When the vote takes place on the 23/6/2016 over whether or not the UK should stay in the EU the Labour Party will be overwhelmingly in  favor of  staying in the EU. Now I must confess that as a socialist I find this situation a little strange. For instance compare this to the 1975 EU referendum  where both the Trade Unions and Labour Party Members were overwhelmingly in favour of leaving the EU.

Only nine Labour members of parliament have so far come out in favour of leaving the EU. Also only three Trades Unions have come out in favour of leaving the EU. A recent opinion poll showed that 80% of party members were  in favour of staying in the EU and only 11% were in favour of leaving the rest were undecided. Clearly then one must ask why the change in attitude in Labour Party members opinion since 1975

To be blunt the reason for this change in opinion is due to deluded  thinking. Also false internationalism and turning a blind eye to the EU neo liberal agenda.

In a recent biography I read about Nye Bevan the leader of the left wing of the Labour Party in the 1950’s he  said  prophetic words that the EU would undermine members national parliaments in the long run. A view shared by Hugh Gaitskell the right wing leader of the party.

Alas today both Corbyn,s left wing of the party and the party right wing agree on one thing the UK should stay in the EU. Until recently Corbyn was a strong opponent of Britains membership of the EU.

This change in the party,s view is I believe due to number of reasons. Firstly fake internationalism. However the EU is not intenationalist look at the way the EU bullies countries like Greece to carry out the EU neo liberal  orders.

Secondly turning to the EU neo liberal and privatization agenda the Labour Party activists and the Trades Union leaders talk about the Delores social charter of the early 1990,s. However this is a thing of the past. Now the EU promotes privatization and flexible work contacts.

Thirdy  the EU does not promote world peace. Look at the EU role in starting the wars in Yugoslavia and Ukraine.

So in conclusion  I say to all socialists join Lexit the left leave the EU campaign. Also join Trade Unionists against the EU. Let us secure a no victory on 23/6/2016.