The victory of the Radical Left party Syriza in the Greek general election last Sunday is without doubt a historic occasion and it is in my opinion very much to be welcomed. However a few comments need to be made about the victory.

Firstly both Syriza and the great majority of the Greek population are mistakenly in my opinion in favour of Greece staying in the Euro currency. Also Alexis Tsipras the new Greek Prime Minister has stated that Greece will not default on its debts.

In my opinion both decisions are major mistakes. Greece should leave the Euro as it can only control its own economy with its own currency and by setting its own interest rates. Also Greece should in my opinion default on its debts and stand up to the IMF and EU bankers dictatorship.

Also Greece needs to adopt a programme of national economic recovery. This would mean starting up co-operative and public enterprises as well as carrying out a programme of public ownership.

The new Greek government is without doubt going to be involved in a major battle with the corporate IMF and EU bankers dictatorship. So in conclusion it is essential that both the entire European Labour movement and all people who believe in peace and social justice show solidarity with the new Syriza government.



I recently finished reading Russell Brands famous book Revolution and I must confess to being very much uplifted after reading the book.

Russell explains his early life in Gray,s Essex and his eventual stardom. This brought to him sex and drug addiction and a celebrity life style. Russell managed to overcome his drug addiction and then started to reassess his earlier lifestyle and this brought with it the more interesting political activist Russell.

He started to realise that he and the whole world needed to adopt a more compassionate lifestyle based on sharing and caring for each other. Also people need to adopt a less material attitude to life and also a more spiritual approach.

In his book Revolution he advocates basically a non violent peaceful anarchist revolution which is allied to personal spirituality. He is in favour of an egalitarian society based on decentralised power and workers co-operatives.

Interestingly Russell states in the book that he has never voted in his life and that he never intends to. To a certain extent I can see where he is coming from with this point of view. So he is in favour of building the new society by peaceful direct action from below. Russell could perhaps be compared to Pierre Proudhon the nineteenth century non violent French anarchist. Although unlike Russell he rejected spirituality.

Interestingly history may perhaps be on Russell,s side. According to the American economist Jeremy Rifkin in his book The Zero Marginal Cost Society the capitalist system will largely come to the end by the mid 21st century. This is because zero marginal costs of products will make them largely available for free. This allied to 3D printing will mean the end of the division of labour and will enable people to establish their own co-operatives.

In conclusion in this present cruel heartless unfair world Russell Brands,s book Revolution presents a message of hope. Read it.


It looks likely that the new year will be tense year on the international stage and quite possibly dramatic economically. To be honest we do not what surprises the global elite have in store for us this year. After all who would have predicted the rise of Isis and the Ukraine crisis at the start of 2014. However I will look into my crystal ball and try and make some predictions for 2015.

Firstly here in Britain I suspect that the May 2015 general election will produce another hung parliament. Who will be prime minister after the election I am not sure. Secondly British economic growth will continue to be based on low paid temporary jobs without a feel good economic factor.

Turning to the international stage I fell that the situation could again be quite dramatic. Firstly there is a possibility of a Syriza government in Greece from the end of January 2015. Whilst I welcome this prospect I suspect that in government Syriza will sell the Greek people out and will bow to the wishes of the IMF and the EU commission. Of course I could be wrong and I hope that I am.

Of course the main event on the international stage will be the new cold war and Nato,s aggression against Russia. The sanctions against Russia will have an affect of course on the western economy. I feel that the main beneficiary of this will be China who will step into help the Rouble and China,s influence in Russia will I feel grow in the coming year.

Of course there is the possibility of a new 2008 style economic crash due to the massive debt in the world economy. However we shall just have to wait and see if this happens in 2015.

However whatever surprises are in store for us in 2015 basically it is all down to us to join the resistance to build a better world without war insecurity and injustice.

In conclusion god bless you all and with gods help we will all make it through to 2016.