As a socialist this blog is written as response to the ongoing Greek Crisis and also to the growing awareness that the European Union is a tyranny which dictates it policies to sovereign countries national governments.

The recent Greek bail out deal clearly showed the EU dictatorship for all to see, dictating privatization and new anti trade union laws to Greece. The EU has just issued a dictate to the Scottish goverment limiting its state public expenditure. This is quite ironic as the Scottish National Party is staunchly pro EU. The EU has various compulsory privatization regulations.

Recently here in Britain various leading left wing spokesperson have come out for a no vote in the future EU British referendum. These include George Galloway and Owen Jones. This is an obvious response to the Greek tragedy. What is clearly need is a united left campaign for a British withdrawal from the EU when the British referendum vote is held. This must include Labour Party politicians and trade union leaders opposed to the British membership of the EU. But also socialist groups such as SWP,SLP, Communist Party of Britain, Socialist Party and Counterfire. With the correct left campaign I am sure that we can win a no vote whenever the vote is held on British membership of the EU.

However we need to go beyond this and mount a campaign for the EU tyranny to be disbanded and replaced by a confederation of independent European states. Scrap the European parliament,commision and the Euro currency. In Italy, France and the Netherlands there is growing demand to leave the Euro and to reinstate their traditional national currencies. In Austria there has been a massive on line petition to call for the Austrian parliament to debate the countries membership of the EU.

In conclusion what is needed is a European wide national democracy movement to campaign for the disbandment of the European Union and its replacement by a confederation of European independent states.



Well to be honest I always thought that it would end this way. The Greek government surrender to the European Union dictatorship on the 12/7/15 will earn Alexis Tsipras a place in infamy. He will without doubt go down in history as one of the greatest class traitors of all time.

Besides the austerity measures already in place such as pension reforms and vat increases. Tsipras has agreed to introduce new anti trade union laws and massive privatization. Of course the Syriza government should have adopted the alternative policy of withdrawal from the Euro and defaulting on its debts. Along with accepting financial aid from Russia and China and joining Brics,

The affect of this treachery will create, firstly widespread demoralization amongst the international left and workers movement, a feeling will grow of who can you trust. Secondly it will quite correctly in my opinion create a growing hatred of the European Union in both Britain and some other EU countries. Some people are now calling the EU the Fourth Reich in other words a German oligarchy dictatorship.

For the left here in Britain there can be only one conclusion from this Greek traged. There must be a united left campaign for British withdrawal from the European Union when the referendum is held in 2016.

In conclusion the European Union must somehow by destroyed. It is an evil tyranny.


My latest blog is on Pope Francis recent encyclical on climate change, on care for our common home.

There are two generally held views on climate change. Firstly that it is a myth and the second view that if we do not take urgent action on climate change then the human race will become extinct in the next one hundred years or so. As for myself I take a middle view between these two points of view. The weather is becoming wetter, droughts are increasing and storms are become more frequent even here in Britain. However I do not personally feel that the human race is as yet under threat of extinction. However like Pope Francis I feel that we should be taking some action regarding climate change.

Pope Francis talks about greenhouse gases and increasing global warming in his encyclical.However disappointingly he does not quote any figures to back up his views.

He correctly mentions the drought in Africa and the neo colonialist reocccupation of Africa by western multinational buying up African arable farming land and thus driving indigenous African farmers off their land. The Pontiff also mentions the unsafe water supply in third world countries and also that it is the third world countries that are most suffering from climate change.

The Pope correctly mentions that there is no infinite supply of resources and raw materials. He also condemns correctly in my opinion human greed and rampant individualism.

His solution to the problem of climate change includes the following actions.
Global social justice, a more distributive economic system based on the sharing of goods. Most interestingly he correctly in my opinion calls for the internationalisation of environmental costs as it is third world countries who are most affected by climate change.

In conclusion I personally feel that Pope Francis must be commended for publishing his encyclical on climate change. I do not feel that it is a document which is part of a plan for population reduction as some internet commentators have said. However personally I feel that the only way to solve the problem of any climate change that is taking place is to replace the oligarchical capitalist system with an economic system based on the common ownership of major enterprises and almost end the western imperialist control of the global south of the world.

Good day all.