Now I have always been a very strong supporter of our National Health Service. But last Saturday evening something happened to me which really made me feel grateful for my life long support for our countries favourite institution the National Health Service.

In short I received a severe knock on my head which led to a quite severe bleeding on my head. Fortunately I was quite near to University College Hospital London which gratefully has an Accident and Emergency Unit. Although I had to wait for three hours, the treatment that I received from the staff in the Accident and Emergency Unit was fantastic and I will be eternally grateful to the staff for the treatment that I received in the A and E Unit.

However disgracefully the present government has closed some areas hospitals Accident and Emergency Units, examples of this are Lanarkshire in Scotland and Chase Farm at Enfield in North London the Borough in which I was born was closed In December 2013. This means that patients will have to make the three mile journey to the A and E Unit in Edmonton North London. This is absolutely outrageous.

Clearly we need a national campaign to defend our countries hospitals valuable Accident and Emergency Units. Of course you will ask what can we do to get involved in the campaign to defend our countries A and E Units. Firstly join the Keep our NHS Public Campaign on

Secondly attend the current events being organised by the Peoples Assembly to defend our National Health Service. The Defend our NHS march from Jarrow to London arrives in London on Saturday 6TH September 2014.

So in conclusion I say get active and busy today to defend our NHS.



Over the last week I have attended two demonstrations. Last Saturday 9/8/14 one hundred and fifty thousand people marched through London to protest against the Israel assault on the people of Gazza which has left over two thousand innocent Palestinian civilians dead. This Israel state Zionist terror must be seen as part of a background of the Israeli states ethnically cleansing of Palestinians from their ancient homelands over the last sixty six years.

Last Tuesday 12/8/14 I attended a much smaller demonstration organised by the Ukraine Anti Fascist Solidarity Campaign outside the American embassy to protest against the American and EU backed Ukraine governments armed assault on the ethnic Russian population of East Ukraine who are fighting for their self determination. The Kiev based Ukraine government has included members of the neo Nazi Svoboda party including the minister of defence.

I am of course very proud to have participated in both demonstrations. Now of course the question you might ask what is the similarity between the struggle of the fight of the ethnic Russian population of Donbas and the fight of the Palestinian people particularly the people of Gazza. The answer I shall explain is quite a lot.

Both the people of Gazza and Donbas are fighting for self determination in a fight against western imperialism who support the Ukraine government and Israeli oppressors. The new government in the Ukraine which took power in an illegal coup in February 2014 and includes open Nazis has banned left wing political parties banned the used of the Russian language. The long term aim of the Western imperialists is of course to recruit the Ukraine into Nato and then uses it as a military base to attack Russia. This is of course as per Zbigniew,s Brzezinski book the Grand Chessboard strategy. Of course they also want to loot the Ukraine of its resources. The Rand Corporation has called for the ethnic cleansing of the ethnic Russian population of East Ukraine.

Similarly the Zionist racist Israeli state has been ethnically cleansing Palestinians from their lands since 1948.Of course the object of the western imperialists is to have a strong western colonist state in the middle east as a power base to attack the countries of the middle east and exploit and steal their resources.

So we must salute the heroic resistance of both the people of Donbas and Gazza/Palestine. But more than this we must join the fight against western imperialism and the international corporate dictatorship. Of course you will ask what can we all do to join this resistance. I would suggest the following, join the Stop the War Coalition and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Also join political groups fighting against corporate rule and who are fighting for a Democratic Socialist world. So in conclusion join the struggle today.


This Monday the 4/8/2014 will be the 100th anniversary of an event of great evil the start of world war one. On the 4/8/1914 at 11pm Britain declared war on Germany so the first world war started. Please see my recent blog regarding the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand which was the start of the countdown to this great tragedy.

Britain went to war to come to the aid of ‘gallant’ Belgium which was invaded by Germany. However so called ‘gallant’ Belgium had a colony in Africa called the Congo where which was one big concentration camp. Africans were worked to death and tortured to death in rubber plantation slave camps. There are plenty of photographs of African plantation workers from the Congo with their hands chopped off for not meeting their daily work quota. Also the secret treaties published by the Bolshevik government in Russia after the first world war ended showed the hypocrisy of both sides in the war the central powers and the allied powers. Both sides if victorious planned to redraw both Europe’s and Europe,s colonies maps to their advantage.

So it is quite clear that the First world war was a fraud undertaken by two rival sets of capitalist imperialist powers. The obvious question is of course what lessons can be learned on this 100th anniversary date of the start of the conflict. With the Nato aggression against Russia and its threats to independent third world countries the answer is many lessons can be learned.

Firstly the ruling class of Britain and the other Western powers do not fight wars for benevolent reasons.They only fight wars for the advantage and profit of their own corporate wealthy elite and also to steal and plunder the resources of third world countries .

Secondly always look behind the issues that are in front of you when wars start. Ask what is the hidden agenda when the Western ruling class start new wars.

Thirdly mercifully nowadays with the internet we have the alternative media. So when there is talk of new wars always go to the alternative websites for information. I would strongly urge you to totally ignore the corporate media.

Finally get very politically active. Join the Stop the War Coalition, also attend all anti war demonstrations. In conclusion get involved in the movement to build a new economic system to replace the present corporate capitalist system. As only when we achieve a new world wide economic system based on peoples control of the economy can we finally start to live in a world without wars.