I am writing my latest in a very angry frame of mind. There are two reasons for this.Firstly the massacre in Gazza being carried out by Israel and secondly the continued Western powers hypocrisy over the crisis that they have created in Ukraine.

However let us get back to the subject of this blog which is the tragedy of the MH17 plane that was brought down in East Ukraine on Thursday the 17/7/14 leading to the loss of nearly three hundred lives.

The Western media immediate response was not surprisingly hysterical with headlines such as ‘Putin murder’ or ‘Putin terrorist’. However my personal initial response to the crisis when hearing the news of the MH17 plane disaster was who would benefit from the incident. The answer is of course the Ukraine government and the Western powers and the evidence that we have been presented with since the 17/7/14 does tend to suggest that the Ukraine/Nato axis are more likely to be the culprits for the MH17 plane coming down.

Firstly the American government claimed to have clear evidence that the Eastern Ukraine Russian rebels brought down the plane with a missile however this evidence has so far not been supplied by the USA government.

Secondly the Russian government has provided clear proof that two Ukraine fighter jets SU25 shadowed the MH17 plane until it came down it is quite likely that these two Ukraine air force plane fired the missiles that brought down MH17.

Thirdly and this is very interesting the Kiev airport fight centre censored the MH17 air traffic recordings. Why was this done?

Fourthly the Ukraine military it has been shown deployed BUK anti aircraft systems within range of the MH17 flight path.

Fifthly why was the MH17 flight path moved 200 miles or north of its normal destination?

To be honest the MH17 incident is very worrying. If as I suspect is the case NATO was behind the incident it seems as if the Nato axis is bent on starting world war three with Russia. Please see my earlier blog on the American Grand Chessboard strategy for Ukraine and Russia.

However our response to the MH17 tragedy as it is to the Gazza massacre must be mass political actions and demonstrations. So in conclusion I suggest that you attend the demonstrations that are taking place in support of the people of Gazza. Also join the Stop the War Coalition and attend the No to Nato demonstration in Newport South Wales on the 30/8/14.



Well congratulations this is my 200th published blog and to be honest I never thought that I would get this far.But well done I have.

This blog is dedicated to firstly the ‘A World Beyond movement’ led by the courageous American anti war activist David Swanson the author of the book War is a lie and secondly to the seventy six million people killed in the two world wars of the 20th century. Also as the 4/8/2014 is the 100th anniversary of the start of the first world war I feel that this title is quite apt.

The twentieth century was a century that could have promised so much to humanity with its technological progress but instead caused so much human suffering such as the two major world wars already mentioned. Also since 1945 there have been non stop proxy wars undertaken on behalf of the major world powers. Just look at the Vietnam war and the one million or so killed in the war in Iraq.

Wars are without doubt good for the corporate elite as they do not have to fight them and bad for the working class who do have to fight them. That is why they are always looking to start a new war somewhere in the world. The hypocritical phase usually used nowadays against ‘rogue’ third world countries ‘is their a threat to the international community’ in other words Western imperialism.

However there are grounds for hope for the anti war movement. Public opinion is increasingly hostile to wars particularly here in Britain. The Stop the War Coalition which I am proud to be a member of can I feel take the credit for this. The anti war movement can take the credit for the vote in the British Parliament one year ago against going to war over Syria. The first time a British Prime Minister have lost a vote for war since the 18th century.

Another positive force is of course the rise of the internet. Which firstly creates a sense of being part of a global community and secondly has given us the alternative internet media where people can search for the information independently of the corporate media which is of course overwhelmingly in favour of wars on behalf of the corporate elite.

However to answer the question can we create a World Beyond War?. The answer is yes but this dream may be some time away. The Western corporate elite particularly the American just seem to like start wars in third world countries so as to advance their business interests. However they are finding it increasingly harder to obtain support on behalf of the general public to support their wars.

So in conclusion to help create A World Beyond War it is basically down to us all to create both a mass anti war movement in all countries and also a movement against corporate rule. So I say get active in the movement now.