The Slovenian marxist philosopher Slavoj Zizek is without doubt one of the most important philosophers in the world today. I will in this blog put forward an analysis of the good and bad points of his ideas.

Firstly the good points of his ideas is that he suggests that  we can still build an alternative to the corporate capitalist system.The failure of the communist regimes of the Soviet Union has led some people to accept that their is no alternative to capitalism.However like Slavoj Zizek I think that they are wrong.Capitalism is an economic system which seems to lead to slumps and wars. However after putting forward a criticism of some of Slavoj ideas I will put forward an alternative to capitalism for our present times.

Now for the criticism of some of his ideas.Firstly he thinks that the Bolshevik revolution was a good thing and that they abuses started under Stalin.He also defends revolutionary violence.

However I am convinced that the terror and dictatorship started under Lenin in 1918.Lenin introduced conscription of labour and outlawed strikes. Most importantly Lenin set up the one party state he disbanded the constituent assembly which was elected by the Russian people.He also outlawed socialist parties like the Mensheviks and Socialist Revolutionaries.

So it is due to Lenins actions in 1918 that many people associate socialism with dictatorship and terror.Slavoj unfortunately does not realize this as he still supports Lenins ideas.

What we must do then is to put forward a libertarian socialist programme for our present time.Which wants to build and economic system based on co-operation freedom and justice.

I believe that the ideas of the 19th century French libertarian socialist Pierre Proudhon are very relevant to our present times.An economy based on workers mutuals co-operatives and human freedom.

So I say Slavloj in conclusion continue the fight against capitalism but drop the Leninism and start supporting libertarian socialism.



Hello everybody welcome to Christmas 2012 a very magical day. Now I must confess Christmas is my favourite time of the year.There is some special about Christmas and it has been made special this Christmas by the energy shift that I think took place on the 21/12/2012.

Christmas offers the glimpse of a better world a more relaxing world. Of course there is the long break which many people have which can create a more relaxed state of mind.

For me this Christmas has been very special.I have noticed a change of energy as a result of 21/12/2012 and for me Christmas is a spiritual event and not a material event at all. Last night I went to a meditation and there was a sense of magic in the air and today I went to the Christmas service.

However as I have stated in my previous blog it is up to all of us to take positive measures to build on the energy shift of 21/12/2012 and Christmas 2012.Personally I am now in a more optimistic mood and I will keep writing about the human soul in 2013.

Have a nice holiday  all.


Well as I correctly predicted in my blog on 20/12/2012 the world is still here. To me this  is fantastic news as all human life is sacred.

Yesterday 21/12/2012 for some reason I was in a very optimistic mood. I did a meditation from 11 am to 11.15 which covered the 11.11 am solstice it was one of the most beautiful meditations I have ever done and I did get a great sense of energy during the meditation.

What I personally think may have happened on 21/12/2012 is that an energy shift may have taken place. However it is up to us as individuals to act on the energy shift. It is up to us as individuals to take positive action in out lives. Let me give a few suggestions of what we can try and do.

Firstly meditate twice every day it improves your consciousness  levels and reduces stress levels.

Secondly try and defeat your own ego by examining your actions  every day.

Thirdly try and become teetotal it will vastly improve your consciousness.

Fourthly try and get and involved in voluntary work such as helping poor and homeless people.

Fifthly try and get involved in peace and anti war campaigns and campaigns against corporate rule.

So in conclusion to the 21/12/2012 Mayan day it is up to us to try and make the changes to make both  the world and our own lives a better place.

Have a wonderful happy Christmas.


Well after all those years of waiting tomorrow the big  day will be finally be here.The date of the Mayan prophecies 21/12/2012.

Now I must confess that I have read about  27 books on the subject. So I have developed a certain understanding on the Mayan Prophecies subject.The modern mass interest in the subject can be dated back to 1987  when Jose Arguelles started the harmonic convergence related to the Mayan prophecies. Jose died last year so he being in the afterlife will know what will happen tomorrow.

My own view on the subject has always been that thank god there will be no great loss of life on the 21/12/2012.The poll shift will not take place nor will solar flares lead to a great loss of life. In  fact we have had quite big solar flares this year and they have had little affect on our planets energy system. If a major poll shift was to take place tomorrow the 21/12/2012 we would have noticed the signs already through major earthquakes.

Tomorrow the 21/12/2012 I do not think that we will notice any significant changes.However any changes which may take place may be as a result of the galactic alignment. This is the alignment of our planet December solstice sun with the galactic equator.This is the first time this has happened in twenty five thousand years. Some experts have said that this will lead to a change in human consciousness.

My own view is that although will will not notice any change tomorrow we will have to wait ten or so years to see if the galactic alignment has had any affect on our planets consciousness.

I will write a short blog on Saturday 22/12/2012 the day after 21/12/2012  with my latest insights on the subject.


There is an old saying you are as young as you feel.However deep down most people have some sort of in built fear of ageing.It starts to develop to a certain extent when people get pass the age of 30 when people realise that their youth is coming to an end. Also once people get past the age of 50 they realize that what is called ‘old age’ is near, also people think more and more about the after life once they get past the age of 50.

Getting passed the magic age of 50 can be a depressing experience.People glance at themselves more and more in the mirror to see if they are ageing also people start to feel that they cannot go to certain places they used to go to when they were younger such as certain nightclubs.

The obvious question then  is how should people cope with ageing and the fears attached to it.

Firstly people should realize that they are internal spirits who live for ever.Death is the start of a glorious rebirth when youth reappears. So in reality people never die and so in the internal cosmic world ageing is a myth as we live for ever.

Secondly read and action Eckhart Tolle,s book the Power of Now. Concentrate on the exact moment that you are living in. Do not look back on the past with anger and regret or look forward to the future with plans which will probably not happen and may cause new anger. Just concentrate on the present.

Thirdly meditate twice every day in the morning and evening it is a great form of relaxation.

Fourthly try and develop new forms of entertainment. Such as classical music, meditation groups and alternative interesting talks.

In conclusion in reality this world is only a temporary place on our cosmic journey and we live for ever. So ageing is a myth.


Should our life revolve around our work is a very relevant question for our present times. For many economically hard pressed British workers their life very much does revolve around their work, facing a life of temporary part time work and high rent in private rented accommodation and little chance of being able to purchase their own property.

My own view is that peoples life should not revolve around their work. However this of course is easier said than done if you are a couple bringing up chidren in say high rented private accommodation along  with  employment being insecure and wages often quite low. So for people in this situation it can often be very difficult to adopt the mental attitude that ‘ life does not revolve around our work’.

Of course some workers living in owner occupied accommodation with their mortgage paid off can afford perhaps to adopt a more relaxed attitude to life and perhaps work part time. So perhaps can workers living secure council accommodation or other forms of social housing.

So to add up peoples life should not revolve around their work. However to achieve this stated goal we need a new economic system in this country and the world. I am myself  a strong advocate of working part time . However to achieve these changes we need key economic and social changes. Such as firstly a guaranteed minimum income whether in or out of work.

Secondly strict rent controls for private landlords.

Thirdly a massive cheap rented council accommodation building programme.

Fourthly a new economic system with public ownership of banks. Also  a large publicly owned sector of the economy and help to establish co-operative enterprises.

Fifthly grants for self employed people,

So in conclusion it is up to all of  us to make the statement that our life should not revolve around our work possible by building a new fairer and more just society.