As you may or not have noticed there have been alot of flag waving in this country of both the St Georges cross the flag of England and the Union Jack the flag of the United Kingdom.This is of course connected to the queens jubilee and the european nations soccer championship.

Let me  state my own view of these two flags.The Union Jack is the flag of British imperialism.That represents the forced unification of the four nations of the British Isles which then paved the way for the British  empire and the exploitation of other countries eg India.The Union Jack is closely linked to our monarchy which I am opposed to.So socialists should in my opinion be hostile to the Union Jack.

The St Georges cross on the other hand is the ancient flag of England which as and English  Rebublican I can accept. It was this countries flag before the United Kingdom was formed and when England had no empire. This has already been pointed out by Conrad Noel the socialist vicar of Thaxstead who flew the flag for anti imperialist reasons.

Also St George  himself was from Palestine a country whose cause is worth supporting. So despite the attempts to steal the flag by right wing groups like the EDL. English Republicans should be proud to use the flag as part of the fight for an independent anti imperialist England.


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