On Sunday 18/10/2020 a remarkable event took place in the Latin American country of Bolivia. Luis Arce the socialist presidential candidate won a landslide victory on the first ballot winning 55.1% of the vote in the Bolivian presidential election.

The reason this victory is remarkable is because of the background of the presidential election on 18/10/2020. In October 2019 Evo Morales of the Movement for Socialism won a landslide victory on the first ballot. However, the Bolivian army forced Morales to stand down claiming that there was election fraud in his victory. This was largely due to American pressure as they wanted to get control of Bolivia,s lithium supplies.

A far right interim president was appointed in Morales place. She had an approval rating of less than 10%.However the indigenous Indian population of Bolivia who make a 70% of the countries population braved far right and police violence and have staged constant strikes and demonstrations since October 2019. As a result of this the interim government was forced to hold new presidential elections in October 2020.

This resulted in a landslide victory for Luis Arce of the Movement for Socialism winning 55.1% of the vote on the first ballot on the 18/10/20. This is a massive boost for the left socialist forces throughout the whole of Latin America. It is also a big setback for right wing reactionaries throughout Latin America. Also a massive defeat for American imperialism in its evil attempts to overthrow left wing governments in Latin America particularly Venezuela.

So salute the brave people of Bolivia and the new president Luis Arce. It shows that even in the most difficult circumstances people can fight for freedom, justice and equality.

Best wishes to all for the future.




Harry and Jill  had just got their bill from the sex charge corporation company.
It was so large well it just was not funny.

2006.A year their life went amiss. 
They were implanted in the genitals by the sex charge corporation company.
So as to record their sexual feats.
So as to calculate their monthly bill to meets.

The whole nation was implanted.
Jills father imparted running water,football on TV was once free
and the Beatles sang a song money can't buy me love but now people has to pay for their love.

Jill cursed the rulers above.
Those callous people who made people pay for their love.

Written by KO 23/6/1997

Afterthought. Thank god this dystopian situation has not taken place so far. 



The USA presidential election on 3/11/2020 between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is being held at a time of great turmoil in both the USA and the rest of the world. With the economic collapse due to the corona events and widespread demonstrations in the USA.

I will now look at the two main contenders. There are of course minority candidates standing in the election.

Donald Trump has built up an enigma about him. Some people say that he was backed by the white hats in the USA military. A group fed up with fighting wars. This is something I personally find very hard to believe. Also we are told that he was going to take down an arrest the cabal.This mainly refers to child sex offenders but not exploiting capitalists or arms manufacturers. Also there have been continuous rumours of sealed arrest warrants for the cabal, alas this never seems to happen.

It is true that Trump has mainly avoided getting involved in major wars. However, he has fought wars by other means his tactic seems to be to starve other countries into submission through crippling sanctions. Countries such as Iran, Syria, Venezuela and interestingly Russia a country he is supposed to be an agent of.

If Trump is trying to take down the cabal. Why did he refuse to release information regarding Saudi Arabia involvement in 9/11?

His economic policies have hardly been populist. Favouring tax cuts for the rich and supporting negative interest rates.

His ‘opponent’ Joe Biden is a nasty piece of work .He is an out and out war monger. Supporting every war with great vigour since 2001, particularly the 2003 Iraq war. He was a major force behind the 2014 fascist coup in the Ukraine and the subsequent war in that country.

If Biden wins on the 3/11/2020 we are more likely to see open warfare involving the USA. I will stick my neck out and say that under a President Biden a military conflict between the USA and China/Russia will be quite likely.

Bidens economic policies are those of a neo liberal globalist. Supporting every neo liberal globalist trade deal that takes jobs away from the USA. He is on the side of the super rich. If he becomes president he will very quickly become very unpopular.

He is not surprisingly supported by fake ‘left’ deep states controlled groups like ‘antifa’ and ‘democratic socialists of america’ and the fraud super fake ‘socialist’ Bernie Sanders.

At present with just under four weeks to go to election day Biden is about 9% ahead in the opinion polls. So he is the clear favourite to win. Although I would not be surprised if Trump narrowed the polling gap by election day. Whoever wins both America and the rest of the world will face turmoil in the next few years.

To be blunt it is very hard to see real change coming in the USA. The country has been very bad from the very start. The seventeenth century European invasion of the country resulted in the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population. Also the use of slaves from Africa as forced labour. It is very hard to see a new progressive political party making much progress in the USA. The corporate fascist republicans and democrats will continue to control the country totally.

What we should do in this country in response to the USA election is to try and fight to change things in our own country. Fighting against wars, injustices and corporate globalist rule in the UK.

So in conclusion get busy fighting for change in our own country. Best wishes to all for the future.