The weekend Russian Duma parliamentary election results are without doubt a crushing defeat for the Western powers and their aggressive campaign against Russia. None of the five party,s elected to the Duma are pro western. In fact apart from the New Peoples Party the other four party,s must be considered hostile to the western powers.

The result was United Russia 49.82%, 324 seats. Communist Party, 18.93%, 57 seats. Just Russia 7.46%, 27 seats. Liberal Democratic Party 7.55%, 21 seats. Finally New Peoples Party 5.32% 13 seats.

The results clearly show that the Russian people correctly reject western imperialist control of Russia. They clearly remember the disastrous period of Yeltsin rule when he sold off Russia,s resources to the western powers for knock down prices.

Fortunately Russia is now under the control of people who put Russia,s interests first. Russia has now also wisely formed a formidable alliance with China so as to counter the western powers aggression.

On very pleasing aspect of the weekend Duma election result was the good vote for Russia,s two left wing party,s The Communist Party and Just Russia, a combined total vote of 26.39%. Both party,s advocate widespread public ownership.

So in conclusion the week end Russian Duma election results must without doubt be considered very welcome news.

Best wishes to all for the future.



This latest blog is one of two blogs that I will be writing about the ‘left’ and right in the EU. The first is about the change in stance of the European right wing ‘populist’ party,s regarding the EU. The second to be written in the near future will be about the present abysmal state of the political ‘left’ in Europe.

Until a few years ago right wing ‘populist’ politicians like Marine Le Pen and Matteo Salvini were very hostile to the European Union. Both were in favour of their countries leaving the Euro currency and possibly the EU itself.

But in the last few years there has been a strange change in their stance towards the EU. Both are now in favour not only of their countries staying in the EU. But also the Euro currency itself. They claim to be fighting for the EU to become an EU based on ‘nation states’.

Salvini claims that the EU has changed. Really Mr Salvini. Until a few years ago some people said that he was a ‘Russian stooge’. However now Salvini seems to have become Russian phobic. Stating that Russia’ is behaving diabolically on the world stage’

His party Lega is now part of a four party government with the fake ‘social democratic’ party the Democratic Party, the ex populist and now pro EU globalist Five Star movement and Forza Italy. The government is headed by the Globalist corporate fascist Mario Draghi.

As an anti globalist socialist in a strange sort of way I think that it is quite comforting that these right wing ‘populists’ are just as spineless and lacking in political principles as Europe,s awful present day political ‘left’

I have personally never been taken in by the idea of a ‘red- brown’ alliance between left and right wing anti globalists. What is really needed is to build a new socialist movement in Europe which is anti EU, anti NATO, anti capitalist and in favour of the class struggle.

My next blog hopefully will be about the present abysmal state of Europe,s spineless political ‘left’.

Best wishes to all for the future.