David Ray Griffin is best for his book the New Pearl Harbour. Which casts doubt on the official account of the attacks on the World Trade Center building in New York on 11/9/2001.

However his latest book called the American Trajectory Divine or Demonic published by Clarity Press is a book of outstanding Brilliance. A book which shows the both American was created on violence and American world power is based on using violence and aggression against other countries.

He shows that the country was founded on the extermination of the indigenous native American population. Estimated at about ten million people when the Europeans first invaded the country in the 16th century. But only 228.000 in 1890.

He shows how after independence was achieved from Britain the country quickly became an imperialist power. The Monroe doctrine of the 1820,s stated that only the USA could colonize the America,s.

The author shows the growth of American aggression with the invasion of the Philippines in the 1890,s in which 250,000 Filipinos died. But also the invasion of Cuba which was made a USA colonial state until 1959.

After the first world war he shows the further growth of American imperialism and support for fascism. President Harding support for Mussolini in Italy in the fight against communism. Also America supported the dictatorship established in Hati and the Somoza fascist dictatorship in Nicaragua.

The author also then shows that it was the fact that Europe was ruins after world war which led to American world dominance.

He quotes James Byrne the war minister who stated that the nuclear attacks on Japan were really meant to subdue the USSR. Mr Griffin shows that Japan was prepared to discuss surrender if the emperor could stay on the thrown.This was rejected before the nuclear attacks took place but was accepted by America after the attacks took place.

The author shows how the cold war really started because the USA rejected the USSR request of reparations from Germany. He quotes George Kennan who stated that America must achieve world dominance by any means necessary.

He also shows how the USA supported fascism to keep its power over other countries that threatened American corporate interests. Supporting fascist coups in Guatemala in 1954, Brazil in 1964, Indonesia in the 1960,s and Chile in 1973 and other countries as well.

Mr Griffin also shows how the Vietnam war was caused by the USA breaking the 1954 Geneva agreement to hold all Vietnam elections by July 1956. Which Eisenhower admitted that the National Liberation Front led by Ho Chi Minh would win 80% of the vote. Instead they set up a separate dictatorial state in South Vietnam which led to the tragedy of the Vietnam war which led to the eventual American defeat in Vietnam in the mid 1970,s.

He also shows how after the collapse of the USSR instead of accepting a peace dividend through big defence cuts the USA started to make plans for world global dominance. The 1992 New Defence Strategy Guidelines for global dominance.Also the Project for the new American century document of 1997.

This was followed by wars in Iraq 1991, Yugoslavia and Iraq 2003 which eventually turned into an American defeat. Towards the end of the book he shows how America has suffered military setbacks in Ukraine and Syria which has shown up American invincibility.

He then shows how the country has become a declining economic power. Its global shared of the world economy dropped from 40% in 1960 to 17% in 2017. He also shows how China will soon become the worlds top economic power.

At the end of the book he quotes a USA National Intelligence Council document which states that by 2030 no country will have global hegemony. Alas I personally do not think that the USA and its western allies will accept an end to their global hegemony. So a military conflict with Russia and China is quite possible.

In conclusion this is a brilliant must read book. Buy it.

Best wishes to all for the future.