In this latest blog I will argue against the current political grain that we still need to build a socialist alternative to the Labour Party.

The Labour Party unexpected good performance in the last general election has given a surprise boost for left forces inside the Labour Party. Momentum the main left grouping in the party is quite a large organization.

The Labour Party will continue to be the dominant left force in British politics probably indefinitely. However I will now explain why I personally feel that we still need to build a socialist alternative to Labour to challenge it from the left.

Firstly most left wing Labour members of parliament gradually drift towards the right after a certain period of time in parliament. This alas is an uncomfortable fact. Also alas so do many left wing Labour party activists.

Also many party activists including lefts, are pro globalist. For instance being pro EU. They have a strange naive view that the EU and other globalist organizations are a force for good. When in fact they support neo liberalism and corporate fascism.

What is needed is a new left socialist party that is anti EU and anti globalist. It would be democratic and non leninist. It could be based on the ideas of the Greek anti globalist socialist Takis Fotopoulos.

The party would be in favour of widespread democratic pubic ownership. I admit that electoral support for the new party would be quite low in the first period of time after its foundation. However I still feel that there is a need to form such a party and try and build electoral support for it.

Best wishes to all.