Last nights BBC TV documentary Britain,s great war part one is the first part of a four part documentary regarding Britian,s involvement in world war one from 1914 to 1918 and the truly awful first part of the documentary confirmed what we already know the BBC is the media voice of British ruling class war mongering establishment.

The documentary started off from the 4/8/1914 with Britain establishment coming to the aid of neutral Belgium after it was attacked by war mongering militarist Germany according to the presenter Jeremy Paxman.

Not surprisingly Jeremy Paxman the documentary presenter overlooked a number of important facts. Firstly what caused the war was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian nationalist terror group led by Gavrilo Princip. The Serbian terror groups links to Tsarist Russia,s intelligence have been well documented.

Secondly Paxman a well known establishment lapdog failed to mention that Britain had a world empire that repressed,exploited and terrorised Africa, India and other parts of the world.

Thirdly so called neutral Belgium who Britain come to the aid of run a vast concentration camp in its colony in the Congo. Africans in the Congo were worked to death. Pictures of the indigenous population of the Congo with their arms chopped off for not collecting their daily supply of rubber from the rubber plantation are well documented.

Thirdly our eastern ally Tsarist Russia had its own European colonies in Poland and Finland.

Of course the German Reich was an evil state with its colony in South West Africa and its extermination policies of the native African population in this colony. Allied to this was the lack of democracy inside Germany itself.

What this really shows was that the first world war was a war between rival imperialist powers and both sides were bad. Britain and its allies and Germany and its allies. Working class people on both sides died in their millions so as to maintain the profits for the wealthy banking capitalist elite on both sides.

I will be writing on the subject of the first world war nearer to August 2014.However in conclusion I strongly urge people to take the following action.

Firstly do not watch the other three parts of the awful BBC documentary regarding Britain,s great war and secondly go to the Stop the War Coalition and sign their No Glory in War petition.

Good luck all.



In the last few years I have noticed that some herbal capsules that I used to use regularly have now been withdrawn from herbal medicine shops. I have been told by the staff in these shops that the reason for this is the latest updated Codex Almentarius regulations. This has made me quite angry as I am finding it quite hard to get hold of Goldenseal capsules which I use for medical problems.

Codex Almentarius was set up just after the second world war to regulate food and medicine standards. However the 28th session of the Codex Almentarius 4/9/05 and the 2004 EU food supplements directive lay down strict guidelines for the vitamin and mineral guidelines and for herbal medicine supplements. The aim of these two directives of 2004 and 2005 appears to be firstly to limit the strength of the vitamins, minerals and herbal capsules so as to make them useless and secondly to withdraw some herbal capsules from herbal medicine shops as is the case with goldenseal.

This action of the Codex Almentarius regulations of 2004 and 2005 is outrageous as perfectly safe herbal capsules and medicine is being denied to people with medical conditions. This action is obviously the result of the international multinational and pharmaceutical drug company cartel who want to deny people the right to use effective herbal medicine so that they will be forced to use toxic drug company non herbal medicine.

The obvious question then is what can be done to defend the right to use herbal medicine. Fortunately there is an effective organization to defend herbal medicine it is called the Alliance for Natural Health. So I would suggest that anybody who wants to protect the right to use herbal medicine check this group out on the internet and consider joining it.


Last nights programme on ITV Dogs their secret lives about dogs behaviour when left alone by their owners was both very interesting and entertaining.
It is a subject which I have very strong views on as I am a great dog lover and remember with great affection all six of the pet dogs that my mother had in her lifetime.

The programme clearly showed that dogs suffer from great emotional stress when the owner usually both couples go out to work during the day. The dogs often howl all day or else defecate due to stress. The programme showed how specialists tried to train the owners how to deal with the dogs stress due to being left alone. Such methods included things like Dog TV imported from the USA. Some affluent couples even send their dogs to Dog day care centres like many both working couples send their under five children to.

But to me the programmes main weakness is that it did not ask the obvious question should dogs be left alone by their owners all day due to the owners work. As for as I am concerned the answer is no. Having a pet dog is a big decision and dogs who are usually very loving sensitive caring animals will unsurprisingly suffer great stress when left alone.

So my own views on the subject are quite strong pet dogs need one of their owners to be with them all day to care for them. So in conclusion I say if you buy a dog make sure that there is a human to look after the dog all day.

Have a nice week all.


As far as I am concerned the main change in the weather from when I was a young child is the severity of the storms. The average weather temperature is about the same as when I was a child. However what we did not have then is the very severe storms that we have now. These storms seem to becoming more and more frequent almost semi permanent and allied to heavy rain and severe floods are starting to slowly affect the British economy through transport problems and frequent flooding in certain areas of the country.

Now to be honest I do not have a clue what is the reason behind the growth of the increase in the severe storms here in Britain and in other countries throughout the world. Whether or not it is caused by climate change or else sunspots.

However what I do not is that both Britain and other countries in the world will be soon entering a state of permanent emergency due to the frequent severe stormy weather and that in the 2015 British general election for the first time the climate and weather may be an election issue.

In conclusion I will state that the present British governments approach to the weather crisis has been awful. Having cut expenditure on flood defences when what is really need is a massive expenditure programme on flood defences.

Have a nice weekend all and lets hope for the best.


Well 2014 has finally arrived and of course the big question is what will happen in the world in this new year? Now to be perfectly honest as somebody who has studied for five years at the College Of Psychic Studies you cannot predict for certain what will happen in the future however you can provide insights regarding what will happen in the future. So I will use my insights to predict what may happen in 2014.

I feel that there are four key issues which may affect us in 2014 here in Britain. Firstly I see the storms getting worse and worse and the weather may even start to affect the British economy this year due to transport and power failures. Looking ahead to 2015 I feel that the general election of that year will be the first election where the climate and the weather may be an issue.

The second key prediction is that the worldwide neoconservative Zionist wahhabism alliance will try and derail both the peace talks with Iran over its nuclear programme and also the Syria civil war peace talks planned for Geneva. But I think that they will fail.

The other third prediction is that there will be a major row here in Britain leading up to the 100th anniversary of the first world well. David Cameron and his fellow ruling class politicians will try and ‘celebrate’ the anniversary as a noble cause of a war in which ten million people died. When in reality the war was just a war between rival imperialist capitalist national powers who were prepared to let millions die in an unnecessary war to defend the ruling class of each countries profits. Quite rightly the stop the War Coalition will try and point this out in its propaganda this year.

Fourthly although the British economy may grow by 1.5% this year it will not create a fell good factor as much of the growth will be in property speculation and many of the new jobs created will be low paid temporary jobs.

Of course there will probably be a few surprise events in 2014 which we cannot predict. For instance Scotland may defy the odds and vote for independence in 2014?

However the key message for 2014 is it is for us all to try and do good things in the world. Both by voluntary work and through political action. So try and do good things in this world. You may gloriously fail but at least try and make this world a better place.

God bless you all and have a happy healthy prosperous 2014 and hopefully we will see you all in 2015.