The German general election result of 24/9/17 was without doubt very interesting with the AFD winning seats in the German parliament for the first time. The result of the election raise a number of issues.

Firstly the 8% drop in support for the CDU/CSU party of Angela Merkel. From 41% to just under 33%. This is a very welcome development. Merkel is your typical EU corporate globalist trying to destroy countries national democracies. Backing America,s disastrous imperialist wars in the middle east. Also backing fully the EU technocratic dictatorships policies of neo liberalism and privatization.

Her coalition partners the Social Democratic party had their worse result in an all German election since the winter of 1932. Winning just 20.7% of the vote. A poor performance which was richly deserved.

Martin Schulz the SPD candidate for chancellor is your typical Eurocrat. Being the past chairperson of the European Union parliament. The SPD have been in coalition with the CSU/CSU for the last four years. Supporting neo liberalism and privatization. The future to be blunt looks quite grim for the SPD.

The neo liberal pro war German Green party vote was about the same as the last election 9%. So was the Left party who I personally would have voted for. Alas the Left party have a mistaken pro EU viewpoint. Being pro EU army and pro EU intergration. This is a major mistake they should be campaigning for Germany to leave the Eurozone and should put more emphasis on public ownership.

The pro business Free Democratic party returned to the parliament winning just over 10% of the vote. They are now likely to form a coalition government with CDU/CSU and the Green party.

Of course the main talking point of the election was Alternative for Germany winning just under 13% of the vote. There have been some hysterical newspaper headlines such as ‘Nazis’ elected to German parliament. Of course the AFD are not a Nazi party being the equivalent of UKIP in Britain. They correctly call for Germany to leave the Eurozone. Also they appear to oppose Germany being a vassal state of the United States of America.

However what Germany really needs is an anti globalist anti EU left movement. That is also anti NATO and supports public ownership.

The Left party perhaps could adopt these policies. It should drop its pro EU intergration stance. If it does not then I suspect that support for the AFD will continue to grow.

In conclusion these are interesting times indeed. Try and keep fighting for peace justice and social equality.

God bless you all.