On Sunday 17/6/2012 Greece will vote in a general election which is important for both Greece and Europe. It is essential that Greece makes a stand against the European Union neo liberal austerity dictatorship.

All of the major Greek political parties support the EU austerity dictate apart from Syriza, the Radical  Greek Left Coalition. Syriza,s leader Alexis Tsipras has stated that he will reject the EU bailout terms and Syriza is in favour of public ownership of  some industries.Syriza is right to adopt these policies however a major weakness of Syriza,s policies is that it is in favour of Greece staying in the Euro and the European Union this is foolish as only by reinstating the Drachma can Greece really develop its own economic programme.

The German finance minister has outrageously interfered in the Greek election campaign and has told Greeks to vote for the right wing New Democracy party. This is outrageous  and clearly shows what a dictatorship the European Union is.

Despite the weakness in Syriza,s programme a victory for Syriza in the Greek general election on 17/6/2012 will be a clear vote against the EU bankers globalist dictatorship and is just the start of a long term fight to build a better  world and a better  Greece.



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