December approaches the month of Xmas. Christmas 2022.
The leaves gather on the ground.
To some a certain magic abounds.

Christmas all things to mankind.
To some a month of joy.
To others the mystic of the saviours birth.
The three wise men following the heavenly star.

To many a time of grief,of financial woe.
To pay for gifts for children which parents hearts cannot say no.

The extended family get together.
Where old animosities must be put aside, for a nice pleasant veneer.

Some souls prefer to play the lone wolf.
Reflect on the season alone.

Meditate on the past year and sigh, oh it has so quickly passed by
Plead for help in times to come by.
2023, a time perhaps of troublesome strife.

Christmas 2022 is approaching.
Written by KO 16/11/2022.
Comment. This is my very latest poem.


This latest blog deals with a subject that in the past many people have dismissed as a conspiracy theory. For instance the microchipping of the human race and the merging of humans with machine parts. But as I will now show is an evil outrageous idea that is now based on fact and will have to be confronted and defeated head on if human free will is to be maintained.

Transhumanism basically means the merging of humans with machine parts. The microchipping of the human race is a key plan of the transhumanists.

The American transhumanist Ray Kurzweil in his 2005 book ‘The singularity is here’ put forward the idea that it is inevitable that humans would merge with machine parts to create a new race of humans. But at the time most so called experts played down the idea of this happening.

However as I will now show statements in the last year by spokespeople from the World Economic Forum show that the globalist fascist elite are now pressing full steam ahead with the transhumanist agenda. This includes plans for the microchipping of the human race.

Pekka Lundmark an executive of Nokia told a recent World Economic Forum conference that smart phones would be inserted into peoples body parts by 2030. Klaus Schwab, surprise surprise head of the World Economic Forum has called for all children to be microchipped by 2026.

The Israeli transhumanist Yuval Noah Harari has said that the human being is a very hackable animal and human free will will soon be over. He is of course an advocate of merging humans with machine body parts. But what a chilling statement that human free will will soon be over. Also note the description of humans as animals.

If the human race are microchipped and smart phones are inserted into human body parts it will lead to the creation of a new cyborg type of human being. For instance without free will or free thought. The authorities will be able to plant thoughts into peoples brains for instance to change their mind on issues such as having vaccines which they may have been opposed to in the past. So if the transhumanists succeed with their evil plans to merge humans with machines it will and lead to a totally new world of a new type of unfree human being.

So the next eight years up until 2030 are going to be crucial for the human race. People must refuse to be microchipped. They must refuse to have their smart phones inserted in their bodies. People should attend demonstrations against the ‘great reset’ and the transhumanist agenda.

Despite our individual faults as humans and our collective faults as a human race. We must maintain human free will and individual human conscience. So in conclusion human beings unite to defeat the evil transhumanist agenda.

God bless you all.