This first blog of 2023 as it enters its 13th year. Is a review of a book written by Simon Elmer called, The road to fascism a critique of the global bio security state.

I recently heard Simon give a talk in North London about his recently published book. Like me he is involved in left Lockdown Sceptics. He is a socialist opponent of lockdowns and the resulting repressive restrictions introduced during the covid events. He is like me he is also critical of the way the majority of the ‘left’ went along with the covid restrictions.

In his book he points out that it is mainly elderly people who are dying from covid. In Germany the average age of people dying from covid is over 80 years of age. Here in the UK under the age of 70 only two thousand seven hundred people have died form covid. So the covid lockdown restrictions were not necessary.

He also points out the dangers of the covid vaccines. Explaining the views of people like Dr Robert Malone the inventor of the MRNA vaccine who has highlighted the dangers of the covid vaccines. But only a small minority of people on the ‘left’ have pointed out the dangers of the vaccines. They just said, ‘trust the science’

Simon in his book points out how degenerate most of the ‘left’ in the west are now just accepting globalism, neo liberalism and corporate rule. Their group thinking is now dominated by personal identity politics. He also correctly in my view states that woke is fascism for adopting a cancel culture point of view against people with enquiring minds who question the official narrative on such subjects as lockdowns, covid vaccines and climate change.

But the most important point of the book is that the covid events have been used as an excuse to introduce a fascist global bio security state. I have touched on this subject in my recent blog defeat trans humanism defend the human race.

The bio security state includes vaccine passports and mandatory vaccines both in operation in many countries. Also micro chipping of people. Digital currencies to check all of peoples payments,the abolition of cash and the need for a smart phone for shopping. There are plans to implement smart phones in peoples brains by 2030. See my recent blog on trans humanism. Alas at present neither a majority of the ‘left’ or the general population are opposing these totalitarian bio security state measures.

Simon urges people to resist these fascist bio security measures through networks of friendship. This is a very interesting idea as this is already happening in both London and the rest of Great Britain. With many Freedom networks already established to fight against the fascist global bio security state plans.

In conclusion I would urge people to buy Simon,s book. Also to join a resistance group against both the World Economic forum ‘great reset’ and the plans for a fascist global bio security state.

Best wishes to all for the future.