Well Easter 2013 will be with us tomorrow. Now I must confess I prefer Easter,s that take place in mid April but alas we cannot change the date of Easter so that is that.

Easter 2013 is taking place against a back ground of troubled times.The economic crisis the strange very cold weather for this time of the year.Many people in both this country and abroad are facing a great deal of economic uncertainty. Also many people are suffering a great deal of stress in their lives at the present time. I know myself I have for some reason been under a great deal of stress this month.

However despite this there is still something special about the Easter festival.That  is besides the two extra days leave that people get and the easter eggs. Whether or not you believe in the Jesus resurrection story Easter brings a message of hope for people living in troubled times. It can also be a guide to take postive action to make both the world and peoples own life a better place.

So despite the troubles in the world and your own personal life try and take some positive action this Easter in are what are very troubled and worrying times.



Like me you probably acted with shock and outrage to the decision of the European Central Bank that Cyprus must impose a tax on all Cypriot savers bank accounts of 6.75 % for accounts below 100.000 Euros and 10% for accounts over 100.000 Euros.This is of course an outrageous suggestion it is the blatant theft of working class Cypriot peoples savings. They are being made to pay for a crisis that they did not create a crisis which was created by the Cypriot and EU capitalist banking class.

A number of points need to be made about the Cyprus banking crisis.Firstly the emotions and interests of ordinary working class people in both Cyprus and the rest of the world just do not count.The recent suggestion of the deputy governor of the bank of England  recently that negative interest rates may have to be introduced in Britain underlines this point.

The Cypriot parliamant is trying to resist the EU dictate but in the end it seems as if they will submit to the Mekel EU dictate. Perhaps with a slightly less draconian bank theft.

The affects of the Cyprus bank theft are being felt throughout Europe.Even here in Britain people are asking are their  savings safe. Could the British government carry out raids on British peoples savings.There is a real sense of fear amongst oridinary working class savers throughout Europe particularly amongst senior citizens who have saved for their retirement.

The obvious question is what can we do to fight back against the globalist banker thugs. Firstly the European Union needs to be disbanded and replaced by a federation of independent European nation states.Secondly the banking system needs to be taken into public ownership.Thirdly we need to set up local municipal run banks. Fourthly the neo liberal coroprate fascist globalist dictatorship is finished and needs to be replaced by a co-operative run system.

But it is down to us the masses to basically awake from our passivity and start fighting back against the political globalist corporate bankers dictatorship.

So wake up today get busyand politically active against the system.



I recently finished reading the 841 pages book by the Canadian psychologist Steven Pinker The Better Angels Of Our  Nature and for once I would have to agree with the Economist magazine that Pinkers book may go down as one of the great books of our time.However as I shall shortly explain I do not agree with all the findings in his book.

Pinkers book is packed with statistics the back up the main thesis in his book that people are becoming more moral, more civilised. He backs this theory up showing the massive decline in the murder rate from the middle ages to our present time, the decline in torture and also the long gaps in wars.For instance from 1870 to 1914 and from 1945 to the present time.He also provided evidence that compared to the middle ages human beings adopt a much more civilised method of behaviour to each other.The reason for this decline in violence and a more moral behaviour are according to Pinker. Firstly democracy and secondly the civilising behaviour of the growth of central government authority.

Now regarding the issue of wars Pinkers theory would appear to fall flat on its face.With fifteen million people being killed in the first world war and fifty five million people being killed in the second world war.However Pinker states that nowadays there are big gaps in wars between major powers unlike a few hundred years ago when wars were a permanent feature of life when most people were in fear of their village or town being invaded by hostile armies.

However regarding Pinkers view that ordinary people  are much more civilised in their behaviour to each other I would tend to agree with this point of view.When I read Peter Ackroyd book London accounts of the behaviour of ordinary Londoners to each other from the middle ages to a couple of hundred years ago people appeared to adopt a much more barbaric mode of behaviour towards each other.For instance massive crowds cheering people being tortured to death in public.

However there are certain proplems with some of the ideas Steven Pinker puts forward in his book.The English philosopher John Gray in a review of the book in the Prospect magazine on the 21/112011 points out that the long peace since 1945 to a certain extent is a myth as there have been many proxy wars thought by the major powers since 1945 and we cannot rule out another major conflict.

I will now give my views on the book.Yes I agree with Pinker that ordinary people are much more moral in their behaviour towards other human being and are more civilised in their daily life than say a few hundred years ago.

However the major powers China,Russia and the USA all have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world.So a war over resources cannot be ruled out in the future. Also there  is still the threat of a nuclear holocaust. Also as John Gray states proxy wars are still being thought by the major powers in places like Syria.

Regarding the subject of torture I feel that Pinkers can be accused of hypocrisy as he appears to endorse Alan Dershowitzs view that limited torture can be used against terrorists providing a warrant has first been obtained from a court.I find this view barbaric.

Steven Pinker appears to be a strong supporter a free market capitalism being hostile to socialism and populist movements.This is in fact my major criticism of Pinkers book.To achieve world peace and a better world based on social justice in my opinion  it is down to mass campaigns of ordinary people, peace campaigners  and the labour movement. It should not be left to the behind the scenes actions of governments who may in fact have secret war aims if it is in the interests of the big corporations.

So in conclusion we can disarm the worlds armies, achieve peace and a better world but is is up to the mass action of the ordinary people from below.


Now I must confess that I have never particularly liked the website infowars.com of the so called American ‘truth movement’ activist Alex Jones. I sight which Mr Jones claims gets three million visits everday day.

Firstly his strange reluctance to criticize Israels ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Secondly his admiration for Rand Paul the right wing neo conservative who is really up for world war three and who takes a tough stancewith Iran . Thirdly Mr Jones admiration for America,s so called’ free enterprise’ system.

Mr Jones states that he is a libertarian who is sympathetic towards libertarians who work inside the Republican party a party of total corporate fascism.

To me there has always seemed  something fake about his oppostion towards the new world order. His refusal to confront imperialism, and world corporate rule and the wall street dictatorship in the USA.

However two days ago Alex Jones was exposed as a total fake with his gloating article regarding the death of Hugo Chavez. This as far as I am concerned totally exposed him as an agent of world corporate rule, the new world order, world imperialism and Wall Street.

So I say boycott his webste infowars.com. Instead I suggest everday you should visit the website of Michel Chossudovsky, globalresearch.ca. This website is a progressive website which provids real opposition to imperialist war,the new world order and corporate rule.

Have I nice weekend all.


This is a rare return to a political blog but the death of Hugo Chavez merits this return.

Let me state where I stand, Hugo Chavez was a great fighter for peace,social justice and democratic socialism.

He was democratically elected president of Venezuela four times.The fairness of the election was confirmed by the Jimmy Carter foundation ran by the former American president.

Hugo Chavez achievements are immense. He gave the  ordinary people of Venezuela a sense of dignity.Before he became president Venezuela was a colony of the United States of America. He took the major industries into public ownership and used the oil revenues for the benefit of the people.He brought in free health care and subsidized food for the poor.

Also his democratic revolution led the way for the elections of other left wing governments in Latin America to confront western imperialism.

Nicolas Maduro the vice president of Venezuela who will hopefully be the next president has stated that he is certain that Hugo Chavez cancer death caused by American CIA cancer causing radar beams. Although there is as yet no evidence of this the CIA have form in using this method to kill political enemies. So I suspect that this is the case.

However what we should do is firstly hope that Nicolas Maduro is elected president of venezuela. Also we should honour Hugo Chavez memeory by stepping up the fight against western imperialism and to fight for world social justice and and end to world corporate rule.

Hugo Chavez you will live for ever.

Nicolas Maduro for president.



This blog is about the future of the truth movement some people may say the conspiracy theory movement but that is their choice of description.

My self I have been involved in political campaigns since the 1970,s. I have been interested in exposing the cover up of UFO,S since the late 1980,s after a UFO sighting myself. I have also been involved in the nine eleven truth movement since shortly after the nine elven attacks took place. It was immediately obvious to myself that the building was brought down by a controlled demolition.This was confirmed by William Rodriguez the janitor of the building who stated bombs were exploding in various parts of the building.

Since the 9/11 attacks it is clear that certain aspects put forward by the truth movement are true.The global elite are clearly moving towards a centralized bankers technocratic bankers dictatorship. The clear evidence of this is the European Union where the European Central Bank is dictating the economic policies of countries like Greece,Spain,Italy,Portugal and Ireland.

Also there is no difference between the economic policies of the right wing political parties and the ‘socialist’ international ‘socialist’ parties. Both advocate neo liberalism and privatization.So the global bankers elite dictate their policies.So clearly the truth movement main analysis has been proved correct over the last ten years regarding the globalist world dictatorship and the elites use of false flag terrorism.

However there in my view a minus side to the truth movement despite its general good work. In the last year some researchers have possibly got a few predictions wrong. For instance project bluebeam at the London 2012 Olympics which predicted a false flag alien attack on the olympics so it could be used as an excuse to set up a world government.The other main bogus prediction was the 21/12/2012 poll shift which did not take place.

The other bad aspect of the truth movement is that it can attract a few unstable people who state that other people in the truth movement are either working for MI5 or else the illuminati without any clear evidence. Probably because they  do not like the other person.

However despite this negative points that I have just mentioned the truth movement is clearly a positive thing with a bright future.However their are a few things that people should bear on mind.There  are some people who will put  false evidence on the internet. So  always be discerning about the evidence. Make sure that the ideas put forward  on the internet,in books,magazines or in public speeches is backed up by clear evidence.

Have a good day all.