Now I must confess that although do not necessarily agree with all of John Gray,s views I am a very big fan of him and his new book The  Silence of Animals must rate alongside  a  False Dawn as one of his two best books. I can say this as a person who has read all of his books.

In his latest book John Gray states with even greater clarity that despite the human race,s technical progress the human being is still prone to wars and disorder. The periods of peace which the human race goes through cannot be guaranteed to last. Future major wars cannot be ruled out due declining resources. I fact during the so called periods of peace since 1945 there have been proxy wars most of the time  often started at the instigation of the major world powers.

John Gray is of the opinion that despite the human race,s technical progress it is no different in reality from the other animals that live on this planet. John Gray,s views are often called the theory of human pessimism.

Now I agree with him that the human race is prone to irrational actions and future wars cannot be ruled out. However unlike John I believe that unlike other animals human beings have a soul. Unlike John I do believe in god. Also most humans despite being prone to  irrational action  have a moral conscience.

Also in relation to wars most wars are not started at the instigation of the masses of a countries population they are started by a countries ruling elite in pursuit of profit and plunder. Ordinary working class people are not normally in favour of wars.

So in conclusion I generally admire John Grays works. He is right in stating that the human race has a violent irrational side. However despite this I believe as a dissident christian and a militant socialist that we must still try and build a better more just world to replace the present cruel chaotic world.





Building a more co-operative  society is a very important issue in my opinion with the world capitalist system  going through a major crisis which could be made worse in the next few months by the collapse of gold prices.

Many people are looking forward to an alternative system throughout the world with massive world inequality and poverty and constant global economic uncertainty. Here in Britain there is widespread underwork. About  27% of the population are in part time work and 15% are self employed. Many of these people are in low paid casual employment as it is the only work that they can get.

The key question is how can we achieve a more co-operative society. There are two ways of achieving this. Firstly there is the voluntarist method of Pierre Proudhon. Secondly there is the method of government action. In my opinion both methods have there merits.

The French libertarian socialist Pierre Proudhouns  ideas are in my opinion very relevant to our present times.He feels that people should combine together to form voluntary associations, co-operative and workers associations. These ideas are in my opinion very relevant for our modern times with capitalism creating a mass of casual workers. Even actions like voluntary child caring networks, gardening groups, or people combining to help senior citizens are important actions.However a possible weakness of these voluntarist methods is the lack of finance people have to finance these co-operative actions. This is why the masses may have to take action from below to take control of the government.

This will involve building a new anti globalist,anti corporate rule movement in this country. It will have to adopt a political programme to win over the mass of  ordinary citizens. A key policy should be a guaranteed basic income for all citizens. So that they can then be free to undertake their own work activities without economic fears.

Secondly establishing co-operative enterprises  in this country also turning many failing privately owned enterprises into co-operatives.

Thirdly intoducing rent controls for private landlords and also undertaking the massive building of a co-operative housing and flats sector based on low rents.

It is clear to all that a new type of economic system is needed in the world so let all get politically active and build this new political movement in both this country and the world.


In this blog I will put forward the viewpoint that Margaret Thatcher had a general bad affect on both the British economy,way of life and also the world situation in general.However I will state that I do not personally support the Thatcher death celebration events that are taking place. Instead we should look forward to the future and the very important struggles that will take place in the future.

Margaret Thatcher who died last wednesday certainly had a major affect on the world situation being responsible to a certain extent for what is now called neo liberalism what is meant to be non government intervention in the  economy.

When she became prime minister in 1979 she very quickly became very unpopular with unemployment rising to three million people an event not seen since the 1930,s. Many towns in the North of England and Scotland became ghost towns with very high unemployment and a general feeling amongst young people of no hope for the future.The government adopted a policy of non intevention in the economy and manufacturing industry being allowed to decline.The emphasis being on finance and service industries as the future of the British  economy.The Thatcher government also adopted  the policy of privatizing many state owned industries.

What saved the Thatcher government was the 1982 Falklands War.The Argentine invasion of the Falklands and the British recapture of the islands transformed her reputation into a national war hero. However myself I have become convinced that the war was a false flag event. Most of the leaders in the Argentine military junta were members of the infamous P2 freemason lodge. So I have become convinced that the war was a false flag event arranged by the global elite whereby the Argentine junta new that they were going to lose the war in advance.The aim being to boost Thatcher,s government this paving the way for the neo liberal policies that largely rule the world today.

As you know  as a result of her reputation being boosted by the Falklands War Thatcher won the 1983 and 1987 general elections by a landslide. She was forced to resign in the early 1990,s due to her unpopularity due to the poll tax but the conservatives won the 1992 general election under John Major until New Labour led by Tony Blair came to power for 13 years from 1997.

Margaret Thatchers legacy have been detrimental on both Britain and the world for a number of reasons. Firstly her policy of deregulation of the economy is largely  responsible for the worlds present banking  debt crisis. She was the person behind the lifting international exchange controls. So she can largely beheld responsible for the current neo liberal austerity financial debt crisis.

Secondly she encouraged people to buy things that they could not afford. Also she is largely responsible for the current housing crisis through the lifting of rent controls and the selling off a council owned accommodation. So you now have a situation of paying two hundred pounds a week for a bedsit in some parts of London. Also people have no hope of obtaining council flats. Also they have no hope of buying a property as people often need to put down one hundred thousand pounds desposit to buy a place. So for most young people in Britain Thatcher and the Conservatives aim of a property owning democracy is just a dream, instead we now have generation rent ,high rent from private landlords.

On the political front Thatchers supporters boasted that they were responsible for the creation of New Labour. So in other words political corporate fascism. A one party corporate fascist state with the same policies and three wings Conservatives,Liberal Democrats and New Labour.

The final affect which I feel that Thatcherism has promoted is to a certain extent narcissism. Her statement that there is no such thing as society only isolated individuals has in my view promoted a love of ones  self. A could not care less attitude to other people and a lack of solidarity with others.

However I personally for various reasons do not support the Margaret Thatcher death celebration events. My attitude is that we must plan for the future to build a better world and to defeat the present globalist neo liberal corporate fascist dictatorship. As a final statement I predict that in thirty years time Thatchers legacy will be irrelevant due to the tumultous events that will take place  over the next thirty or so years.


This very essential blog is written as a person who has been a staunch socialist since the age of 17 but who has come to strongly dislike the fake socialist parties of the socialist international who with their neo liberal policies and led by a technocratic elite are just agents of the corporate elite. In other words a corporate dictatorship, corporate fascsism.

The inspiration behind the latest blog was the Cypriot savers  bank theft. The main architect behind this evil deed was the Dutch finance minister Mr Jeroen Dijsselbloem who suprise suprise is a member of the Netherlands Labour  Party which is a member of the socialist international. In fact outrageously Mr Dijsselbloem said that what has happened in Cyprus should happen to peoples bank accounts in other countries. In other words he is in favour of stealing money from working class savers bank accounts to help finance the bankers debts.

Now this made me look at the activities of the socialist international parties in government in other countries and in general it is the same neo liberal policies led by a technocratic elite devoid of a working class membership.

In Greece Pasok down thankfully to 5% in the opinion polls is carrying out draconian neo liberal policies selling off the countries public assets to foreign investors resulting in a permanent slump.The same applies to the recent ‘socialist’ governments in Spain and Portugal who carried out neo liberal privatization policies.

Here in Britain the last Labour government supported the evil war with Iraq. Also  it carried out pro globalist pro corporate policies such as the private finance intiative to finance public projects under which the private companies involved received massive rates of interest. Thus passing onto the public bodies involved massive debts for years to come.

In conclusion this is why it is essential that we support Ken Loach call for the formation of a new socialist party in this country to fight back against the coropate globalist fascists.