The UKIP posters for the European parliamentary election regarding immigrants from other European Union countries taking British workers jobs are in my opinion inflammatory. I say this as a person who is strongly in favour of Britain leaving the European Union and who is not opposed to sensible immigration controls. As a life long socialist I in fact urge people to support the socialist campaign to leave the European Union by voting in the European Parliamentary election on 22/5/14 for either no 2 EU Yes to Democracy or else for the Socialist Labour Party. However more about this in a blog nearer the 22/5/14.

UKIP are quite correct in calling for Britain to leave the European Union for reasons that I have explained in my previous blogs. The European Union Commission is an unelected dictatorship which imposes its policies on democratically elected national government. Of course these are neo liberal policies of austerity and privatisation. So genuine British socialists are quite to correct to campaign both for Britain,s withdrawal from the EU and for the EU to be dissolved.

However the UKIP election leaflet is both wrong and inflammatory for various reasons. Firstly the leaflets are morally wrong as it is not foreign workers who are to blame for British workers being unemployed and suffering from low wages it is the neo liberal capitalist system. To solve these problems we must fight for a socialist Britain with a socialist planned economy with public ownership of banks and major enterprises.

Secondly the leaflets undermine the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union as they are inflammatory and create ill feeling to foreign workers who are not the cause of British workers low wages and high unemployment. It is of course the capitalist system which is the cause of these problems.

So in conclusion we must mount a socialist campaign for Britain to leave the European Union and also a campaign for a socialist Britain and Europe. This will be a long drawn out fight. In a few weeks I will write a blog calling for a vote for socialist anti EU candidates in the EU parliament elections here in Britain on the 22/5/14.

Have a nice weekend all.



As a life long socialist and English Republican I say to the people of England celebrate St Georges day the 23/4/14 the day of England,s patron saint. Furthermore I say celebrate this day with great pride an honour.

St George was born in Roman Palestine. This is not widely known that he is from Palestine a modern day persecuted people. He was born in Lydda and lived from 283 AD to 303 AD. He was executed because he refused to give up his Christian faith as an officer in the Roman army. So he is quite correctly regarded as a modern day Christian martyr.

St George is quite correctly looked upon as a hero by many great English radicals like Gerrard Winstanley the leader of the Levellers in the English civil war and Conrad Noel the socialist vicar of Thaxted in Essex who flew the flag of St George above his church every St George,s day.

So I say in conclusion do not allow the flag of St George and St George,s day to be captured by groups like the English Defence League. English socialists and Republicans should celebrate this great day with honour.


Well thank god Easter 2014 will be with as tomorrow and it is something that I very much welcome. This is without doubt a very troubling period in history with wars and mass poverty all over the globe. The latest flash point is of course the crisis in the Ukraine which as you know if you regularly read my blogs I put the blame firmly in the court of the Western powers corporate elite. To be blunt these events in the Ukraine are making me feel quite tense and are starting to affect my health. The reason for this is quite obvious the threat of a military show down between Russia and the Western powers.

However the arrival of Easter will hopefully bring a short respite from this tension of the negative world events. Without doubt there is something magical about Easter which I personally put down to the Christian feast of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus which I personally think did take place. The Easter Christian feast without doubt will bring a temporary feeling of hope, relaxation and peace to many people suffering in this present cruel and heartless unjust world.

If you have the time on Easter Sunday I would strongly urge everybody to spend five or ten minutes in silence meditating thinking of Jesus and imagining white light from Jesus coming into every inch of your body. Then on Easter Monday make a vow to get involved in political movements to build a new just world without wars and corporate rule.

Have a happy Easter all.


The revelations of brave souls like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are truly revelatory. The surveillance of ordinary innocent people is of course outrageous but is what you should expect. Peaceful political activists have their phone calls and emails monitored. In an online discussion on the Guardian newspaper many young people stated that the reason why they were politically passive is because they were scared that their political activities would be monitored by the security services and this this may affect their future employment prospects.

However this growing what I call technocratic dictatorship does not just relate to political activists. It increasing applies to peoples work activities. For instance in my last employment it was an open plan building without walls so the managers could easily monitor staff activities. For instance the number of visits to the toilets and the amount of time spent away from work desks. Talking to other people surveillance of peoples work activities is definitely increasing.

Of course the surveillance state is nothing new. If you read C.J.Sansome series of Sharldrake novels based on the reign of King Henry the Eighth surveillance by the state was rampant of citizens during this period of time in the 16th century. However of course nowadays the state has of course much more modern technology to carry out its surveillance of citizens.

Of course the key question is how can we help fight back against this modern technocratic dictatorship. As far as I can see there are two ways of doing this. Firstly on an individual level I feel we should turn to Albert Camus book The Rebel. In this book Camus explains how all ordinary citizens have both the inner desire for freedom and the capacity to rebel. So this capacity for rebellion can be applied to us all. We just have to say to ourselves that we will not be intimidated by the surveillance security state. We will continue our political struggles even if the state is monitoring are emails and phone calls.

Secondly we must all combine together in a new political movement and fight against the technocratic security state dictatorship. Also join and help organise a trade union in your place of work. The reason for this is that the Technocratic security surveillance state is acting on behalf of the big corporations so that they can keep a watch of their employees and watch out for signs of a rebellion amongst the workers.

So in conclusion I say go along with what Albert Camus says and become individual rebels and also get involved in mass political activity.

Have a nice weekend all.


As a socialist although I do not agree with UKIP,S economic policies I do very much support their policy of Britain leaving the European Union. So I am pleased that Nigel Farage was stated to have won the second TV debate over the Liberal Democrat leader by 68% to 30%.However we must oppose UKIPS hostility to foreign workers and their support for neo liberal policies. We must strongly mount a socialist campaign for Britains withdrawal from the European Union.

The European union is clearly a bankers dictatorship. The unelected EU commission dictates the economic policies to countries like Greece which lost its national independence some time ago. The Euro currency has been a disaster as countries can no longer can set their own interest rates to improve their economic situation. The EU is enforcing compulsory privatisation of economic assets on countries like Greece.

Manfred Schulz the candidate of the so called party of European ‘socialists’ for president of the EU has called for the EU commission to be given the powers to veto all members countries annual budgets. So this clearly shows what a dictatorship the EU is on behalf of the bankers class.

However what is clearly needed in this country is a socialist campaign for Britain to withdraw from the EU. Fortunately such a political party is fighting the elections for the European parliament here in Britain on the 22/5/14. This is No 2 EU Yes To Democracy.

I will be writing a blog in about four weeks time urging people to vote for No To EU in the European parliament elections on 22/5/14.

Have a nice weekend all.