Yesterday 27/8/2019 Bury Football club founded in 1885 were expelled from the football league after 125 years continuous membership since 1894. This included a period of 17 years continuous membership of the leagues top division.

The reason is of course due to the club having massive debts and bad business management. Steve Dale who bought the club in 2018 said the club had to pay one million six hundred thousand pounds in wages, but they only had one hundred and eighty thousand pounds in income. Dale could have sold the club in April 2019 but he said he was waiting for a better offer. A takeover bid in August 2019 from London CN Risk consortium fell through leading to the club being expelled from the football league.

The Bury FC tragedy raises a number of issues. Until a few years ago most lower league clubs were owned by local business people who at least had a feel for the local towns football club. They also tended to be more careful about spending money and in general had the clubs best interests at heart.

Alas now lower league clubs are often owned by foreign or London based consortium,s who have little real interest in the emotional interests of the club. They are not really bothered if the club closes down. So they are not that worried if the club builds up debts. Bury FC should of course never have built these debts up in the first place.

Bolton FC who were in the premier division only a few years ago are facing the same financial crisis as Bury FC. It will be a massive tragedy and loss if Bolton were lost to the football league.

Obviously it shows that many of the corporate owners of the lower league clubs do not take into account the clubs fans emotions and feelings. However I now will suggest some practical measures to rectify the situation.

1.Greater inspection of powers for the football league to inspect the finances and motives of future potential owners of football league clubs.

2.Stricter rules that ensure clubs balance their books and do not build up debts.

3.Encourage fan ownership of football league clubs. Funds should be made available from the government for this to happen.

In conclusion I am sure that Bury FC will reform again for season 2020/2021 in non league football hopefully at Grigg Lane.


Best wishes to all for the future.



The recent leak regarding the notes dated 16/10/2002 in relation to the meeting between Eric Davis and Admiral Thomas Wilson is without doubt a leak of great significance.

It is also without doubt a game changer in relation to the UFO and Extraterrestrial subject. This is my considered view as somebody who has had a life long very deep interest in the subject of UFO,S and Extraterrestrials.

Admiral Wilson was a previous Deputy Director of Intelligence of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Eric Davis was a member of NIDS. The National Institute for Discovery Sciences. NIDS was funded by the wealthy American businessman Robert Bigelow. NIDS had a very keen interest in the UFO subject.

To say the least the notes of the Eric Davis, Admiral Wilson meeting of 16/10/2002 are astonishing. Admiral Wilson confirms the existence of the secret Majestic 12 group. This secret group investigates UFO,S and Extraterrestrials. Admiral Wilson also confirmed the existence of crashed UFO,S and recovered alien bodies.

All in all this is without doubt an astonishing leak. However, alas the American deep state will still officially keep secret its knowledge of the Extraterrestrial presence. Also alas so probably will the governments of other countries.

However, those of us who are fighting for Extraterrestrial disclosure should use the Eric Davis/Admiral Wilson leak as a boost in our noble fight for the disclosure of the Extraterrestrial presence.

Best wishes to all for the future.


This blog regarding climate change will not take part in the debate on whether or not climate change/global warming is real. Instead it will argue what action we should take both as individuals and as a society to protect the environment whether or not climate change is really taking place.

I will also argue that to safeguard the environment we need a new economic system to replace the dog it dog capitalist system.

However, before I do this. I will briefly explain the points of view of those people who say that climate change is real. Also the point of view of the climate change deniers.

Advocates of the theory of climate change/global warming state that the temperature is warming due to human activity. Mainly due to the change in Co2 levels due to fossil fuels. Also areosols and deforestration. They say that it has been proven that the temperature is getting warmer as a result of human activity,by nearly one centigrade in recent years. They say that this will create a major environmental disaster in the next 12 years or so if rapid action is not immediately taken to reverse global warming.

However, climate change deniers state that the weather is always changing. They claim that the reason that the temperature is getting warmer is due often to sunspots. They also point out that it was warmer in the 15th century than it is now, when there was no mass industrial activity. This warmer weather in the 15th century they say was due to sunspots.

It is clear to me that the temperature has been getting warmer in recent years. As somebody who is not a scientist I am not qualified to give a view on the reason for this.

However, I will now give my views what we can do as individuals to safeguard the environment whether or not climate change is taking place.

Firstly do not own a car instead use public transport as much as possible. Secondly try and avoid flying, only fly in an emergency. Also try and get household items and clothing repaired as much as is possible. It has been correctly pointed out that many famous people who claim to be campaigning against climate change have a very high carbon footprint. They always seem to be flying around the world.

In this final part of this blog. I will argue that we need a new economic system to replace the dog it dog capitalist system which is causing alot of the worlds environmental problems.

We must reject the green capitalism of the neo liberal German green party. Instead we need a democratically planned socialist economy. Under this system we will be able to fully develop solar power, wind power,hydro electric power,thorium and electric cars. We will also be able to get rid of the wasteful armaments industry. We will be able to build an economy that puts people first.

So in conclusion get busy fighting for a new just economic system and peace and justice.

Best wishes to all for the future.