This latest blog to a certain extent is a follow on from my last non poem blog on the herd mentality. This herd mentality is one of the reasons for myself developing this point of view of having a small close circle of friends who share your own world outlook.

To a certain extent most men and women are social animals. They want to go out and meet as many people as possible. Rise to the challenge of interacting with other people. Developing new friends as well alas possible new enemies and hostile human forces.

My own personal experience is that by going out to as many social events as possible alas can lead to human alienation and depression. You have to engage in small talk to impress people. Also leading you not to talk about controversial issues that you would like to talk about.

You can come home feeling deflated and depressed. Also you can pick up on other peoples negative energies. If you have clashed with them at social events.

This is why I am largely proud to say that experience has taught me that it is best only to interact with a small group of friends who are on your same energy level. Who also have your some world point of view. For instance in relation to the Corona events.

Now I know that many people will perhaps say that you are being unadventurous. But my own experience has taught me that my point of view is correct.

So in conclusion I would say treasure you true close friends and try and develop a supportive relationship with them.

God bless you all and best wishes for the future.



A letter from Brendan a nephew aged nine.
On holiday in Galway and doing just fine.
I'm so glad his having the time of his life.
Although i/m in so much trouble and strife.
But by writing, at least he shows that he cares.
I hope that he includes me in all of his prayers.

Written by KO September 1992..