Over the last ten or so years a major fad has grown in the western world The Law of Attraction. The major philosophy of this creed is that you can obtain what you desire by positive thoughts. In this latest blog I intend to explain the problems with the philosophy of the Law of Attraction.

Firstly we need to explain the roots of the Law of Attraction ideology
whose creed is basically you are what you think. You must go back to the 19th century New Thought Movement in the United States of America to discover the foundations of The Law of Attraction. The founder of this movement was a man called Thomas Troward. His theory was simple ‘think and grow rich’

However in our present times his new thought movement has two main gurus. Firstly Rhonda Byrne in her 2006 book The Secret states we as human are the totality of all things, also we are all divine and that positive thoughts can attract positive outcomes in our lives.

However the most influential philosophers of the Law of Attraction movement in recent years have been Esther and Jerry Hicks. In their 2008 book Money and the Law of attraction they put forward the by now common view of the original New Thought Movement that by thinking positively we can attract wealth love happiness in our lives.

However I feel that there are major problems with ideas behind the Law of Attraction movement. Firstly we live in a capitalist society where there are enormous gaps in income between rich and poor. So it is ridiculous then that an ordinary working class person can become rich just by thinking that they are rich.

Secondly the Law of Attraction promotes selfishness and self interest. As for a person becoming rich using the Law of Attraction ideas usually involves making gains at another persons expense and suffering.

However I do believe that the human race are all connected together by a single energy consciousness. So the idea of positive energy and positive thoughts only works when we use these ideas to try and help other people and not when we selfishly try using them to help ourselves.

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Towards a Middle East Peace an appeal to Jew and Gentile by Fritz De Yongh is a very moving and well researched account of the history of the Palestine Israel conflict. I write this as a long term supporter of the Palestine cause. The author firstly gives a history of the Jewish people. But he then gets down to the present day history of the conflict. The Balfour declaration of 1917 which backed up the Zionist aims of a homeland for the Jewish people. He then outlines how the Jewish state of Israel was set up in 1948 and the massive ethnic cleansing this involved. The Israel victory in the 1967 war led to the Israel occupation of the Palestinian West Bank. Of course repression leads to resistance and the Palestinians have been resisting ever since 1948.They now have massive international support. For instance here in Britain virtually every British Trade Union is affiliated to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Also witness the recent London one hundred and fifty thousand strong demonstration in support of the people of Gazza. Also the growing international boycott of Israel goods.

The author makes a moving plea at the end of the book for reconciliation between Jewish and Palestinian people and for justice on both sides. However while I would agree with this. As a supporter of the Palestinian cause I strongly support the boycott of Israel goods.

I end the review of the excellent work by leaving you with the demographic figures which I feel favour the Palestinian cause in the long run. Israel has 6.1 million Jews. and 1.7 million Palestinian Arabs. There are 2.4 million Palestinians in the West Bank and 1.4 million in Gazza. So in greater Palestine there are 5,5 million Palestinians who will probably be a majority within the next ten or so years. Of course there are 3.0 million Palestine refugees in Jordan. So in conclusion I strongly back the authors plea for a peaceful solution to the conflict. This can in my view mean only one thing the establishment of a secular one state solution of both Palestinians and Jews.


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Next Thursday 18/9/14 the people of Scotland will make a momentous decision on whether or not to restore their independence which was lost in 1707 after Scotland was united with the other countries in the British Isles in the state of the United Kingdom. Its looks like that the referendum vote will be quite close.

Personally as an English person I am sympathetic to the Scottish independence cause but I realise that it is up to the people of Scotland to make the decision themselves.

A vote in favour of Scottish independence would be without doubt a devastating blow for the British ruling class. Firstly it would be a signal that the people of Scotland do not want to ruled by the English City of London banker class. Secondly and more positively in my opinion it would be a big setback for western imperialism. With a weaker United Kingdom it would be much harder for the western imperialist block led by the USA to start wars of aggression against third world countries so as to steal their resources.

However I do have some criticisms of Alex Salmond,s plans for a post independence Scotland. Firstly he wants an independent Scotland to join the European Union. This is a big mistake as an independent Scotland would be ruled by the EU commission dictatorship instead of becoming a truly independent country. In my view an independent Scotland should stay out of the EU. Secondly he wants Scotland to join Nato. Scotland would be much better off remaining out of Nato like the Republic of Ireland.

If Scotland does vote for independence what lessons should the people of England take from the vote. Firstly they should adopt the proportional representation voting system for future Westminster elections. Secondly English people should discover their own English Albion radical identity. Learn from the traditions of William Blake, Thomas Paine and Gerrard Winstanley and fight for an English Republic.

Alas I have a hunch that the vote for Scottish independence will be narrowly defeated. However I hope that I am wrong. In conclusion whatever happens with the referendum vote on the 18/9/14 the fight against Britain,s corporate elite will go on alongside the fight for a more just world.