The trees represent pure innocence,stark beauty.

They have no blood on their hands, no connection to the law of the wild.
They do not kill or take part in predatory action.

The trees they represent the years wheel of life.

The trees of Winter,empty leaves.
The trees of stark beauty represent death.
But also prelude to rebirth.

The trees of Spring,signs of hope and rebirth. As the leaves start to reappear.
The start of the cycle of rebirth.

Leading to the splendour of the trees of Summer. Full of leaves showing life in full bloom.
The energy and vigour of Summer.

The wheel of life goes on.

The trees of Autumn.
The beauty of leaves rapidly falling to the ground.
Signifying the latter stages of life.
Preparing for the death of the trees of Winter.

But the trees do not die.
They are eternal.
They are life,s hope.
A life of hope without bloodshed,which the trees do not have.

The trees.

Written KO 21/7/2019

This is my most recent poem which I am very proud of and has gone down quiet will on the poetry circuit.
Best wishes for the future.God bless you all.



In this latest blog I will look at the strange politics of Antifa who claim to be fighting fascism. I will explain why it is a significant force in the USA and why it is not in the UK. I will also explain why I think Antifa,s politics are deficient in fighting against fascism and why we do need to build a genuine socialist anti fascist movement in our present times.

Antifa was first formed by the German Communist Party in 1932 so as to build a mass movement to try and stop Hitler and the Nazi party establishing a dictatorship in Germany. Alas as we now know with tragic consequences the German Communist party was unsuccessful in stopping the Nazi Party from coming to power in Germany.

Antifa first resurfaced in Germany again in the 1990,s largely based on libertarian anarchist groups. However it is in the USA in the last few years that Antifa have built a reputation for street confrontations. This is due to the election of Donald Trump as president of the USA which they say is leading to a fascist dictatorship in America.

Strangely Antifa were silent about the large number of wars started under the Obama presidency. Also they were silent about the large number of killings by the police of African Americans under the Obama presidency.

Here in the UK fortunately in my opinion Antifa is a very weak organization. The reason for this is that unlike in America the hard/far left in the UK is much stronger than in the USA. Most hard left groups in the UK already have their own anti fascist groups. For instance Unite against Fascism controlled by the Socialist Workers Party. Youth Against Racism in Europe controlled by the Socialist Party.

Here in the UK Antifa seem very mysterious. They cover their faces with masks nobody knows what political groups they belong to, it seems to be none. They chant slogans like stop fascism and antifascista. They do not seem to see the connection between fascism and corporate capitalism, or the need to build a disciplined socialist movement. In fact they do not seem to have a solid socialist ideology. So in my opinion Antifa are politically bankrupt.

We do need an antifascist movement in the UK. But this must also involve a fight against corporate capitalism and we need to explain the connection between capitalism and fascism.

We also need to build a movement to fight against the corporate globalist fascism of the EU. Which alas much of the left in the UK sadly and misguidedly supports.

However Antifa with their apparent mysterious ‘liberal globalist’ politics have no serious role to play in this fight against all types of fascism in our present time. They are politically bankrupt possibly controlled by the deep state.

In conclusion we do need to build a major socialist anti fascist movement in the UK.

Best wishes for the future.