Well 2018 is nearly over. So I will have a look at what may happen in 2019. I feel that the main theme for 2019 is uncertainty and troubled times ahead both in the UK and on the world stage.

Here in the UK 2019 will be dominated by the subject of brexit. It is not yet clear whether the Conservative government will go for a hard brexit or else it will extend article 50 thus postponing brexit. It looks like the deal agreed with the EU will be voted down by the UK parliament. Personally I favour a no deal brexit. However if the government postpones brexit there will be a national outcry and you could see a mass yellow vests movement develop in the UK.

I also think that it is quite possible that breakaway political party,s are formed in Britain by pro remain supporters from both the Conservative and Labour party,s. The split from Labour could be much bigger particularly as Corbyn has correctly so far refused to back a second EU referendum vote. In conclusion regarding the UK I predict a tumultuous year ahead for the UK.

Turning to the international stage I fear troubled times ahead. There is the possibility that there could be increasing tension between the USA and Iran in 2019. Although I do not personally think that it will result in a military clash. Alas I also expect that tensions between the western imperialist powers and Russia and China will increase in 2019. Although again I do not expect this to result in a military conflict in 2019.

Regarding the economic situation it looks like that the much talked about economic crash that has been predicted by many economic experts will take place in 2020 according to a recent economic report. For some reason they always seem to take place in the month of October. So it looks like October 2020 is the date to watch. However I do expect that stock market shares will drop a considerable amount in 2019.

Of course there will be some surprise events taking place in 2019. The Chinese robot landing on the dark side of the moon in January 2019 could be interesting.

However in conclusion the main lesson that people should take from 2018 into 2019 is that people can resist the globalist elites plans for a corporate technocratic world dictatorship. The heroic action of the yellow vests movement in France shows that if the masses fully mobilize then they can win. Encouragingly the yellow vests movement appears to be spreading to other European countries. So join the resistance to fight for a more just,peaceful and equal world.

God bless you all and best wishes for 2019.



Each year in the Christmas period I like to write a blog about the spirit and energy of Christmas in that particular year. Christmas means something to me as some sort of Christian. This years Christmas spirit is almost certainly based on the theme of future uncertainty.

Here in the UK this uncertainty is based on the elites plans to try and sabotage the the democratic mandate to leave the EU. Also the possibility of another UK general election next year.

On the world stage most people I feel sense that another 2008 economic crash is on the way. They sense that the present economic foundations is based on sand. In fact one major economic think tank has predicted such a crash in 2020.

Also on the international stage President Trump seems to be looking for a war with Iran. He also seems to be stepping up the ante with Russia and China. So sadly a 2019 military clash cannot be entirely ruled out. Very worrying times indeed.

Personally I feel that people should face up to this future uncertainty directly at Christmas. Try and meditate,sense the real being below your ego. Also try and do some good deeds and get involved in campaigns for political and social change. But perhaps most importantly try and have some fun over the Christmas period and on new years eve.

My next blog to be published just before 31/12/2018 will be about what will happen in 2019?

God bless you all and best wishes for the future.