This is basically a non political blog on the subject of the coming summer of 2022. Also about my personal general attitude towards the Summer season.

Now I must first of all confess that unlike most people I am not really a Summer type of person. I tend to get along far better in the Winter season. I know that this may sound strange to some people.

I remember that as a young man. The summer season seemed to be a time of much fresher air than nowadays. I had a job as a postal worker in the Summer of 1976 and 1977. I clearly remember these two years Summers of continuous clear blue skys from May to September. Five months of very hot weather. I enjoyed relaxing in my Mothers garden in these periods.

However, nowadays the air of London seems to be very dusty and unpleasant in Summer. Also the skys alas nowadays are rarely clear blue in Summer, some people put this down to chemtrails. But what is clear is that London Summers are rarely the clear blue skys that they used to be.

Nowadays when we have very hot Summer days with say temperatures of 32 degrees Centigrade. I personally find such days very hard to endure. The air tend to be very unpleasant and dusty.

My personal view is to focus on September which for some reason has always been my favourite month of the year. It is the period leading to the start of Autumn and fresher clearer air.

I realize that not everybody will be able to relate to this blog about the Summer season and may still very much enjoy the Summer season. But whatever your stance on Summer may I wish you all the best for the future.

Good luck.



About ten days ago I received my postal ballot for the local council elections on the 4/5/22. The party,s on the ballot form were, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Conservatives and Green Party. With great pleasure I tore the ballot form into little pieces.

With the UK facing a massive cost of living increase crisis. None of these four party,s on the ballot form are offering a solution to the crisis. They are part of a single big business block. There seems to be total war against the working class in this country at present, with gas bills going up by 54% from the 1/4/22.

As these already mentioned party,s are part of a single big business block, I would advocate not voting for these party,s on the 4/5/22. I advocate a total boycott of the elections on the 4/5/22. Except for the candidates of George Galloway,s Workers Party of Britain and Arthur Scargill,s Socialist Labour Party.

However boycotting the elections on the 4/5/22 is only part of the solution. People should organize massive demonstrations against the cost of living increase and strikes for higher wages. We need to build a mass rank and file peoples movement to organize mass action against the corporate globalist elite.

Best wishes to all for the future.