Lets start with Libya where the United Nations Report to be published soon is very disturbing. Seven thousand people either executed without trial or else being held under harsh conditions. The use of torture is beingly used by the new government of the National Transitional Council add to this the execution of Gaddafi without trial.

I was sympathetic  to the National Transitional Council in the Libyan civil war.But it was obviously a war between to bad sides.The tyrant Gaddafi and the National Transitional Council who also use illegal judicial methods.

We can only hope that an independent working class movement starts to develop amongst the Libyan working class. Also the Libyan people must resist the sale of its state owned industries to western capitalist companies.

In Syria the situation is terrible. Atrocities are being carried out  by both sides in the conflict the government  of President Assad and the Syrian National Council. As in Libya it seems to be war between two bad sides.The Russian government seem to be putting forward the only sensible solution to the crisis negotiations between the two sides leading to the holding of free elections.

The western powers do not care about the ordinary people of Libya,Syria or the middle east. Hence their support for the dictatorships in Bahrein and Saudi  Arabia.

What is worrying is that a western intevention in Syria could lead to a Russian intevention thus leading to a world conflict.

In conclusion we can only hope that in the end democracy prevails in the middle east. But the key battle must be to fight any western intevention in the middle east in the future. As such an intevention could lead to a global conflict between the western powers and Russia and China. This  would be a tragedy for humanity



About ten days  ago the American government in relation to a request from USA UFO groups denied that it had any contacts with extraterrestrials.

Now clearly somebody is not telling the truth.Major Bob Dean an American military officer when he was based at NATO headquarters in 1964 saw a NATO report shape which stated that Nato new of the existence of several extraterrestrial races from other planets. Edgar Mitchell who travelled on Appollo 14 stated that he has been informed that the US government know about the existence of ETS from other planets.

Richard Dolan in his superb two volume book on the subject has been informed off the record by US intelligence officers about the extraterrestrial presence. So I suspect that it is the US government which is not telling the truth.

I personally do not feel that extraterrestrial disclosure can be forced out of the US government like the exopolitics movement does.The only hope of extraterrestrial disclosure is leaks from insiders involved in keeping the ET existence secret. Also hackers hacking into the computers of the groups keeping the extraterrestrial presence secret.

Apart from this I feel it is quite likely that the ET existence will be kept secret for a very long time to come.


As you probably know tomorrow is Remembrance Sunday.Now I must confess that I have never liked Remembrance Sunday weekend.There is in my view a feeling of negative energy about the weekend. To me it shows up the bad war like trait in the human race which I find quite depressing.

We mourn the war dead of the world wars. But the first world war was totally unnecessary.The shooting  of a prince in the Austrian Hungarian Empire led to a war in which ten million people died and without the first world war there would not have been a second world war replay thanks to the treaty of Versailles.

However what I really object to about Remembrance Sunday is that while we are mourning our countries war dead our rulers are planning even more wars for the future. The most obvious example is Thursday weeks Guardian report of an up and comming planned war with Iran very soon. This shows the total hypocrisy of the Remembrance Sunday mourning of our war dead as in a few years there will be even more dead military to add to remember on Remembrance Sunday.

In a way Remembrance Sunday is a way of showing the past power of Britains empire and military might. As well showing how callous our ruling elite are with their future war plans mainly based on the fight for oil and other resources. Most wars are fought in the interests of big business.

The best way to remember our war dead who mainly fought in world  wars that they probably did not want to take part in, is  to fight to build a new world without wars and the military industrial complex.Get involved in the anti war movement to fight against any future wars planned particularly with Iran.But also to build a new economic system based on co-operation and justice.



Yesterday I went on the demonstation in London to highlight youth unemployment in this country over one million young people are unemployed in this country between the ages of  16 and 25.

The marches have marched from Jarrow in North East England to London they have marched for over one month. Their actions are clearly heroic. They show that like the protesters at St Pauls some young people in this country are prepared to fight for a better world.

Clearly the present economic  system is in terminal crisis and a new alternative is needed. The Jarrow marches and yesterdays demonstration is the start of a campaign to build a new economic system in this country.


The report in the Guardian on Thursday 3/11/2011 that the USA, Britain and Israel are planning an attack on Irans nuclear facilities is both alarming and outrageous.

Firstly the Iranian nuclear facilities are so deep below the ground that the attack by the US,British and Israel  axis is unlikely to be affective. Secondly Israel has so many nuclear bombs it could probably blow the world up in one go.Iran has  stated that it is only developing nuclear power for peaceful purposes and even if it is not why should Iran not have a nuclear bomb if Israel has one. Of course in an ideal world no country in the world would have nuclear weapons alas we are very far away from an ideal world at present.

The western axis hypocrisy is staggering. The US bias in favour of Israel is outrageous. The US decision to withold funds from Unesco because it accepted Palestine as a member is just one example of its pro Israel bias.Its support for Israels ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people from their ancient lands is another.

Of course anybody who is a student of history will know that Britain an America has form in Iran. In 1954 they organized the discraceful military coup that overthowed Irans democractically elected progressive government of Mohammed Musaddiq because he took the oil industry in Iran into public ownership.

The plans for a future attack on Iran highlight two things. Firstly the zionist control of the USA foreign policy making. Hence the absurd pro Israel bias in American foreign policy. Secondly the grab by the US,British oil axis for the worlds oil resouces. Instead of democractically sharing the earths resouces amongst the worlds people.

The result of an attack on Iran will be disastrous for both the middle east and the world.It will involve the whole region. It could quite possibly lead to world war three involving China and Russia.

Let may say that I am strongly opposed to the present government in Iran I would like to see a democratic revolution in Iran to establish a democratic republic. However Britian and America have no interest in democracy in Iran as they overthowed Irans democractic republic in 1954.

The task of democractic peaceful minded people in Britain,America, Europe and Israel is to  now start to mobilize opposition against this war with Iran.Fight for justice for Palestine and a peaceful and democractic world.

No to war with Iran.

No to world war three.