On Friday morning I watched the Labour Party leader Ed Milliband deliver a speech on television about immigration. The speech delivered in a very dull style was much ado about nothing.Mr Milliband just called for more training for native British people so that less immigrants would be needed and linked this to a more responsible capitalism which takes a more long term view and trains British staff rather than hire low wage cost immigrant workers.

A number of points need to be made regarding Ed Milliband speech.

Firstly he does not seem to realise that the globalist neo liberal capitalist system does not work for the majority of people in the world.The reason immigrants come to Britain is because their are no jobs in their own country.

Secondly the immigrants are often doing the lowest of the low jobs like fruit picking which many British people will not do.

Thirdly their are very few well paid jobs in this country for native British people .Public  sector jobs are being slashed also the  manufacturing industry has been decimated in this country.

Now although I am in favour of stict immigrant quotas coming into this country.The key point that needs to be made from the debate on immigration is the need to build a new world wide economic system based on co-operation and sharing the worlds resources. Only when the world wide globalist neo liberal corporate  economic system is replaced can we deal with the problems of immigration.


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