Most people in this country are without doubt very worried by the recent decision of the gas industry to increase gas prices by 18% in the next year. This will without doubt cause a great deal of hardship and even disaster for poor people and ordinary working class people in this country.

Gas prices increased by 7% in  the previous year 2010 and British Gas profits have increased by 24% in the last year.  So the case for gas price increases on the scale proposed by the gas industry are to say the least dubious.Ofgem the organisation that regulates the gas industry seems to be totally ineffective. Just stating that it may refer the price inceases to the competition commission.

What makes me angry is that people are told to search the internet for bargains to see which companies are offering the better deal. Most people just do not have the time to do this and are not prepared to put up with the bother of changing gas companies.Besides a friend of mine has told me that there is very little difference between the prices of the different gas companies. So the case for the original privatization of the gas industry appears to have gone out of the window as the industry appears to be a single monopoly in reality.

I feel that as gas and heating are a large part of the finances of working class people and senior citizens then a case must be made for taking the gas industry back into some form of public ownership. I feel we need possibly to avoid the old bureaucratic nationalisation. But I feel we need some form of municipal control of the industry.Like there was in the late 19th and early 20th century.So I would argue the case for municipal controlled  gas companies.

We need to back this public  control of the gas industry with a massive programme of insulating properties for damp and fitting double glazing windows. Urgent action is clearly needed and if next winter if it is a cold winter it could be very financially difficult for lower income people in this country.



Without doubt the key story of the next week will be whether the USA defaults on its debt.It is uncertain if the senate and house of representatives will be able to reach a deal.

The congress in May 2011 set up 14.3 trillion dollar ceiling on the USA national debt.The Republican party want to cut 3.00 trillion dollars in federal government expenditure but they are against any cuts in military expenditure in fact some Republicans want to increase public expenditure. The Democrats favour  smaller cuts in public expenditure and there plans would include some cuts in military expenditure. They also favour some tax inceases for the more wealthy Americans.

The obvious question is how America got in the mess in the first place and what it can do to get out of it.

America is a country with a vast potential with excellent raw materials and arable land it also has a very well educated population so it should be able to provide a very high standard of living for all of its people with excellent welfare services. However the USA has a growing underclass with many of its roads and public facilties in decline.Many cities and even a few states are close to bankruptcy.

A key factor which led  to the debt was the Bush presidency massive tax cuts for the rich, when he became president in 2000 America had no budget deficit. Also the Bush adminIstration from 2000 to 2008 massively increased defence expenditure. 1.2 trillion was borrowed for the war in Iraq.

There  is now vast inequality in the USA.Corporate profits rose by 27% in 2011.Many workers living standards are declining in real income terms. Only about 7% of employees who work in the  private  sector are in unions this makes it easier for employers in the USA to attack workers living standards.

What then is the solution to the crisis.Firstly reverse the decision to de industrialise America.Start rebuilding the American manufacturing base.Start a massive programme of public works to help reduce  unemployment from the current rate of 9.5%, Also increase taxes for the major corporations and the rich. Next cuts defence expenditure by about 40%.

And most importantly start a national investment bank to give cheap low interest loans to small business and oridinary Americans.

I am  certain that these policies offer a way out of America,s current  crisis.







Many commentators are not surprisingly calling the crisis in the Murdoch empire and the end of his dominance over the british political media process a British political spring.

Now I  do feel that what has taken place is very important.The exposure of the illegal phone hacking practices by Rupert Murdochs   News International is a significant event. From now on the majority of the people in this country will view the Murdoch media empire with both suspicion and perhaps contempt. As a result of this he will no longer be able to bully politicians for favours with the threat of him turning his printed media against the politicians if they do not carry out his wishes. The reason is of course is that most people will no longer be swayed by the views of the Murdoch media.

We shall however I feel have to wait for a few years to see if his media empire collapses.

But whether we are at the start of a new British political spring only time will tell. Of course the discrediting of Murdoch is a good thing. However the old political class is still very much intact. Big business  still has  a key hold over the political donation process in this country and over government policy.

Also the remaining press besides Murdoch is still largely conservative and in support of the neo liberal project.From the Daily Mirror which supports the right wing of the Labour Party and supported David Milliband the most right wing candidate in the last Labour leadership election to the Guardian which is basically sympathetic to neo liberalism. through to the Tory press Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail which in reality both support the neo liberal globalist project. The rest of the press is in hoc to the globalist neo liberal project in one form or another.

So we shall I feel have to wait for a few years to see the long term results of the crisis in the Murdoch media empire.

As I have said before it is really down to us to by pass the system. Set up our own internet blogs, magazines and television stations and co-operatives.  

So its all down to you folks. Start Getting  busy.


Recently I finished reading one of the  best books that I have read in the last few years.The precariat the new dangerous class written by Guy Standing.The book is only 183 pages but it is well worth reading.

The main thesis of the book is that many people are living  a precarious existence due to globalisation and neo liberalism. Hence the term the precariat.

The precariat is an international phenomenon that exists in most countries of the world both developed and third world countries.The precariat are people who are often  quite well educated often even with university  degrees in casual insecure work.They also often live in insecure accommodation.The people who are the precariat are obviously angry in their insecure existence with their  economic future uncertain.

I will look at the precariat from the viewpoint of Britain. I know a few people who are in their fourties who have lived in bedsits all their adult life living in insecure private rented accommodation where there is no long term  security of tenure. These people have university degrees who just move from one casual job to another.

The  globalised neo liberal economy cannot guarantee secure permanent  or  well paid employment nowadays.

The book has many interesting  statistics For instance 50% of Americans know somebody who has been sacked from their job for internet misuse.The precariat live in an  employment situation where monitoring of their work time is quite severe.

The author Guy Standing puts forward some useful to fight the neo liberal ideas that have dominated the world economy since the 1970,s. For instance more government intevention in the economy, independent workers associations,workers cooperatives and higher taxes for the rich.

While the ideas put forward by Guy Standing are very good. However as I have said in my previous blogs I feel that a whole new human paradigm shift is needed to  defeat the neo -liberal consensus. I feel that with  the global economic crisis that is unfolding at the present time this radical shift in economic policies could  take place in the next few years  and so reverse the policies of neo liberal agenda and end the power of corporate rule.




At a recent on line conference held by Project Camelot it was suggested that Comet Elenin was either a spacecraft or controlled object. The three main speakers were Johan Calleman, Richard Hoagoland and Joseph Farrell all well known activists in the exopolitics and 2012  movement.

They suggest that Comet Elenin,s entering the earths atmosphere will brings great possible changes to planet earth.Johan Calleman on his recent post on his website suggests that Comet Elenin entering the earths  atmosphere is linked to the final stage of the unity of the planet which will he states take place on the 28/10/11.It is generally accepted that people on our planet will be able to view Comet Elenin on the 31/8/11.

Now people who know me know that I am sympathetic to the truth movement. I believe that the major world governments are keeping secret their knowledge of the existence of extra terrestrials. I also believe  that 9/11 was an inside job. However just for once I am certain that NASA are telling the truth on Comet Elenin.

NASA state that the comet which was first discovered on the 10/12/10 will be nearest to our planet on the  16/10/11 it will be 22 million miles away. States Don Yeomans of NASA near earth project programme. NASA have stated that the comet will get no nearer than this to our planet and will cause no harm to planet earth it will lead to no solar flares or earthquakes.

I have to state that I agree with NASA on this. I can see know evidence that Comet Elenin is anything other than a comet which will cause no disruption to our planet whatsover.

People in the truth movement and exopolitics movement which I consider myself part of should make sure that they get full evidence and support for their theories before putting them forward otherwise they will discredit themselves. Unfortunately I feel that the views of the people who have participated in the Project  Camelot   conference on Comet Elenin have not been backed up  with enough evidence.


Yesterday  I went to the AGM of the Republic organisation.It was a quite interesting event. Although I feel that Graham Smith the secretary of Republic is being a bit optimistic in feeling that a Republic can be achieved in Britain by 2025.In fact I do not feel that any government will abolish the monarchy but the monarchy could implode in this country internally through the monarchy itself. However I myself am a Republican on principle being opposed to a hereditary head of state.

Opinion polls show that at present only about 25% of the people of Britain support a republic at present.The majority of the population  adopting the view that the monarchy are already in place so why not leave them there.

However a number of points need to be made.Britain has a long  history of democratic republicanism.Thomas Paine being the greatest example. Also John Lilburne and Oliver Winstanley.

But as to our present monarchy a number of questions need to be asked. A Sunday Times rich list of a few years ago stated that the personal wealth of the Windsor royal family was several hundred million dollars. So they are hardly representative of most of the country.They obviously side with the global elite behind the scenes it is doubtful if they are neutral between the working masses and the top global elite as they personally belong to the global elite themselves.They have little understanding of the problems facing the average working class person.

Turning to the matter of democracy is it right that a very rich women, possibly one of the richest in the world should be the head of state in this country unelected for 60 years in 2012.

In a representative democracy should not the head of state be elected every few years and the average working class or middle class person have the chance of standing for election as head of state.

A republic in this country is worth fighting for through the democratic system.However it may take more than 15 years to achieve.

Have a nice Sunday all.





My blog of a few days ago criticized the abuses of the Rupert Murdoch press empire and the role of British politicians in pandering to Murdochs business empire largely due to fear.But hey what can happen in a few days. Rupert Murdoch now appears to be on the run with the sensational news that the News of the World is to close.

Ed Milliband has a last thank god distanced himself from the News International and Murdoch.His call for a judge based enquiry is to be welcomed.David Cameron is temporarily under pressure through appointing the former News of the World editor Andy Coulson as his Director of Communications. To me the only politician who comes out of this with any credit is Tom Watson the Labour member of parliament who has it seems up to now been fighting a lone battle against the abuses of the Murdoch media.

It seems to me that Ed Milliband and David Cameron are reacting to events.The public outrage against the hacking of Milly Dowlers phone and the phones of dead servicemen.However the key question is what of the future for the Rupert Murdoch media empire and the media in general.

Firstly our sympathies must go to  the ordinary workers who have lost the jobs as a result of the closure of the News of the World. However the Murdoch empire will probably survive for the time being. A Sunday Sun will probably replace the News of the World. However I suspect that the Sun will probably lose a few hundred thousand readers as a result of the scandle.I would not be suprised if James Murdoch decided to sell the Sun in the long run.

However I expect sales of printed newspapers  to rapidly decline in the next ten  years as more and more people get their news online.

However as I said in my blog of a few days ago the key question is what do we do.Firstly boycott the Murdoch and the rest of the corporate media.Secondly build and independent co-operative on line media.Online newspapers,magazines and television stations.

Have a nice weekend everybody.






The news in the media today that the Rupert Murdoch owned News of the World hacked into the phone of the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler is to me the most outrageous story in years and shows the News of the World to be the lowest of the low. I know that they also  have reported to have  hacked into the phones of  people like John Prescott, Cheryl Cole and other leading stars and politicians  this is also outrageous. But these other actions will not attact the same opprobrium as hacking into Milly Dowlers phone.

Clearly Murdoch who owns roughly 40% of the British media and will soon have total control of Sky News feels that he can do whatever he wants in the world.However I feel that there is growing revulsion amongst ordinary people in this country to Murdochs actions. We have seen this on Merseyside the widespread boycott of the Sun and other Murdoch News International owned newspapers.

Although this revulsion as yet does not yet exist amongst this countries political class who a few weeks ago all turned up for Murdochs summer party. Doubtless come the next general David Cameron will be consulting with Mr Murdoch about the date of the next general election and possibly even government policies. I am sure that Ed Milliband will also  be trying to get into Murdochs good books at the next general election.

The crucial question is what do we do to fight Murdochs abuse of power. Firstly I would suggest build the independent media from below. The new internet based online newspapers and internet television stations. Secondly boycott Rupert  Murdoch titles intenationally. Boycott the Sun, The News of the World etc. But most importantly boycott his Sky television stations. You do not need his football channells or his Fox News propganda.

So take action and get busy build the independent media  and boycott the Rupert Murdoch owned media.





As you are probably aware the Greek parliament voted on Wednesday 29/6/2011 by 153 votes to 138 votes to accept the  European Union loan. Of course this is based on the Greek government carrying out the dictates of the EU.

If you read my blog in mid June I laid out the case for Greece defaulting on its debts an adopting an alternative economic strategy to the one proposed by the European Union.

As my  previous blog stated the EU loan is dependent on big tax increase,cuts in public sector pay and massive privatization of Greek assets.It in a way leads to a loss of Greek national sovereignty.

Also and probably more importantly  it will lead to a permanent economic slump in Greece the same scenario applies for Spain,Portugal and perhaps Italy as well. In other words a two tier European Union with an economic depressed southern Europe wing of the EU.

Due to Greece,s massive debts as many economic commentators have already recognized a Greek default on its debts is inevitable within the next year.

The question then is what alternative economic policies should Greece adopt.

Firstly leave the Euro and reinstate the Drachma as Greece will then be able to set its  own interest rates to make its exports competitive.Also reject the EU privatization plans.

Also and perhaps most importantly start making the  Greek rich, business and finance class paying their income tax. If this happens the Greek national debt will be rapidly reduced.Which along  with economic growth will raise the  income tax revenue thus reducing Greek unemployment and the debt.

The economic policies that I have outlined are clearly a positive way forward compared to the permanent  slump which the polices of the EU and the IMF  will mean for Greece.

PS, If anybody wants to read my blogs before 13/6/2011 please go to my old blog.www.kevcally-channells.blogspot.com