Nigel Farage,s call for a second UK referendum on Britains membership of the European Union. Is to say the least both strange and also outrageous. It is also very puzzling.

Farage as leader of UKIP has spent the last twenty years or so campaigning for the UK to leave the EU. After this aim and victory has been achieved he now seems to want to undo his victory. This of course raises a number of issues.

Firstly Farage must know that if Britain stayed in the EU then Britain would eventually have to join both the euro currency and the EU fascist superstate. This is of course being planned by the EU fascists like Martin Schulz and Donald Tusk.

Secondly one must ask the question why has Farage made this strange call for a second EU referendum. Some people might say he secretly wants the UK to stay in the EU so that he can keep his seat in the European parliament. Also keep himself in the public eye by making speeches ‘against’ the EU

However I suspect another motive. Farage may possibly be controlled opposition. He never really expected the UK to vote to leave the EU. Thus his call for a second UK referendum on EU membership at the behest of the globalists and EU fascists. So that after a second referendum this country can be slowly dragged into the EU fascist superstate.

However, I say we must say no to a second UK referendum on EU membership. The British people have already made their decision to leave the EU. Defend British national democracy. Yes to a socialist Britain outside the fascist EU. Best wishes to all for the future.



My first blog of 2018 is a response to the demonstrations that are taking place in Iran at the present time and which raises a number of key issues.

Firstly the hypocrisy of Donald Trump. Attacking the Iranian government and praising the demonstrations in Iran. But at the same time Trump backs the Saudi and Bahrain dictatorships. He also backs Israels ethnic cleansing in Palestine and the Saudi backed genocide in Yemen. Also it should be pointed out that the American police have shot dead nearly one thousand African Americans in the last year.

Secondly Britain and other western imperialist powers have invaded Iran on four occasions. So there is little historical western interest in the rights and interests of the people of Iran. Also Britain helped to arrange the fascist coup in Iran in 1953 that brought the Shah of Iran to power.

Thirdly as for the demonstrations in Iran to be blunt one has to be suspicious of the motives of some of the people taking part. Of course some of the demonstrators may have legitimate grievances. However they seem to be taking a pro western imperialist/ pro Israel line. Which begs the question who is really behind the demonstrations? For instance a chant no to Iranian involvement in Gazza. Which suggests they are controlled by Israel and western imperialist powers.

Now I am in favour of political reforms in Iran. Also I would like to see a socialist government in Iran which is opposed to western imperialism. But groups like the outlawed Iranian communist party do not seem to be much involved in the demonstrations.

So in conclusion I say yes fight for a socialist Iran. But to be perfectly blunt be suspicious of the demonstrations which are taking part in Iran at the present time. Best wishes for the future to all.