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The German Green party are a perfect example of the view of the Russian esotericist P.D Ouspensky that everything turns into the exact opposite from when it started it.

As someone who alas is showing their age. I can remember when the German Green party first started out in the 1970,s formed largely out of the 1960,s student revolt. Under it,s then leader Petra Kelly it was a party of pacifism, eco socialism and health food shops.

But how the party has changed in 50 years. Under the current leadership of the nasty warmonger Annalena Baerbrock it is pro privatization and supports neo liberal economic policies. It Is hyper Russia phobic. Pro NATO, Pro American and EU. Baerbrock has said that Germany must be ready to go to war with Russia over Russian ‘aggression’ in the Ukraine and Georgia.

Many of the top leaders of the German Green party are members of the pro American Atlantic Bridge. Unsurprisingly the party is now very anti China as well as being anti Russian.

The party is now in power in the majority of the states in Germany usually in coalition with the Conservative CDU or CSU in Bavaria. They willing vote for cuts in public expenditure and privatization.

This is mirrored throughout Europe. The Greens are in power with the Conservatives in Austria and Ireland. The Greens are starting to co-operate with Conservatives here in some councils in the UK, including the Greater London Assembly. In my view the Green party,s should now be considered right wing and not left wing.

The German Green party.s economic policies will be a disaster closing down of all coalfields and nuclear power plants. They will rely on just ‘green’ technology such as solar power and wind power .This mean that fuel bills will increase dramatically. There is also the possibility of power cuts under ‘green’ technology if the wind is not supplying enough wind or not enough sun for solar power.

The Greens are likely to come a very close second to the Conservatives in the German general election in the Autumn. A coalition government between the conservative CDU/CSU and the Green party is the most likely outcome of the general election.

If this happens their economic policies are likely to lead to an economic crisis due to the big fuel prices inceases that their ‘green’ fuel technology will cause.

In conclusion to this latest blog best wishes to all for the future. Also keep fighting for peace justice and equality in these strange uncertain times.

God bless you all.


It's a rainy Summer afternoon
when I myself am full of gloom.
Strolling discontentedly into Boots
with just enough essential loots.
For one main purchase to make.
Some of that Macleans  toothpaste.

Now with the purchase easily found.
I decide to wander around.
To see what I might one day buy.
As I wonder and sigh!
If only I could come into some
regular money.
But I notice something that's not funny.
I'm being watched by the security guard.

He stares at me as if I am acting suspicious.
But the way he is looking I think he is acting 
In fact he is making me rather ill.
So I hurriedly wander to the till.
To pay for the Macleans toothpaste
and leave the shop in great haste.

Written by KO- October 1992.


In this latest blog I will take a look at the local elections results in England on the 6/5/21 and the Wales and Scotland parliament elections on the same day. It is important to analysis the results held in these very strange dystopian times.

Firstly in England as expected the Conservatives made massive gains from Labour in the local elections results. Mainly in the North of England. Their are two reasons for this. Firstly, working class voters still distrust Labour on Brexit, they see Labour as a liberal globalist party. Secondly under Starmer Labour have put forward no credible policies whatsoever.

Also alas both the right wing and the ‘left’ wing of the party have largely accepted the official narrative of lockdowns and the resulting restrictions on civil liberties and movement. The only rare good results for Labour were the mayoral victories in London, West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

For somebody who has attended virtually all of the anti lockdown demonstrations. I was disappointed but not surprised by the low vote for Piers Corbyn in the London mayor election.I personally voted for Piers for mayor and Let London Live in the London GLA elections.

To make things even worse for the Labour party. They lost a bye election held in the parliamentary seat of Hartlepool on the 6/5/21. A Labour majority of 3500.00 in the last general election was turned into a near 7000.00 Conservative majority.

The only other bright aspect for Labour was their surprising good performance in the Wales parliament election. Labour,s result in Wales was much better than expected.

In the Scotland parliament elections the results went very much as expected in relation to the opinion polls. The SNP were just one seat short of an overall majority. Although there is a clear pro independence majority in the Scottish parliament. The issue of a second Scottish independence referendum will probably be decided by the UK Supreme Court.

I suspect that Boris Johnson and the Conservative party are in for a quite easy victory at the next election when it is held in 2023 or 2024. The Labour party seems to be shallow and have no deep principles now. They seem a liberal globalist party to the core.

Summing up I do not see any good coming out of what I consider to be the pre planned Event 201 corona events. We seem to be heading for a technocratic authoritarian dictatorship which the herd masses seem to be going along with. Our only hope must be in the 20% or so of the UK population who oppose the fascist lockdowns and the half a million or so people who attended the anti lockdown demonstration in London on the 24/4/21.

I do not see any left wing political revival here in the UK or in other European countries. Alas here in the UK most of the left have gone along with the official narrative on the lockdowns and corona events.

In conclusion. I highly recommend reading the brilliant new book edited by the courageous former American congress women Cynthia McKinney, called. ‘ When China sneezes. From the coronavirus lockdown to the global economic crisis’. This book includes a brilliant article by Helen Buyniski called the post covid 19 world, a permanent dystopia. The book is published by Clarity Press.

Best wishes to all for the future.


This latest blog to a certain extent is a follow on from my last non poem blog on the herd mentality. This herd mentality is one of the reasons for myself developing this point of view of having a small close circle of friends who share your own world outlook.

To a certain extent most men and women are social animals. They want to go out and meet as many people as possible. Rise to the challenge of interacting with other people. Developing new friends as well alas possible new enemies and hostile human forces.

My own personal experience is that by going out to as many social events as possible alas can lead to human alienation and depression. You have to engage in small talk to impress people. Also leading you not to talk about controversial issues that you would like to talk about.

You can come home feeling deflated and depressed. Also you can pick up on other peoples negative energies. If you have clashed with them at social events.

This is why I am largely proud to say that experience has taught me that it is best only to interact with a small group of friends who are on your same energy level. Who also have your some world point of view. For instance in relation to the Corona events.

Now I know that many people will perhaps say that you are being unadventurous. But my own experience has taught me that my point of view is correct.

So in conclusion I would say treasure you true close friends and try and develop a supportive relationship with them.

God bless you all and best wishes for the future.


This latest blog to a certain extent is quite disturbing and depressing. I have discussed the issues raised in this blog with several friends and they almost all tend to concur with my point of view.

Since the start of the corona events in the UK in early March 2020 there has been a growing move in my opinion towards a herd society. To a certain extent it already existed before March 2020. But in the last year this move has been accelerated on a major scale.

Myself and other close friends who oppose the lockdowns and the official narrative feel increasingly alienated from the herd mass who go along with the governments actions in the lockdowns.

Some statistics are quite telling. 79% of UK public opinion supported the third national lockdown. Yes the third national lockdown. Only 13% opposed the compulsory introduction of facemasks in shops, public buildings and public transport.

The mass of people now just seem to accept whatever is imposed as the latest corona events lockdown measures without question. The masses now just seem to be an unquestioning herd who accept whatever narrative is given by the government and mainstream media.

Of course we need to analyse why this present totalitarian mood exists. Goethe the early 19th century German philosopher in ‘The sorry of young Werther’ said ‘that what little freedom people have fills them with fear. That they by any means try to get rid of it’

However I feel that the best reason for the acceptance of totalitarianism and people being resistant to being free is provided by the German psychoanalyst Eric Fromm in his classical 1941 book Escape From Freedom. Fromm who fled Nazi Germany to America in the 1930s politics were that of a libertarian socialist.

Fromm felt that the freedoms that ordinary people gained in the 19th century were what he called negative freedoms. By this he meant that these were just freedom from social conventions. They were no creative positive freedom of economic security and cultural freedom.

So people were left with a sense of economic insecurity and helplessness. So they wished for a return to submitting to a new higher authority.

Fromm felt that the only solution to this crisis is for people to fight for what he called real freedom. This he called positive freedom. Where people were in control of their own lives both culturally and economically. Basically he favoured a libertarian socialist society.

Personally I feel that his point of view in his book Escape From Freedom is largely correct. Peoples sense of helplessness and lack of control in their lives has turned the masses into a totalitarian accepting herd who largely seek to submit to the will of authoritarian leaders.

Also his view of fighting for positive freedom is largely correct. However at the present time alas I must say it does not seem as if the submissive masses are willing to join this fight. This will have to be the task of the small percentage of us who are willing to fight for real positive freedom.

Best wishes to all for the future.


On a clear night sky of majestic wonder.
The beauty and mystery of the full moon
is a wonder to behold.

The monthly shining white brilliance,
has for eternity attracted the awe
of the human senses.

As I gaze at this beauty.
I ask myself,if what secrets does this
mystery hold?

Does its mysterious dark side hold 
artificial structures.
An alien presence or other secrets?
Alas a question that I currently cannot

But like human eternity
when the full moon bursts through
the clouds.
Or shines on a clear night sky.
I can only stare at its wonder
in amazement.

A beauty to behold.

Written by KO 8/1/2021.


This latest blog will continue with the spiritual and esoteric theme of the last blog. I will put forward the case for the existence of purgatory as an in between place between the stated after death realms of heaven and hell. Purgatory being a place where souls go to be purified before entering heaven.

Incidentally according to the 18th century Protestant theologian George De Benneville who had a near death experience, hell is only a temporary place which souls can escape from. A universalist view which I totally agree with.

Nowadays most new age types keep on putting forward the idea of reincarnation. In other words when we die we come back to this earth as either another human or animal based on our karmic actions in our present life. However, I personally find the evidence for reincarnation quite unconvincing. Also why would anybody want to come back for a second time to this flawed planet.

Myself I find the evidence of near death experiences much more convincing. In that when we die we move onto the next world,s existence.

Many Christians put forward a choice of either heaven or hell when we die. However, Catholics put forward a third place called purgatory. This is where souls that are in ‘grace and friendship’ with the divine need to go to to be purified before entering heaven.

Protestants and orthodox Christians say that there is no evidence for purgatory in the New Testament. So belief in purgatory is a false doctrine. However, in the Old Testament Maccabees 12,42-45 the idea of purgatory is mentioned.

The Catholic Church at the Second Council of Lyon in 1274 accepted the doctrine of purgatory as an official Catholic doctrine. However, as I have already stated this idea is rejected by other Christian denominations particularly Martin Luther after the Protestant reformation in the 16th century.

Myself I strongly feel that the idea of purgatory makes common sense. Also I have a deep inner feeling that this theory is correct.

Most people are not really evil. But on the other hand 99% of us are flawed individuals. So the idea of most people going to a place of existence of purgatory for their souls to be purified makes common sense to me.

So in conclusion to this latest blog. I personally find it very hard living in this world. I am sure many other people will agree with my point of view. Planet earth is a very flawed place.

So try and meditate and do good deeds. So that we can all work towards eternal happiness despite our individual drawbacks.

Best wishes to all for the future.


In this latest blog I will look at the idea frequently put forward by new age type theorists that the human race is soon going to progress from the third to the fifth dimension. As far as I can gather this view has been regularly been put forward by its proponents over the last thirty or so years. However, I will put forward my own scepticism regarding this point of view.

According to supporters of the theory of the fifth dimension the human race will soon be moving from our present third to the fifth dimension. A cosmic event will take place that will bring about this change. It could be solar flares. Or else the direct intervention of spiritual entities. Moving into the fifth dimension will lead to a huge change in human consciousness.

In the present third dimension humans only really have consciousness of the material human being and material world. However once they enter the fifth dimension a new type of human will evolve that would have wide ranging psychic,spiritual and healing powers. They may even be able to communicate directly with the divine forces. There would also be an end to violence,wars and injustice on planet earth and a reign of peace and justice would prevail.

A major reason why I am sceptical about the idea of the human race moving into the fifth dimension is that some people have been predicting that this will happen over the last thirty or so years and it just has not happened.

In the 1990,s it was said that we will be entering the age of Aquarius that would bring profound changes to planet earth. It was also stated that the start of the new millennium in the year 2000 would also have the same affect. Most recently on the 21/12/2012 it was stated that according to the Mayan prophecies a major change in human consciousness would occur. Again this did not happen. Now some people are saying that we may enter the fifth dimension in the year 2030. Personally I am very sceptical about this.

My personal view is that the reason the present world is not perfect is either due to the Fall as put forward in Christian theology. Or else the theory of Christian Gnostics that our present world is a fake copy of the real world created by the demiurge.

So I personally think that we have to work with our present imperfect world that we already have. We have to try and make our present world better in two ways. Firstly by campaigning for a more just peaceful and equal world. Secondly we must try and change our flawed individual selves. To do this we must overcome our own personal ego,s. By meditating daily to sense our real being below our ego. I highly recommend reading Eckhart Tolle book a New Earth in relation to this.

So in conclusion whatever your own personal views on planet earth evolving to the fifth dimension. I urge all of us to try and change our present imperfect world. Also more importantly change our individual selves.

Best wishes to all for the future and god bless you all.



During the third national lockdown.
I depart from Leicester Square station to an
atmosphere of empty spaces.

A sight I find very disconcerting.
The closed shops. The missing people.
The sound of silence

Watkins my favourite book shop is closed.
A sight of great sadness.
This however brings back contradictory happy
memories of Thursday night talks in the shop.
Followed by an evening in Prets with friends
talking over the state of mankind.

I walk through Cecil Court to my destination
of Helios in New Row to buy my tablets.

Filled with great sadness.
I head back to Leicester Square to take
the tube home to Kings Cross.
In a very perplexed state of mind.
With many thoughts in my head.

Written by KO 11/1/2021

After note. This is my most recent poem. That deals with my feelings of a day in the third national lockdown.