Proof of Heaven is one of the most remarkable books I have ever read.

Dr Eben Alexander was a neurosurgeon who ‘died’ for one week in 2008 from bacterial meningitis. He suffered massive brain damage and he had a near death experience for one week.

So unlike other people who have had NDE his brain totally stopped for one week.So he was dead not for say 20 minutes like most people who have had NDE but for one week. So he died for one week but he came back to life with a remarkable story to tell.

Before his NDE in 2008 Dr Alexander had heard of other people who had NDE but as a neurosurgeon he dismissed these experiences as defects in the brain and hallucinations.

Of course Dr Alexanders point of view on NDE was to dramatically change when he had his own Near Death Expereince in 2008. Unlike other people who have had NDE his brain totally stopped for one week.So his expereince could not be put down to hallucinations.

After his brain stopped he was taken to meet god who appeared as some form of divine light.God appeared to him as total love.

What I found interesting was that god  told Dr Alexander that evil existed so that man could have free will however encouragingly god stated that evil would rapidly decline in the years ahead.Dr Alexander stated that the life in the after life  was totally dominated by love and that the evil that existed in our world was a small feature in universal life dominated by love.

This I find very interesting as this disproves my theory of two gods the evil creator of this world god and the good spiritual god.

What can we learn as individuals  from Dr Alexanders experience. Firstly that as humans we are all fallen angels and we have our nasty/bad as well as our good side. In my experience it is up to us to defeat our own selves ego and try and make sure our good side triumphs.This may be difficult but with meditation and prayer we can all try and improve ourselves and become other people focussed. This is a very difficult task for us as human beings but we should all try to become better people even if we do not fully succeed.

Have a nice weekend.




Just a quick short blog before my next major blog on Friday 30/11/2012.

I am a reiki master which is a form of hands on healing.

I work with a reiki master David O’Keefe who is a very good healer.


If you wan’t to contact David go to.


If you want to contact me regarding reiki healing contact me through my blog.

Tomorrow I promise you an excellent blog regarding Dr Eben Alexander a neurosurgeon who had a near death experience after dying for one week.



Can we heal ourselves is a very important subject and in this blog I will argue that we can create a more positive and healthy lifestyle and we can help cure auto immune health problems like arthritis  although we may not personally be able to cure serious deceases like cancer.

Louise Hay in one of her famous  books stated that we can heal our lives  through adopting a more positive and less negative attitude to life  and we can even heal deceases like cancer. Now  I would agree with Louise that through adopting a more positive attitude to life we can make ourselves more healthy and also perhaps help prevent deceases like cancer although whether we can heal cancer ourselves once we have got cancer is open to debate.

Firstly I feel that the key issue  is to meditate twice a day once in the morning and once  in the evening this will make us more relaxed, less stressed and make us adopt a more postive attitude to life.

Secondly I would encourage people to give up drinking alchol and taking recreational drugs. I will be writing a separate important blog in this subject in a few weeks time. Basically taking these are very bad for the individual persons soul in my opinion.

Thirdly people should take manuka honey, selinium and echinacea every day. Manuka honey is the best natural antibiotic in the world and along with echinacea helps boost the immune system.Selinium can help prevent cancer.

Fourthly and most importantly I would urge everybody to take up and alternative therapy if at all possible.The best therapies in my opinion are spiritual healing and reiki. I am a reiki master myself .Reiki can help create relaxation and can also help create a more postive attitude to life which can help stop  people getting serious deceases.

I work with an excellent reiki master and healer David O’Keefe in Islington North  London where I live. After a reiki healing session with David I find myself in a much better frame of mind and my auto immune health problems feel much better. I also practise reiki on myself each day.

So in conclusion I would state that we can take steps to improve our health, cure auto immune health problems and also help stop getting serious deceases in the future. Also we can  help create a more postive state of mind.

So try taking up meditation,alternative medicine and take up an alternative threapy like reiki.

Have a nice weekend all.


Hi all in this blog I will explain the joy and delight that can be gained from urban walks in our major cities.I will focus in this blog on London where I live.

Many people associate the joy of walking with the countryside the green fields,hills and the smell of nature. Of course country walks can provide great pleasure but I have also discovered that great joy and pleasure can be gained from urban walks in our major cities particularly London.

I have taken part in many urban walks in London. I find that they enlighten the mind immensely. For instance walks through places like Limehouse,Hoxton and Bethnal Green show up the character of much of inner London.

Also walks through the more genteel Hampstead,Richmond and Highgate show up a different perhaps more gentrified side of London but these areas have a certain character as well.

Also one should consider walks through London parks. I find that Primrose Hill, Hampstead Heath and Regents Park for me have a special appeal maybe its because I am a North Londoner. But Hyde Park,Green Park and Richmond Park should also be visited for their affect.

So I say to all. Get your A to Z out and plan those walks around Hoxton,Spitalfield,Islington,Limehouse and Greenwich Park etc.

Have a nice weekend all.


This blog is in inspired by David Ickes recent Wembley talk on the 27/10/12. I will argue in this blog that we should try and non comply with the global elites system in a pragmatic way.

Firstly the idea of the non compliance dance is fantastic.The idea of turning political demonstations into peaceful non compliance dances is a very good idea. Also people should consider attending alternative dances and drug free raves so as to help promote human expression,liberation,relaxation  and enjoyment.

However as to non compliance with the system what can we pramatically do as to a certain extent we are all involved in the system through employment, if we are working and by paying taxes which unfortunately fund the global elites evil wars.

1.We should refuse to fight in the global elites wars also attend any demonstrations against wars that take place.

2.Try and use alternative co-operative shops as much as possible.

3.Boycott the corporate media.Try and get you news from alternative internet websites like globalresearch.ca.

4.Take part in the non compliance dance as david has said try and organise these dances in your area.

5.Organise solidarity work for any workers who go out on strike against the system or who are trying to defend their living standards.

5.On a psychological level just say I am  free this is important as you are showing that you are not controlled by the elites cruel system.

Have a nice think about my six ideas and see if you think they are worth trying out.

Have a nice weekend.




With November finally here we can truly say that winter has arrived and this winter unlike the winter of 2011/2012 has started on a cold front with temperatures quite low for this time of the year about nine centigrade.

However speaking for myself I very much welcome the arrival of winter being one of those rare types of person who actually prefers winter to summer. As far as I am concerned the English summer usually disappoints this summer being an obvious example. London where I live  being covered in a grey cloud from the start of June 2012 for most of the summer accompanied by almost non stop rain.The blue sunny skies of picture painting are a myth as far as I am concerned.

However with winter at least you know where you stand your body can adjust to the cold winters. In london temperatures being bearable at about 10 centigrade. Also there is a certain beauty about winters different range of sky colours. For some reason the grey skies tend not to dominate London in the winter so much as summer. Also the winter seasons in London tend to be more drier than that of summer.

I would strongly recommend that you take steps to appreciate the beauty of winter. Practice meditation walking. By this I mean while you are walking observe the winter winds the beauty of the varied colours of the winter sky. When you get up in the morning observe the  colours  of the skies, red skies are particularly beautiful.If you are lucky to have a garden observe the different joys of nature in your gardens  such as plants and flowers.

On a cold sunny blue sky day  try and get out to the countryside if it is a weekend and enjoy the beauty of scenery,nature and winter skies.

Finally make sure you enjoy the event what makes winter really special the build up to christmas and christmas day itself.

Have a happy winter all.