As you are no doubt aware this Sunday and Monday the jubilee celebrations are taking place to mark Queen Elizabeth the second being our  countries Queen for 60 years.

The general consensus amongst the corporate media and political class is that her reign has been a big success and the monarchy is a big asset for Britain. However I would like to  argue that Britain would be much better off as a Republic.

Firstly it is argued that the monarchy is politically impartial however the Forbes 2008 rich list states Queen Elizabeth the second is the 12th richest person in the world. So obviously the Windsor family are on the side of the British and world elite so will obviously take their side in political issues.

Secondly all of the young male royals join the military and are thus closely associated with wars  and militarism.

Thirdly it is just not right for one family to occupy the position of head of state by birth and to hold the position for life.

But what about a Republic in this country? Some people argue that we might end up with a President Blair god forbid. However the advantages of a Republic is that the head of state can be voted out if you dislike like what they are doing. Just look at France recently.

So it is I feel time to mount  a big campaign for a British Republic and thus  to do a way with the unfair anarchronism of hereditary head of state.

So join   Republic and the  the fight for a British Republic.


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