The EU dictate to Greece regarding the Greek bail out budget deal is outrageous and  clearly shows the EU for the bankers fascist dictatorship that it is.

Greece has clearly lost its independence. In return for the loan  that Greece will receive from the EU Greece will have to make massive cuts in its public expenditure and hand over many of its enterprises to other EU countries for virtually nothing. Already 50% of young people in Greece are unemployed and over 20% of the working  population.The EU are demanding a permanent troika   be established in Athens to control the Greek economy. Some leaders of the  EU dictatorship are even demanding that  the April Greek general election to be cancelled.There is a good chance that the left coalition will win the elections.

Clearly lessons need to be learned from the Greece budget bail out deal.Here in Britain we must step up calls for this country to leave the EU.The campaign against the EU in this country must not be the sole preserve of right wing groups.We must also step up the campaign against the bankers dictatorship and build a movement to build an alternative economic system.

In Greece let us hope that the April 2012 elections take place and that the left coalition wins the elections  and that Greece leaves the Euro, leaves the EU and NATO and that Greece defaults on its debts and starts to build an alternative economic system.



Recently there have been a number of attacks in newspapers such as the Sun and the Daily Mail on David Icke the worlds leading conspiracy theorist.The reason for this is the growing number of people who believe in alternative theories and question the official story on such events as nine eleven and think that it was an inside job.

In this blog I will argue that many conspiracy theories are in fact true and that many people who attack conspiracy theories have their own political agenda. However when reading abour conspiracy theories people should use their discernment as their are some people who put out false information.

The main book attacking conspiracy theories recently has been David Aaronovitchs Voodo theories. However Mr Aaronovitch does not explain in his book his own political views. He is a member of the British Labour Party who is closely linked to the American neo conservatives. He is also an extreme zionist  who thinks that Israel has the right to have a nuclear bomb but Iran does not.He is on record that there should be a war with Iran to stop it having a nuclear bomb. He is very narked that many people think that nine eleven is an inside job as it goes against the zionist neo conservative belief plan.

As for conspiracy theories themselves I think that both nine eleven and the London bombings were inside jobs. Also that world governments are keeping secret their knowledge of the extraterrestrial presence. I also believe that many wars are pre planned. There was the secret Rand corporation report a few years ago which said that a major war might not be a bad way of reviving the economy.

However there are some bogus  conspiracy theories which can appear on websites.A good recent example of this was a youtube video which stated that one hundred thousand people would die from a nuclear explosion at the London olympics however the video did not give out any real hard evidence. So when reading about conspiracy theories use your judgement there are cranks out there, there may also be government intelligence agents who like putting out false information.

In conclusion a criticism that I have about some conspiracy theorists or else truth movement activists is that they just read about conspiracy theorists and talk about them without doing anything to try and change the world. You need to get politically active. Join the Stop The  War Coalition and also involved in campaigns against corporate rule.




In yesterdays Guardian the former Plaid Cymru member of parliament Adam Price proudly announced that a leading member of the American occupy movement Nathan Kleinman is to enter a primary race to be a Democratic party candidate for congress.

Mr Price was pleased with this news but to be perfectly blunt it is just what I feared.Young idealist people involved  in the occupy movement are being tempted towards working inside the two party coporate political system. The same development could take place in this country.

This is a serious mistake which must be opposed. People involved in the occupy movement in both America and Britain should boycott the corporate controlled political parties and form new anti globalist, anti neo liberal, anti corporate rule political parties.

Learn from the mistakes of the past do not get involved in the corporate political system whereby it will get control of you build a new political movement and society from below.



The American representative attack on China and Russia for their veto of the resolution on the Syria was hypocritical in the extreme. She accused China and Russia of proping up the tyrant President Assad. This attack on China and Russia was backed up by a similar attack on China and Russia by our very own foreign secretary William Haque.

Now a few points to make to these two people. Firstly Britain  an America is proping up and helping the brutal dictatorships in Bahrein/ and Saudi Arabia. Also most of the gulf states behind the resolution on Syria are dictatorships including Qatar.Also it turns out that in Iran Britain and America is backing the MEK which is the equivalent group to the the party in power in Syria and the Baathists they got rid of in Iraq. Such double standards are the norm of Britain and America in the middle East besides it support for Israels oppression of Palestine.

Now there must be a democractic revolution in Syria and other countries in the middle east including Iran, Bahrein,Qatar and Saudi Arabia.However it must be an internal revolution. The best thing that Britain and America and the other western  countries can do is to pull its troops out of the middle east stop funding Israel and keep out of middle east countries affairs.


Its seems as if its now decision time for Greece as the Greek parliament must vote on the EU bail out package of 130 billion euros.

Of course the catch is a massive cut in public expenditure and a 22% cut in the Greek minimum wage. Also big cuts in pensions and social security benefits. This deal will mean the end of Greek independence and control of Greece by an EU  techocratic dictatorship.

The result of the EU bail out deal will mean a permanent economic depression in Greece. Already 50% of young people in Greece are unemployed.

So clearly an alternative programme is needed for Greece. Firstly Greece must leave the Euro. Secondly it must fully default on its debts and thirdly its must lauch a new economic plan to increase production of Greek economic resources so as to build up economic wealth in Greece this must include the establishment of public ownership of some Greek industries.

Mostly importanly Greece needs a new political movement to fight against neo liberalism and globalism.

Solidarity with the people of Greece.




The EU summit outcome was predictable. A call for more neo liberal policies along with austerity for the masses but of course more bale out for the banks when needed. Thus the slogan socialism for the rich austerity for the working classes.

The economic statistics are staggering. Spain has five miilion people unemployed and the employment rate amongst young people in Spain is 40% this is outrageous. Across the EU there is an 11% unemployment rate of course these figures cover up hidden unemployment. Also many jobs nowadays are part time and low paid service sector jobs.The Guardian report last week on unemployment in Britain was amazing in Hull there are 58 people chasing every job available.

But what has the EU ruling class to offer us more cuts in social security and public services and of course privatization. Also Germany is trying to establish a technocratic dictatorship over Greece whereby it budget is set by the EU.

So clearly the European Union economy  needs a new economic system. Firstly we need public ownership of the banks and utility industries also we need a large publicly owned sector of the economy to get the economy moving. Secondly we need a major public property building programme.Also we need to give government grants to self employed people and for people to set up co-operatives.

To achieve these economic policies we will need certain political changes. Firstly we need to form a new political movement. Also we must scrap the undemocratic EU commission and replace it with a Confederation of European States.

So read this blog and get busy.