Last Saturday the 28/6/2014 was the 100th anniversary of an event which without doubt led to extreme tragic consequences. This was of course the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austro Hungary an event which without doubt led to the start of the first world war and event whose aftermath led to the second world war 21 years after the first world war. Sixteen million people were killed in world war one and twenty million people were wounded. In world war two sixty million people were killed. These figures are absolutely horrific these are individual people with individual feelings.

I intend to argue in this blog that there is real evidence that the allied powers may have planned Franz Ferdinand,s assassination so as to goad Germany and Austro Hungary into a major military confrontation so as to stop Germany becoming the worlds major economic power without a war.

The assassination of Ferdinand was carried out on the 28/6/1914 by Gavrilo Princip and a group of Black Hand activists in the Bosnian city of Sarajevo. However it was soon shown to be the case that the real brains behind the assassination was Dragutin Dimitrijevic otherwise known as Apis who was head of Serbian military intelligence.

Now Apis under interrogation confessed to ordering the assassination of Ferdinand. Furthermore he stated that the Russian military attaché in Serbia Viktor Artamonov funded the assassination and that Russia was a co-conspirator in the assassination plans. Please see Luigi Albertini 1953 book ‘orgins of world war one ‘for this evidence. Of course Artamonov not surprisingly denied that he was involved in plotting the assassination. However he does admit that he was in daily contact with Apis and the other conspirators until he went on holiday in Italy on the 19/6/1914.

Now if what Apis says is correct and remember he was the head of Serbian military intelligence and Russia was involved in planning the assassination then we have to take into account the fact that Russia was closely allied to Britain and France. This means then that it is quite likely that if Russia was in on the assassination plot then Britain and France would have been involved in the plot to assassinate Ferdinand as well.

In conclusion we may never be able to prove my thesis but unlike other conspiracy theories this one has some hard evidence to work on. However I would urge all readers of my blog to take part in any anti war demonstrations around the 4/8/2014. I shall be writing another blog about world war one just before the 4/8/2014.



In this latest blog I will argue that despite the difficult nature of the human condition Universalism is the only way forward for the human race. In its non religious context universalism means that unity and solidarity of the human race.

Firstly I shall give a brief outline of the religious view of Universalism. This view of Universalism teaches that all human souls will be eventually be saved due to gods divine love and mercy.The most interesting exponent of this view is the 18th century French American Christian teacher George De Benneville who had a near death experience which taught him that hell is only a temporary form of purification and that ultimately all human souls will be saved. A biblical quote supporting this point of view is Romans 11.32 ‘For god has bound all men over to disobedience so that he may have mercy on them all’.

Personally I find this Christian view of Universalism quite appealing. As I suspect that ultimately all human souls will be saved as we humans are all fallen angels. As you can see Christian Universalism offers hope to the human race as does the non religious view of Universalism based on human solidarity, which of course all Christians should support.

The non religious view of Universalism believes in the solidarity of the different races of the world because as human we are all in it together. Now I admit that this message of hope can sometimes be not easy to support. We humans all have our fears and our dark side. In certain circumstances of fear and national economic circumstances some people can full prey to nationalism. The key question is how to counter this and build support for Universalism. Firstly we must try and create an economic system which provides justice and security for all.

Secondly although one may support the principles of Universalism it does not mean that people must support undemocratic transnational corporate elite structures. For instance I would support the conscious unity of the peoples of Europe. However at the same time I support British withdrawal from the undemocratic European Union which is just run for the benefit of Europe,s corporate elite.

So in conclusion I would agree that supporting the principles of Universalism may have difficulties in peoples every day life. But I feel that it is the human races only hope. So in conclusion to put the ideas of Universalism into practise I would urge people to get involved in anti war and global social justice movements.


Today the 2014 soccer world cup starts in Brazil and to be honest as a long term light hearted soccer fan I am largely disinterested. Nowadays the world cup is largely controlled by corporate business and sponsorship interests. Demonstrations in Brazil against the expenditure on the stadium confirm this theory as they appear on television to be brutally put down by
the police.

The first world cup that I can really remember was the 1966 world cup in England which of course England won. The story of England winning the 1966 world cup was back page sports news headlines not front page. However nowadays England activities in the world cup will be front page news in the printed news media and quite possibly news headlines on television. The reason for this is I feel as George Orwell and Noam Chomsky have mentioned is to create a false consciousness amongst the masses and to take their mind off serious issues in the world. Also the world cup is used by the ruling class in all countries to create a phoney nationalism and ‘national unity’ amongst all social groups during the world cup. This is the reason why I only really like club soccer as this attracts the real fans. During international soccer competitions phoney fans jump on board for nationalist reasons.

Of course many of the players taking part in the 2014 world cup will be quite tired after a very long club season so they may not give their best during the tournament. Of course many of the players earn huge amounts during the season. Often one hundred thousand pounds per week. To me it seems absurd why working class people earning say twenty eight thousand pounds per year can look upon people earning such large wages as heroes. This is surely false consciousness.

In conclusion I would urge real soccer fans to ignore the 2014 world cup and also to start supporting their local non league soccer club or lower league club and thus boycott the major corporate controlled clubs.


The decision of the European Central Bank in the last few days to charge minus 0.1% negative interest rates to commercial banks is both not surprising and also an absolute disgrace. The decision of the banks chairperson Mario Draghi will clearly have a big impact on working class bank savers.

Of course most working class people in the European Union put their savings in banks. Many of course try and save a certain amount for their retirement. However the decision of the ECB to charge negative interest rates to commercial banks will clearly have an impact upon working class peoples savings in banks. Most commercial banks will probably put the affect of having to pay a minus 0.1% negative interest rate onto their own bank customers. So do not be surprised if in the next few months banks start charge their own customers negative interest rates for the pleasure of depositing their savings with the banks.

This action of course in real terms will mean theft of working class peoples savings in the European Union. As the rate of inflation is at present 0.7% in the EU so in real terms it could lead to an annual loss of 0.8% savings in real terms in the EU.

The obvious question is what conclusions should we draw from the European Central Banks decision to charge negative interest rates. Firstly we should not be surprised as Mario Draghi is the former managing director of the Goldman Sachs bank. Secondly working class savers will pay the price for propping up the world parasitical debt based banking system. Do not be surprised if there are more Cyprus bank bail ins theft applied to EU savers in the coming years. Thirdly British savers should gasp a sigh of relief that Britain is not in the Euro zone, so ‘at present’ these negative interest rates will not apply to British savers.

In conclusion radical action is needed to thwart the actions of the bankers class this can only involve the public ownership of the banking and finance system both in the EU and in Britain. Also a national investment board to establish a large publicly owned enterprise system in both Britain and the EU.

The fight back against the international bankers and finance class must start today. Have a nice weekend all.


In this blog I will discuss the idea of the Demiurge who some people consider to be the not perfect being who created our present imperfect world. So basically it accepts the idea of dualism that there are two gods. For instance Jesus the good god of the New Testament and the Demiurge the imperfect being who created our present imperfect world.

I have been interested in the idea of the Demiurge for some years now. As a somewhat heretical Christian I find it hard to accept that a good god would have made our present imperfect world. What with several mass extinctions. The human suffering and mass murder in wars. But what really stands out for me is the cruelty of nature. In other words ‘the law of the wild’ whereby animals are constantly eating each other alive and torturing each other to death. This is why I personally find it hard to accept that a good god would have made this present imperfect world.

The concept of the Demiurge was first raised by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato who felt that our present imperfect world may have been created by an imperfect being. He felt that the Demiurge was a well meaning being however the chaos and imperfect in the present world was due to the Demiurge,s imperfection.

However it was the ideas of Gnosticism which put forward the idea of a difference between the Demiurge the imperfect being who created our imperfect world and the highest perfect unknown god.

However it was the first century Christian heretic Marcion of Sinope d.o.b 85 to 160 AD who I will be writing another blog on some time in the future who is responsible for much of our present day views on the concept of the Demiurge. Marcion views are very important because he is writing after the higher unknown god Jesus became a human being and came to save the world.

In Marcion,s view the Demiurge was the jealous god of the Old Testament. He was the imperfect being or god who made our present world. This is why Jesus the highest real god of the world had to become a human being to save the human race. Personally I feel that Marcion,s views do make sense as the god of the Old Testament seems very vengeful unlike Jesus the compassionate merciful god of the New Testament.

However in conclusion of course it is quite possible that the theory of the Demiurge is incorrect. We just do not know with our present knowledge. It could just well be the case that the theory of life is for more complex than the human race can understand.

Have a nice weekend all.