Last weeks Chicago NATO conference was full of orwellian doubletalk about fighting for global security and  democracy however the reality is something very different.

The history of NATO goes back to the communist coup in Czechoslovakia in February 1948 it was set up at the request of France who feared a similar communist coup in its country. However NATO gave the game away from the start when the fascist dictatorship in Portugal was allowed to join.Thus exposing the lie that NATO was set up to protect democracy. When the Warsaw pact was disolved it would have been logical to disband NATO at the same time.However it was not.

So we need to analyse why NATO still exists and what are its long term aims.

NATO is in my opinion the military arm of the western big business and military elite and the armed wing of the new world order.It is prepared to wage aggressive wars against  countries under false pretences so as to seize its resources for western big business interests.

Examples of this of course is the war with Iraq the threat of war with Iran also its support for the brutal dictatorships in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Unfortunately for NATO it now has two serious military rivals Russia and China. However as William Engdahl explains in his brilliant book Full Sprectrum Dominance NATO has a strategy of surrounding Russia with military bases. So it must be asked is NATO preparing for a war with Russia so as to try and  to seize its vast raw materials  and resources? Also could NATO be preparing for a war with China as well?

Such thoughts are obviously horrifying for all decent peace loving people in the world. This is why we must all campaign for NATO to be disbanded and for all countries in the world to make massive cuts in defence expenditure.



The ordinary working class people of Europe must fully get behind the courageous leader of the Greek political party Syriza Alexis Tsipras in his rejecting the European Union dictate austerity measures of privatization and massive cuts in public expenditure.

Syriza the radical left coalition in English which came second in the Greek general election correctly refused to join a coalition government with the Pasok and New Democracy parties which would implement the EU dictate austerity measures which would create a permanent slump in Greece.

As a result a new general election will be held in Greece on 17/6/2012. Syriza say that Greece should default on its debts and refuse to implement the austerity measures. The working people of Europe must applaud Syriza,s stand on this issue, By leading the fight against the EU austerity plans they are giving hope to the unemployed,the poor and the ordinary working class people of Europe.

However for Syriza,s policies to work they must call for Greece to leave the Euro,the European Union and Nato.They must also take into public ownership all bankrupt and underperforming enterprises.

However let us all hope for a big victory for Syriza in the Greek general election on 17/6/2012 to give hope to the people of Europe.


Last Sundays election in Greece led to two significant events.

Firstly in France the election of the Socialist party candidate Francois Hollande  as president of France and in Greece the big vote against austerity. In particular the big vote for Syriza who polled 16.8% of the vote and came second.

The defeat of  Nicholas Sarkozy was most welcome it is a defeat for the British, American and Israel war drive and a set back for neo liberalism. However Francois Hollande the new socialist president should not be entirely trusted. He has had meetings with City of London bankers and will probably back track quickly on his policies. However the defeat for Sarkozy is a welcome development.

In Greece the election result was a clear defeat for austerity.Syriza the radical Greek left coalition came second. Alexis Tsipras the Syriza leader has correctly refused to join an austerity government and opinion polls show that Syriza would top the poll in future elections with 27% of the vote.

In Greece people are taking action from below forming their own co-operatives and bartering systems and this should be the main lessons which we should take from the Greek and French elections results. It is basically down to us to take action from below by forming co-operatives, take over closed down enterprises and set up our own independent media enterprises. So in conclusion its down to us to fight  against austerity and for change from below.



The parliamentary report that Rupert Murdoch is not fit to run a company is without doubt correct. The  phone hacking carried out by News International is outrageous.

However the parliamentary report poses certain questions.

Firstly Labour under the Blair and Brown governments were quite prepared to almost grovel to the Murdoch media empire when he supported the Labour governments from 1997.Blair even gave Murdoch the date of the general election before it was  publicly announced he even consulted him on government policies.

Secondly what we must learn from this whole episode is how rotten the whole international media system is. They overwhelmingly support corporate big business rule and the wars that they wage.

So what we must do is build an alternative media system from below with internet newspapers,internet television and radio stations. Also the 3D printing revolution could have a big affect on a new democratic media.

In conclusion I expect   that the Murdoch media empire may survive although sales of the Sun newspaper are falling rapidly.

But as I have already said it is down to us to build a new democratic media from below.