The last without has without doubt been a tumultuous week in England with riots in London and other major English cities.There has been widespread looting and even arson.

Now the first thing that I must say is that we must condemn the riots.However that is only the start of the story we must all condemn the sick egoistical materialist unfair society. The chickens of neo liberal global capitalism are coming home to roost.

Most of the people who took part in the riots were not politically motivated they were often attacking and intimidating other poor people.Stealing from other poor people. That is why it is  pathetic for the Socialist Workers Party a mainly middle class party with no base in the working class to state that the rioters were revolting against the Tories.

However it is the sick unfair globalist neo liberal capitalist system which has created the situation for the riots to take place. Young people in this country have no future just the prospect of dead end jobs this applies even to many young people with degrees.In fact 20% of young people between the ages of 16 and 25 are unemployed in this country. They have no hope of getting their own council accommodation. To rent a one bedroom flat in London is about £250.00 per week.

They see the corruption of politician,the growing wealth of the rich created by the rotten neo liberal system.

Now although I condemn the riots without hesitation a number of other things make me angry.Rich yuppies in Clapham being interviewed pointing contemptuously up to the council tower blocks stating the trouble comes from ‘up there’.Also with the premier football season starting on 13/8/11 Wayne Rooney and Harry Rednapp being rolled out by the coporate media to condemn the riots. I condemn the system that pays Wayne Rooney two hundred and fifty thousand pounds per week just for  kicking a ball about.

The key question is what do we do about the situation that creates the riots in the first place. Firstly we have got to start getting busy we need a political campaign amongst young people, and the working class to build an alternative to the present neo liberal globalist system. We even need a dialogue  with people who have taken part in the riots even though we roundly  condemn their actions.

We must try and get poor people and working class people involved in politics again at present the political activity of all three of Britains main political parties is made up of overwhelmingly middle class people.

In conclusion I feel we need a new political movement in this country to give hope to the poor and the working class who are suffering  severely under  neo liberalism .




This week from Friday 5/8/11 to Sunday 7/811 the annual British Exopolitics conference takes place in Leeds.Last year I went to the conference but with great regret I cannot attend this years conference. It is great line up of speakers for three days.

I believe that exopolitics is one of the great causes of  our times and is an issue well worth fighting for.For people who do not know what exopolitics means it means the politics of extraterrestrial life, The exopolitical movement accepts the fact the world governments are covering up their knowledge of extraterrestrials existence on other planets. The international exopolitics movement seeks to expose the cover up of the world governments knowledge of extraterrestrials and find out why they are covering up their knowledge of extraterrestrials.

Of course people who will read this blog may ask for evidence that world governments are covering up their knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrials. I shall now explain this evidence.

Firstly the Rosewell incident of 1947. Walter Haut the American military officer who helped cover up the incident by issuing the statement that the supposed aliens were in fact weather ballons.Issued a signed statement to be issued after his death confiming that the bodies were extraterrestrials.See the 2007 book witness to Rosewell.

The most important evidence confiming the existence of extraterrestrials was provide by Bob Dean the American military officer who served at Nato headquarters in Brussels from 1963 to 1967.He  read the secret Nato report in 1964 which confirmed the knowledge of the existence of at least 50 extraterrestrial races on other planets.

Also General Corso who wrote the book the day after Rosewell which confirmed how the American military and companies were using technology captured from extraterrestrial craft.

Most recently there is the case of Gary Mckinnon the English computer hacker who hacked into American military files and is alleged to have discovered direct knowedge of American military collusion with extraterrestrials at the time he was carrying out the hacking of the American Military files.

There is also the large number of unexplained sightings of unidentified flying objects.

So it is very important for as many people as possible to get involved in the world exopolitics movement and join the fight for official extraterrestrial disclosure.

Please go to and for more details.

Please get involved in the campaign and help win the fight for world governments disclosure of their knowledge of the existence  of extraterrestrials.