consensus amongst the corporate media and political class is that her reign has been a big success and the monarchy is a big asset for Britain. However I would like to  argue that Britain would be much better off as a Republic.

Firstly it is argued that the monarchy is politically impartial however the Forbes 2008 rich list states Queen Elizabeth the second is the 12th richest person in the world. So obviously the Windsor family are on the side of the British and world elite so will obviously take their side in political issues.

Secondly all of the young male royals join the military and are thus closely associated with wars  and militarism.

Thirdly it is just not right for one family to occupy the position of head of state by birth and to hold the position for life.

But what about a Republic in this country? Some people argue that we might end up with a President Blair god forbid. However the advantages of a Republic is that the head of state can be voted out if you dislike like what they are doing. Just look at France recently.

So it is I feel time to mount  a big campaign for a British Republic and thus  to do a way with the unfair anarchronism of hereditary head of state.

So join   Republic and the  the fight for a British Republic.