Without doubt the victory for the United Kingdom Independence Party in the British European Parliament elections on 22/5/14 was sensational. Ukip won 24 seats compared to 20 for the Labour Party, 19 seats for the Conservatives,3 seats for the Green Party and only one seat for the Liberal Democrats. Allied to this was Ukips stunning advance in the local council elections winning 166 seats on the 22/5/14.

A number of comments must of course be made regarding Ukips stunning victory. Firstly Ukip,s victory is in my view not a temporary phenomenon. I feel certain that Ukip are here to stay. In fact we are probably in a five party political system in Britain if you include the Green Party who also seem to be advancing. This of course excludes the Nationalist Party,s in Scotland and Wales.

Secondly we must first of all find out what is good about Ukip. Which I say as a militant socialist. Ukip are without doubt correct to call for British withdrawal from the European Union which is increasingly a fascist dictatorship. The unelected European Union Commission dictates the economic policy to most countries in the Euro zone. Greece lost is independence a few years ago to the EU dictatorship. The Euro has been an absolute disaster as countries like Greece and Portugal can no longer set their own interest rates and their economic policy is decided by the EU commission.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage was also correct to call for Britain to keep out of the Syria crisis. Also for his attack on the EU and NATO for its interference in the politics of the Ukraine.

However I will now state my differences with Ukip. This is mainly regarding its economic policies. Firstly Ukips supports a flat rate income tax whereby the rich and poor would pay the same rate of income tax. Secondly Ukip support charges for NHS treatment. Thirdly they support neo liberal economics which favour the rich. Finally I have not heard any Ukip politician attack the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership treaty TTIP which would have a devastating implications for countries national democracy.

There is a great dislike for the political class in both Britain and other countries at the present time. They are seen as totally under the control of the Corporate elite. So I would not be surprised if both Ukip and the Green Party made electoral advances in the May 2015 British general election.

In conclusion what we need in Britain is a Democratic Socialist campaign to withdraw from the European Union. Also we need to build a new Democratic Socialist political movement outside the Labour party inside this country to put forward a democratic socialist economic programme.

Have a nice week all.



Gerrard Winstanley born 1609 died 1676 was one of the leaders of the levellers faction in the English Republican movement at the end of the English civil war. He is in my opinion one of the great figures in English history and should be much better known and respected by the great mass of the English people than he is at this present time.

Gerrard Winstanley published the The new law of the book of righteousness at the end of the English civil war. In the book he advocated common ownership and democracy for all. He was opposed to Cromwell,s religious dictatorship. Instead he advocated equality and votes for all. Also he opposed Cromwells barbaric invasion of Ireland which led to mass murder and genocide.

He believed in a form of liberation Christianity in what he called the ‘ inner spirit of the light’. By this he meant that people could connect directly with god without the need of a priest. People could do this through their inner consciousness.

Some people may suggest that Winstanley,s views are not relevant to our modern times as they feel his views relate to a pre industrial society. Also that he was mainly concerned with the enclosure of the common lands in the 1640,s.

However this view is totally wrong. Firstly he was probably the first great English socialist advocating equality and common ownership. Secondly he advocated votes for all. Thirdly he was the first great English anti imperialist opposing the invasion of Ireland. Also he supported freedom of religious practice for all religions Dissenters, Quakers and Catholics and he advocated the separation of church and state.

Today Britain again has an unelected head of state. Also there is great inequality in our country which is governed by a globalist bankers dictatorship. Also Britain and the other western countries ruling elites are still trying to attack other countries, mainly third world countries to steal their resources.

So Gerrard Winstanley,s views are very relevant to our modern times. So I would strongly urge people to check out his works and join the fight to build a more just and better world.


The British elections to the European Parliament on the 22/5/14 are of course quite an important event. And in this blog I will strongly urge people to vote for No 2EU Yes to Workers Rights candidates in the seven regions that they are standing candidates for the European Parliament in the UK.

No 2 EU is standing on a Socialist programme of British withdrawal from the European Union dictatorship. I say that the European Union is a dictatorship without hesitation. Countries like Greece lost its independence to the Brussels EU commission dictatorship some time ago. The Greek government just carries out the dictatorship of the unelected EU commission. Of course these policies are austerity and the privatization of Greek publicly owned industries. Greece has over 25% unemployment and over 50% per cent youth unemployment. Similar figures apply to Spain and Portugal.

Manfred Schulz the German ‘Social Democrat’ politician who is the candidate of the misnamed Party of European ‘Socialists’ for EU President has called for the un elected EU commission to be given the power to veto all EU countries annual budgets. This is pure fascism. The EU is already a fascist dictatorship which enforces neo liberalism and privatization on national governments. Also the Euro has been a disaster as it stops individual governments in the EU from setting its own interest rates.

This is why it is important that there is a big vote for NO 2 EU Yes to Workers Rights candidates in the British EU parliament elections on 22/5/14. NO 2 EU calls for British withdrawal from the EU and the break up of the EU and the return of the power of the national state. NO 2 EU also advocates a socialist programme of public ownership, full employment, increased public spending, a programme of massive building of social accommodation and increased Trade Union and workers rights.

So on 22/5/14 there is only one choice in the British EU elections .



Yesterday I attended the annual London May day demonstration in London organised by the TUC. I was surprised by the large attendance on the demonstration well over ten thousand people. The large attendance was probably due to the fact that the demonstration was dedicated to the memory of Tony Benn and Bob Crow.

There was not surprisingly a huge turn out of RMT members to honour Bob Crow. But there was also a very impressive turn out of other trade union banners. I personally found taking part in the demonstration very rewarding and the demonstration I felt created a feeling of international workers solidarity. May day demonstrations do seem to be undergoing a major revival in many countries throughout the world. I put this down to one major reason the capitalist system is without doubt in a state of permanent crisis and this has created a mood amongst a section of the working class of the need to try and rebuild the Labour movement.

In conclusion we need to try and make May day here in Britain a public holiday. Also we need to try and rebuild militant Trade Unions here in Britain and throughout the world. Also we must build a new socialist political party here in Britain.

Have a nice weekend all.