Now I must confess that I have never particularly wanted to go to the town of Glastonbury as a place. It seems to be dominated by the ‘love and light’ type of shallow new age type of spirituality which I do not have much time for.

However, getting back to the subject in hand. The recent Glastonbury rock festival was dominated by as expected by pro establishment rock stars. Such as Robert Plant, the Pet Shops boys one of whom supported the 2003 war in Iraq.

The tickets for the festival are very expensive, two hundred and eighty five pounds to be exact. Robert Hardman in an online article in the Daily Mail, a paper who I usually have no time for, said that the festival was a very middle class affair. A pint of beer cost seven pounds and a gin and tonic ten pounds fifty pence. Parking your car at the festival will set you back seventy pounds.

The people who attend the Glastonbury festival seem to be liberal globalist types. Who are interested in personal indentity politics and who think that people who voted for brexit are ‘thick’. They would be scared stiff of genuine radical political change in Britain that affects the power of the corporate elite.

However,the clincher as far as I am concerned was the video appearance at the festival by the Ukraine fascist head of state Zelensky. A man who has banned all left wing and Russian language political party,s in Ukraine. However this did not seem to bother the people at the festival who gave him a round of applause.

Rock music is in my personal opinion now totally connected to the establishment. The Kaiser Chiefs a band with a line in a song that goes’ I predict a riot’. Are in reality total propagandists for the establishment. Recently appearing at the British ‘head of state’ Elizabeth Windsor 70th anniversary celebrations on the throne. At a recent concert their lead singer shouted lets have three cheers for Astrazeneca. He obvious has not checked the views of the companies former Vice President Michael Yeadon regarding the dangers concerning the Covid vaccine.

If you read Michael Devlins excellent three volume of books called Musical truth. He will show how from the early 1960,s rock music has promoted fake rebellion and how the rock music industry has always been controlled behind the scenes by the cabal that controls the world.

I have never been a particularly big fan of rock music. I only really got into it for a short time during the punk period. However in conclusion my real music tastes are Beethoven,Bruckner, Tchaikovsky,Martinu, Mahler and Glazunov.

Best wishes to all for the future.

God bless you all.



This blog is related to my personal view on the significance of yesterdays mid summers day. The longest day of the year. It is something that I personally welcome. As it is the start of the countdown to Winter. Which if you read my recent blog on Summer will know that I prefer to the Summer season.

The passing of the 21/6/22 longest day is the build up first to the Autumn season and the falling leaves on the ground. Something which I feel has a certain magic to it. September is my favourite month of the year. I feel that it is a time to take stock on the year so far.

But most importantly it is the slow build up to the Winter season and the slow build up to the Christmas period. The slow build up to Christmas is my favourite time of the year.

Also I personally find that the early dark nights of Winter give me a certain sense of security. I know that some people may find this view a little strange. The same may also apply to my view on Winter in general. I know that many people do not like Winter and love the Summer season.

But we are all different, I will personally look forward to the build up to first Autumn and the slow build up to the Winter season and the Christmas season.

In conclusion best wishes to all for the future.


In this latest blog I explain the positive ideas behind Christian radicalism. I will also explain the flaws behind ideas like christian socialism, liberation theology and orthodox marxism.

Christian socialism in Britain is dominated by the Christian ‘socialist’ movement who a few years ago changed their name to the Christian ‘left’ probably so that they could distance themselves from the ideas of socialism. This group is totally connected to the right wing of the British Labour party .Blair and Gordon Brown are members. In practice they are neo liberal globalists.

Liberation theology a mix of Christianity and marxism has in my personal opinion a flaw in its ideology. As a life long Christian and a militant socialist in the last few years I have become aware of the flaws in marxism. It ideas are too mechanical it does not take into account the autonomous ideas of human nature. Bakunin alas was correct in stating that marxism can lead to barracks room socialism. So alas I feel that both liberation theology and marxism have flaws in their ideas.

I will now turn to christian radicalism which I personally feel is the correct way to achieve both human progress and socialism. It is based on the idea that rebellion and not revolution is the way to achieve change. William Blake, Watt Tyler immediately comes to mind. It takes into account human feelings and free will and a connection to the divine. Its end result will lead to equality and freedom and rank and file democracy.

So in conclusion I urge readers of this blog to consider the ideas of Christian radicalism as a way forward for humanity.

God bless you all.