Late September,summer comes to an end.
A summer which this year never really took place.
Now I must confess I love late September.
The falling leaves give me a sense of anarchy
which to me sums up the unpredictability of life.

Its a time to take stock on the year so far
and look forward to the rest of it ahead
A year that has gone so quickly.
That by god I’ll soon be dead.

Written September 1992.



In this latest blog, I will look at the big growth in the use of Ayahuasca in recent years and the possible reasons for this. I will explain my personal opposition towards the taking of Ayahuasca and other recreational drugs.

Research shows that Ayahuasca has been used by native Amazon tribes for nearly one thousand years. Its is made from the plant Banisteriopsis and various other plants. It is usually given to users by shamans. Its is said to produce a similar affect to dimethltryptamine as when used in taking LSD. The use of Ayahuasca has been promoted by the novelist Wade Davis author of The River and also by the Chilean novelist Isabel Allende.

The reason I have written this blog is because many of my close friends have taken Ayahuasca. Personally I decided at a young age not to take recreational drugs. I have seen the narcissistic affect that they can have on people, also depoliticizing people. Also dimethyltryptamine,Cannabis and various recreational drugs can cause mental health problems in some people.

Some people claim to obtain deep spiritual and mystical experiences from the use of Ayahuasca. However I am convinced that this is only the affects of the brain. However, a small percentage of people who take it do suffer from mental health or else severe long term emotional problems. So it does have its dangers.

Personally I prefer to obtain deep spiritual and mystical experiences from the use of deep meditation. I have studied at the College of Psychic Studies and I have had some very rewarding experiences from deep meditation. This natural method is I feel much more safer and in the long term more rewarding than the use of Ayahuasca for obtaining spiritual and mystical experiences.

However the widespread use of Ayahuasca, LSD, Cannabis and other mind altering drugs and plants raises the much deeper question of why do people need to take them in the first place?

Personally I agree with Albert Camus. That the individual human is deeply alienated from their individual self and their ego. Many human being deep down have a deep sense of self hatred. Hence the need for the widespread use of alcohol, Ayahuasca, Cannabis and other mind altering recreational drugs.

In conclusion what can humans do to overcome their alienation? To be honest it is quite difficult. I would suggest deep meditation three times a day. Pray to your divine source. Also try and practice daily self examination. Also try and do some good deeds towards other people.

However I personally recommend avoiding the use of Ayahuasca,LSD, Cannabis and other recreational mind altering drugs.

Best wishes to all for the future.


In a corner of the quiet high street pub sit the young couple both in their early twenties.
He dressed in a white tee shirt and blue jeans,she in a silk black dress.
As a matter of course they go to the pub every Friday and Saturday night.

The young couple hold hands and stare at each other in a mood of mutual admiration.
Both look and are very much happy together.
They do not mind that their life is very much a matter of routine existence.
A visit to each others parents house in turn each night.
To talk about the coming wedding and the day at work.
The young lovers future is clearly already charted out for them.
They shall soon marry and move into a Wimpey house on the outskirts of town.
They are already planning to have a child immediately after they have married.
The weekend visit to the quiet pub shall cease, as they will need the money to pay for their mortgage.

But the young couple shall be quite happy in their married life.
You see although nothing exciting happens in their life.
Like most couples they are happy in each other and just being together.

Written, KO September 1986.

This was the first ever poem that I wrote in 1986. As you shall see in the next few years my poetry has taken on a much more serious political turn in the 33 years since 1986.


My blog has been going since 2011 and the viewing figures have been excellent recently.

I still intend to publish a blog on political and spiritual issues regularly. My next blog will be on the growing use of ayahuasca which I am personally opposed to. This blog will be published in the later half of September 2019.

But in an exciting new development I have decided to publish the favourite poems that I have written since 1986 on my blog. I will publish a poem on the blog about every four to six weeks.

Best wishes to all for the future.