Now there is only one major thinker who I can honestly say has helped me in my personal life and that person is Eckhart Tolle. I would strongly urge all people reading this blog to read his two major works The Power of Now and a New Earth.

His main thesis is that our thoughts are not who we really are they are our ego based form built on our emotions of everyday life. They are not our real being which is our presence and consciousness, which is separate from our egoistical thoughts.

Eckhart states that people cannot just get rid of their ego. You cannot just say I have got rid of my ego and negativity and then become conscious as this would just be another ego thought form.

What you should do is be aware of your ego and negative thought form and observe them like watching a play. Your ego will disolve in its own time when you are aware of it. Personally I find Eckharts view on the ego that it is not who we really are quite comforting.

He also states that we should try and not think of the past or the future. Instead we should just concentrate on the exact present moment. In Eckhart,s wise opinion it is only the present moment that counts.

So I say just try and still yourself in the exact present moment that you are in it is all that really counts. Also just be aware of and observe your ego and negative thoughts. Let them just pass through you as they are not who you really are. Who you really are is your still being of conscious presence below your thoughts.

So in conclusion I particularly urge people to read Eckhart Tolle,s book The New Earth. I read ten pages of this book every day.

Best wishes to all for the future. God bless you all.