This blog is about the ‘Labour’ Party under the right wing leadership of Keir Starmer. It will also suggest ways of fighting back against Starmerism.

Before becoming a Member of parliament he was first a ‘human rights’ lawyer then the Director of Public Prosecutions. He became a member of parliament for the constituency of Holborn and St Pancras in 2015. He was a member of Corbyns shadow cabinet before becoming ‘Labour’ Party leader in 2020.

Firstly I will highlight the difference between Starmerism and Blairism. When became Labour leader in the mid 1990,s their was an optimistic amongst the western imperialist ruling class. They felt that western imperialism and the western ruling class could rule the world after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They felt that socialism was ‘discredited’ and that only neo liberal capitalism could work in the future.

However the world in 2023 is very different from the world of the mid 1990s. The Russia/China anti imperialist alliance has regrouped, they are more than a match for the western imperialist bloc. There is constant talk of a third world war.

Capitalism has been in constant crisis since 2008,with massive debts and fictitious capital. Fortunately for the western ruling class most of the western ‘left’ is now totally degenerate. Largely concentrating on personal identity politics. They have largely forgotten the class struggle and are not offering a socialist alternative

However what does Starmerism mean in real terms? Firstly Starmer has been a member of the very sinister Trilateral Commission. This group aims to establish a globalist dictatorship and an apolitical society. It is deeply opposed to populist movements. Starmer went to the recent fascist World Economic Forum event at Davos. This shows his real political agenda.

A Starmer government will probably will probably adopt various fascist biosecurity state measures. Such as mandatory digital passports,and a cashless society. He will possibly introduce laws restricting internet free speech.

He will quite likely extend the totalitarian Ultra Low Emission Zones where working class car drivers will have to pay to use their cars in their own areas. His government may introduce some form of Universal Basic Income, however it will probably be linked to various control measures such as having a digital passport.

Of course a Starmer government will adopt neo liberal economic policies it will be totally opposed to public ownership of industries.He is a fanatical Zionist.He will be totally loyal to American imperialism,he will support western imperialist wars. Just the man for world war three?.

The key question is how to fight Starmerism? Firstly I predict that his government will quickly become unpopular. However we must totally give up on the dead end idea of fighting him inside the ‘Labour’ Party. We must build a mass anti globalist Socialist movement outside of the ‘Labour’ Party. My party the Socialist Labour Party and George Galloway,s Workers Party of Britain are I feel the best vehicles for this.

Also people must support demonstrations against mandatory vaccines and any future lockdowns that are planned. They must also support all strikes by Trade Unions trying to defend workers standard of living. Finally they must also demonstrate against any future wars planned by western imperialism.

In conclusion join the fight against Starmer and his corporate fascist agenda.

Best wishes to all for the future.



The reactionary Conservative government are introducing a minimum services bill in relation to strikes in certain sections of employment. These include transport,border security,national health service,education and nuclear power.

Under the legislation workers have to provide a minimum level of service in the above mentioned employment sectors during strikes. Trade unions can be fined for not complying with this legislation.

Of course the aim of this legislation is to make strikes totally ineffective. It is a vicious attack on both the working class and trade unions, Britain is undergoing a very much to be welcomed strike wave. Inflation is running at 11%, gas prices have increased by 54%, it is understandable that many workers are going on strike to obtain wage increases in line with the rate of inflation.

The key question is what should trade unions do to defy this anti working class legislation. My personal view is a campaign of prolonged unofficial guerrilla strike action in the sectors covered by the legislation.

Britain is facing a major economic crisis. The corporate elite are trying to shift the blame and burden of the crisis onto the working class.

So I say to all trade unionists in the sectors covered by the legislation form unofficial strike committees to resist this anti working class anti trade union law.

Best wishes to all for the future.


My second blog of 2023 is for once on a more light hearted subject. Feeding the squirrels in my garden.

My Central London basement flat garden has always been regularly visited by grey squirrels. In recent times my neighbours three cats have adopted a very much to be welcomed live and let live attitude towards the squirrels. In turn the squirrels just ignore them.

According to wikipedia sadly many squirrels die in their first year. However those that live past their first year can live until the age of ten. They mainly live on a vegetarian diet.

The squirrels in my garden walk mainly in zig zag movements. Perhaps this is their natural instinct to ward off predators.

To myself they have a sense of vulnerability, particularly in the Winter. They lift their front two feet to beg for food and search for food in my garden in a state of desperation. Thus my inner self tells me to give the Squirrels a daily diet of monkey nuts. For some reason they do not acknowledge my good deed. Again perhaps this is just their instinct.

But I have a sense of inner pleasure that I am helping these innocent squirrels. So in conclusion if you have squirrels in your garden why not consider giving them a daily diet of monkey nuts?

Best wishes to all for the future.