The American Pentagon UFO report of the 25/6/2021 was as I had expected a report based on deceit and lies.

It stated that of the 144 UFO type objects investigated since 2004, 143 could not be explained. It placed the emphasis on Russian and Chinese technology. But it did not rule out the possibility that some of the 143 unidentified craft might be of extraterrestrial origin. The Pentagon report will unsurprisingly be used by the American government to increase the already very high defence expenditure.

I will now give my reason why I feel that the Pentagon UFO report of the 25/6/21 is based on deceit and lies.

Myself I have had a life long interest in the subject of UFO,S and extraterrestrials. This was after a personal UFO sighting many years ago. I have also read a large number of books on the subject and I have in the past been to many UFO conferences.

It is my personal belief that the USA government and also the governments of Russia and China already have knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial races. But for some reason they have decided not to tell the general public about this.

Paul Hellyer the former Canadian defence minster who is still going strong aged 97 stated that it was common knowledge that at least four extraterrestrial races have been visiting planet earth for several thousand years. Major Bob Dean who died a few years ago served at the NATO headquarters in the 1960,s. He served on the Shape Project which produced the Assessment report which also confirmed that at least four extraterrestrial races have been visiting planet earth for many years. There are also countless other reports that confirm the existence of extraterrestrial races.

Dmitry Medvedev the former Russian President was overheard by Russian journalists telling his aides about the phone he used to contact extraterrestrials. When questioned about this by the journalists he said that he was only ‘joking’.

In conclusion to this blog. It is unlikely that we ordinary humans will be told the truth about the existence of extraterrestrials in the near future by our governments. Our only hope is that a race of benevolent extraterrestrials will go over out governments heads and make themselves directly. known to us by publicly landing on Planet Earth.

Best wishes to all for the future.



Resist all injustices from the day of your youthful dawn.
Resist resist.

Resist the egoistical i'm all right jack attitude.
Resist resist.

Resist the soulless corporate,technocratic globalist machine.
Resist resist.

Resist the western imperialist war mongering plunder.
Resist resist.

Resist the internal depths of despair that nothing 
can be changed.
Resist resist.

Resist the archons silent hidden manipulation
Resist resist.

Written by. KO 1/1/2019

Comment. This poem is very apt as today the British government announced the outrageous decision to introduce compulsory vaccines for care home staff. Resist can only be the message to this totalitarian decision. 


The German Green party are a perfect example of the view of the Russian esotericist P.D Ouspensky that everything turns into the exact opposite from when it started it.

As someone who alas is showing their age. I can remember when the German Green party first started out in the 1970,s formed largely out of the 1960,s student revolt. Under it,s then leader Petra Kelly it was a party of pacifism, eco socialism and health food shops.

But how the party has changed in 50 years. Under the current leadership of the nasty warmonger Annalena Baerbrock it is pro privatization and supports neo liberal economic policies. It Is hyper Russia phobic. Pro NATO, Pro American and EU. Baerbrock has said that Germany must be ready to go to war with Russia over Russian ‘aggression’ in the Ukraine and Georgia.

Many of the top leaders of the German Green party are members of the pro American Atlantic Bridge. Unsurprisingly the party is now very anti China as well as being anti Russian.

The party is now in power in the majority of the states in Germany usually in coalition with the Conservative CDU or CSU in Bavaria. They willing vote for cuts in public expenditure and privatization.

This is mirrored throughout Europe. The Greens are in power with the Conservatives in Austria and Ireland. The Greens are starting to co-operate with Conservatives here in some councils in the UK, including the Greater London Assembly. In my view the Green party,s should now be considered right wing and not left wing.

The German Green party.s economic policies will be a disaster closing down of all coalfields and nuclear power plants. They will rely on just ‘green’ technology such as solar power and wind power .This mean that fuel bills will increase dramatically. There is also the possibility of power cuts under ‘green’ technology if the wind is not supplying enough wind or not enough sun for solar power.

The Greens are likely to come a very close second to the Conservatives in the German general election in the Autumn. A coalition government between the conservative CDU/CSU and the Green party is the most likely outcome of the general election.

If this happens their economic policies are likely to lead to an economic crisis due to the big fuel prices inceases that their ‘green’ fuel technology will cause.

In conclusion to this latest blog best wishes to all for the future. Also keep fighting for peace justice and equality in these strange uncertain times.

God bless you all.