This latest blog is about my English hero the poet,artist and fighter for freedom William Blake. Born 1857 died 1827.

I have read Blakes poems in full.His poem Jerusalem is a national treasure.His song from the poem is Englands unofficial national anthem. Also his artistic engravings are magical.

Turning to Blakes political and religious views. In his view Jesus was the divine creator.But he was basically a freethinking christian. He felt that people should not be bound by rigid rules and should enjoy their natural desires. Instead he felt that people should try and do good deeds and fight oppression and injustice, a very important message for our present times.

In 1804 he was arrested during the period of the wars with France. He was charged with sedition. But thank god he managed to avoid conviction.

William Blake was opposed to slavery and also the death penalty. A view which was not common at that time.

In his song Jerusalem he spoke about the dark satanic mills of England. So he was obviously against the harsh working conditions of the time. Although some academics have suggested that the song not about the harsh working conditions of the time. Personally I think that it was. His whole life was a fight against oppression and injustice.

Blake claimed to have had visions of angels. But again some academics have suggested that he may had had some mental illness. In my opinion this is not true. As his beautiful engravings are clearly divinely inspired. Also he led a well balanced life.

In our present times which in my opinion is leading in the direction of a soulless technocratic dictatorship based on a globalist dictatorship. Blakes message of freedom and justice is very relevant for our present time.

In conclusion I would urge people to study Blakes poems and artist engravings and religious and political views. As they are I feel very important for our present age.

Best wishes to all for the future.