2012 is to some people an  apocalyptic year connected to the Mayan prophecies. This is related to the 21/12/2012 poll shift. However I am sure that any changes to the Mayan prophecies will be minimal. The poll shift will not happen any solar flares will I feel have a small affect on the world. The only aspect of the 2012 prophecies which may have an affect on the world is the galactic alignement between our solar system and the milky way for the first time in twenty thousand years. However any changes to this galactic alignement will have a small affect on human consciousness.

However 2012 will be an important year for a number of reasons.

Firstly  it is quite possible that their will be a war between the USA and Iran. America has said that Iran should give up the right to produce nuclear power this is an outrageous demand. Iran has every right to produce nuclear power. Also Iran has as much right as America and Israel to have a nuclear bomb. Remember America is the only country in the world to use a nuclear bomb in 1945.

This issue also highlights zionist control of American  foreign policy. America support for Israels ethnic cleansing of Palestians from their ancient land. A war between Iran and America could lead to world war three as Russia could see an attack on Iran as an attack on Russia, China could may also intervene on Irans side.

The other big issue is the growing tendency in 2011 towards a neo liberal corporate globalist dictatorship whereby national elections results are unimportant countries economic and fiscal policies are decided by technocratic globalist unelected dictatorships.The obvious example is the EU unelected officials deciding the economic policies of countries like Greece,Ireland and Italy. I expect this trend to grow in 2012.

Clearly we are living in uncertain fearfull times. But we should I feel adopt the moto of Susan Jeffries’ Feel the fear and do it anyway’. The clear message for 2012 must be resistance.

Resist the move towards wars particularly with Iran. Attend any anti war demonstrations that take place. Join the stop the war coalition. Also get involved in the truth movement as the ruling elite may organize a major false flag action in 2012 as an excuse to start a war.

Also join the resistance to the globalist neo liberal world dictatorship.Join an organization fighting neo liberalism .Also form a co-operative and an internet independent media outlet. Go on any demonstrations fighting neo liberalism.

Lets may 2012 a year of resistance against the globalist elite.



In these dark war filled times I am pleased to write a blog of hope The Joy of Christmas.

Now I must confess Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year.There is to me something special about Christmas. Now I must admit that I am a free thinking Christian who is  critical of the christian churches. But I do feel that for a brief week around the Christmas period we are living in a fairytale world which does provide a glimpse of hope for the future and a better world.

Of course the ten day Christmas break is a time to rest relax and lay plans for a new future.

So let us all rejoice and enjoy the festive season and hope that the Christmas period and Jesus birth does lay the ground for a better future for the world and we as individual people.

Have a happy Christmas all.


This blog is quite simply  to say I made a mistake when I gave support to the Libyan rebels at the start and  I supported the Nato no fly zone although I opposed the Nato bombings in the civil war.

I stick my hands up  and say I made a mistake.

The Libyan civil war was a war between two bad sides. The new Libyan government is torturing people like the last Libyan goverment they have no respect for human rights.

The stop the war coalition  policy of non intevention was correct at the time.

Britain, America and the other western imperialist countries have no interest in human rights in the middle east hence their support for the brutal dictatorships in Bahrein and Saudi Arabia. The imperialist countries are only interested in plundering the middle east for their oil and other resources.

We should support the people of the middle east in their fight for democracy but we must oppose western government intevention in the middle east



Lat weeks unemployment figures make grim reading with unemployment heading towards three million is this country youth unemployment of 25% and a low wage high rent economy.

Clearly a change of policy is needed.

Firstly we need to rebuild Britains manufacturing industries and stop our fixation on financial services.We need to give grants to set up co-operatives.

Secondly we need to bring in rent contols for private landlords. Also we need a massive council property building programme. Also we should reintroduce mortgage tax relief for people who are buying property.

Thirdly we need real regulations on banks and other financial services.

Fourthly we need public investment in the economy at a lower level with local authority public investment boards.So as to set up local co-operatives enterprises and public investment in the local economy.

Fifthly we need to make it worthwhile people saving, interest rates should be above the rate of inflation.

Sixthly we need to reintroduce capital controls on private companies and financial services firms moving money abroad

Unless there is a change in the neo liberal globalist policies then poverty unemployment and the housing crisis will continue to get worse in this country.







To some people Nigel Farrage is a hero for opposing the European Union. Now i/m opposed to the European Union bankers dictatorship. But i/m also opposed to the British  neo liberal bankers dictatorship.

Farrage tries to make himself out as a great champion of the ordinary people. He portrays himself  standing up for British national interest against the EU central dictatorship. But many people who admire Nigel Farrage do not know his full policies.I shall explain them so as to expose him as an enemy of democracy a right wing reactionary war monger who is on the side of corporate big business power.

Firstly Farrage and his British Empire UKIP party supported the 2003 war with Iraq.They are also strong supporters of Israel, supporting the attack on Gaza and supporting the ethnic  cleansing of the people of Palestian from their ancient land.He and his UKIP party are firmly linked to the neo conservatives and will almost certainly support  a war with Iran and the world war three which will follow the attack on Iran.

Turning to domestic policy he and his party support a flat  rate income tax where the rich and the poor pay exactly the same rate of income tax.They also support the privatization of public services including the National Health Service.He would also favour further anti trade union laws.

Turning to civil liberties Farrage called on the army to be used against the rioters in last Augusts English riots.

What stands out to me is how similar Farrages economic and domestic policies are to the European Union bankers dictatorship we he claims to oppose.

What is clearly needed is a fight against both the EU neo liberal bankers dictatorship and the Farrage/Cameron British  neo liberal bankers City of London dictatorship.We need to build a rank and file movement for democratic socialism and for working class power.

Have a nice weekend.


The world wide occupation movement has been going for some time now. In the United States of America it has been a big success. In Britain however its impact has been much more limited. I feel now is the time to discuss the future of the occupation movement.

I have been to the occupation camp ten site at St Pauls cathedral on several occasions. The first few times there was a large number of people at the occupation site showing their solidarity with the occupation.However last Saturday night when I went there was virtually nobody there.So clearly the novelty of the occupation has gone away.

So we need to ask questions about the future of the occupation movement. I will deal solely with the situation in this country  regarding the future of the movement.

Firstly in the next three or so months the people camping outside St Pauls will be evicted. Personally I  do not feel that this will be all that important as the people camping outside St Pauls have made their point. The key question is what is the future for the movement.

What I feel is needed is to hold a national conference based on the legacy of the St Pauls occupation. The conference should decide a strategy  for the future.

Personally I feel that we need to build a national organization with a registered internet based list of supporters with regional groups.The organization could help set up support groups for strikers and people with housing and social security problems. Also it could help organize a national co-operative and volunteers movement.

It couls also organize political propaganda and hold political demonstations.

Clearly the capitalist system is in a major crisis. Personally I cannot see it recovering without a major war hence the need for the political initiative which I have mentioned in this blog.