Last Monday night 24/9/12 I went to listen to Anita Moorjani talk at Alternatives in Piccadilly London. I have already read her book Dying to be me and so I had to go and listen to her talk and it was truly magical.

Anita was dying with cancer in 2002 her whole body was covered in tumors and lesions.So it was no suprise in 2002 when Anita actually died of cancer but this is when her fantastic story really starts.

After Anita died she had a near death experience and she saw her Father who had died and also  her freind who died of cancer a few years before Anitas NDE. Anita received total unconditional love from both of these two people and from the supreme being during her NDE. She found the unconditional love overwhelming and would have been quite happy to pass over to the other side after death.

However Anita returned to this world and as a result of her near death experience her cancer rapidly healed. She was very confused when she came back to this world. But four days after the NDE she was taken out of intensive care and biopsy after nine days from the NDE showed no trace of cancer and after five weeks all of her lesions had healed and she was okay to go home.

However the magical message that Anita gives us is fo us how to live our lives down here on earth. She said that it was her built in fear that gave her cancer in the first place and the whole planet is living in fear.

We must get ride of our fear and self hatred and start to love ourselves and enjoy life. Anita feels that the reason we dislike other people is because we dislike ourselves in the first place.

Now to me this message makes total sense to me as myself as i/m full of self hatred and fear. However I am going to try very hard to start liking myself and enjoying life as Anita says that we should. So try and adopt Anita message from her NDE love yourself and try and enjoy life. By the way as a final message Anita says there is nothing to fear on the other side after death its fantastic.



I am being asked quite alot  recently about what I think will happen on 21/12/2012 the day of the Mayan prophecies or poll shift. My reply when I am  asked this question is  I am not really certain about what will happen on the 21/12/2012. But I can give my insights about what I think will happen around the time of the prophecies.

To be really honest I think that the changes that will take place on our planet around the 21/12/2012 will be on a vey low level and will be very subtle and the changes will only start to take place slowly from the date of the Mayan prohecies.

The Swedish reseacher Johan Calleman predicted that the changes would take place on the 28/10/2011 but he was clearly proved wrong as he predicted that this date would be the start of the universal human consciousness. But this has clearly not happened.

Similarly the Belgian researcher Patrick Geryl is predicting that 99% of the worlds population will be killed in the poll shift which he thinks will take place on 21/12/2012 .My insights and scientific research predict that this pole shift will not take place on the 21/12/2012 and that Patrick Geryl will be proved clearly wrong.

Turning to the solar flares that have taken place this year they appear to have had little affect on the electrical grid or human consciousness.The question then to be asked is what are we left with of the Mayan prophecy prediction.

The only thing we are left with is the galactic alignment that will take place between our solar system and the rest of the milky way around the 21/12/2012. To be honest we do not really know yet what affect  that this galactical alignment will have on our planet or the human race consciousness.

I will give you my own personal insights about what this galactical alignment will have.There will be fortunately no great loss of life regarding the Mayan prophecies. However there will on the other hand be no leap forward in human consciousness. We are all basically fallen angels so we all have both good and bad sides. However what I feel will take place on a positive level from the 21/12/2012. Is that we will gradually realize that we are all part of the human race and that we are all in it together and that wars will slowly start to take place less and less and will eventually disappear.

I feel that this positive insight regarding a unified human race and a gradual end to warfare is the best that we can hope can happen from the 21/12/2012 Mayan prophecies.

Have a nice weekend.


I feel that Albert Camus 1951 book the Rebel is without doubt one of the greatest political tracts of all time.

In his 1951 book the Rebel Camus debates the merits of rebellion against that of  revolution. In his book Camus states that Revolutions when successful always lead to tyrannies. He sights the French revolution and Bolshevik revolution in Russia which in both cases lead to dictatorships by elites and massive human rights abuses. Camus feels  on the the hand  that the revolutionaries  usually lead by elites are seeking to establish impractical utopias. However they always fail instead the revolutions when successful lead to the establishment of elite dictatorships. Interestingly George Orwell held a similar view.

However Camus correctly in my opinion had a much more positive view on acts of rebellion such as stikes led from below by working class people. Camus was of the opinion the people should always behave with their ethical lmoral principles intact when carrying out acts of rebellion.

Now I am a big fan of Camus but I feel that he views in favour of rebellion have been proved correct by the test of time over that of elite led revolutions which lead to vanguard dictatorships. However acts of rebellion from below eg strikes can achieve  positive results and inceased peoples power.

However what we need in this dumbed down world is more authentic acts of rebellion from below.

Long live Camus great political tract the Rebel.


Chronic pain is a very important issue that affects a significant minority of the population.Statics show that 14.4% of the popuation of the USA suffer from chronic pain and ten million people in Britain.

Now I must confess that I have suffered from chronic pain for nearly twenty years. It of course can be  quite stressfull suffering from a non life threatening but painful condition for the greater part of your day.

Many people have had mainstream medicine treatement and have tried alternative medicine and have also  been to pain management clinics but still their painful conditions continue. Typical examples are lower back pain,lower pelvic pain,arthritis and rheumatism.The key question is what is the best way to live with chronic pain?

Firstly I would suggest meditating twice every day in the morning and just before going to bed. At the end of the meditation session open your crown chakra at the top of your head and imagine white light coming in through your head.

Secondly I would strongly recommend learning Reiki and then performing Reiki yourself on the parts of the body that are in pain.

Thirdly keep yourself busy go for long walks and always be doing something throughout the day.

Fourthly and most importantly do not give up. Miracles can happen. Join internet forums related to your medical condition and keep your eyes open for new alternative and mainstream new forms of treatment for your medical condition.

So keep on living and do not give up.


Now I must confess that I very much welcome the coming of September 2012. Despite having an unusual bad nights sleep. September for some reason has always been my favourite month of the year. It is time to look back on the year so far. Also it means that winter is approaching a season which I much prefer to summer.This feeling has very much increased in the last few years as summer in Britain nowadays seems to mean more or less permanent rain and grey skies. Long periods of hot sunny blue sky days seem to be very much a thing of the past. Winter on the other hand has tended to be reasonably dry in Britain  the last  few years and at least you know where you stand with winter.

However getting back to the title of this blog you might ask why do I feel that September 2012 will be the crucial month of the year? Now I correctly predicted that no false flag event would happen at the London Olympics and thank heavens I was corrrect. Now I also feel that any changes regarding 21/12/2012 will be minor. I will write more about 21/12/2012 in a blog in a few weeks time.

However what I have picked up from my psychic and channelling work is that September 2012 will be the crucial month of this year. As a matter of interest I only channell for myself. What I am picking up is that there will be some sort of divine intevention in our planet this month. It may be on a subtle hidden  level but I feel that this significant event is happening behind the scenes. Also from September 2012 onwards  I feel that ETS from other planet  are much more likely to make themselves openly known to us.

So I say meditate and keep yourselves grounded from September 2012  for any big changes that may happen in our planet from this month onwards.

Have a nice weekend.