To me the most comforting situation in this world is without doubt near death experiences otherwise known as NDE.

NDE consist of people who are clinically dead who have out of body experiences. They are floating above their body and can see their dead body below.They then move along a tunnell immersed in a power of white light they then see white beings of light who then give them life reviews. Of course the people who have the NDE come back to life.

A report from the Netherlands some years ago stated that 18% of people who had cardiac arrests had an NDE.

To me the the  descriptions of the experiences of the people who have had NDE are so vivid and descibed in such detail it proves to me beyond doubt life after death.These experiences cannot be put down to brain defunctions during the process related to the NDE.

Two people Anita Moorjani and Mellen Thomas Benedict who died of cancer for a few minutes had NDE and when they came back to life their cancer had disappeared. To me these two experiences are amazing.

Dannion Brinkley died for 28 minutes and had an NDE. He had served in the American military in Vietnam and he admitted that some of the actions he took part in in Vietnam  were unethical but he was just given a gentle rebuke by the white beings of light. You should read his book saved by the light.

In conclusion we should be happy   and comforted that although this world is cruel and unjust beyond this world without doubt lies a much better place. Although we should of course strive to make this world a better place while we are living here.

But I feel we should all rejoice in the knowledge of NDE.



Up until now I have mainly written about political issues in this blog but I have became a little bored writing about political issues and I have decided to take this blog in a new direction.

In future I will be mainly writing about spiritual issues in this blog.The soul of mankind,the human condition and the human race relationship to the universe.

In this first blog in the change of direction I will explore are there one of two gods.The thesis being the good god would not have made this world as it is so evil.The evil creator  god made this world and Jesus the good god came to save humanity.

Richard Dawkins a leading British athiest feels that our world and the universe just evolved from matter and like Darwin he feels in a gradual evolution of the species. However I reject Dawkins athiest point of view. Firstly near death experiences confirms gods existence also our world is so well designed it must have been made by a supreme being, also how has human consciousness evolved from matter.

Arthur Schopenhauer the 19th century philosopher explains how cruel nature is in one of his books .He explains how animals kill each other in the sequence of their physical strength from a range of one to seven. For instance animal six kills seven and then five kills six and so on.The cruelty of human nature led Schopenhauer to atheism and pessimism. However I reject Schopenhauers view. This means that we must consider if there is one or two gods.

Augustine of Hippo probably the greatest ever christian philosopher rejected the dualist view of god. He  was a supporter of manichaeism in his youth. But he later became an orthodox christian he said the whole world was made by one god and that nature and creation is essentialy good. Orthodox christians in general feel that the evil of this world is due to the fall of mankind due to adam and eve.To me this view is not entirely convincing.

The first century christian heretic Marcion of Sinope was of the view that there was two gods he was suprised when he was expelled from the church for his views.

He was of the opinion that the world was so evil that a good god could not of made this world.His view was that the evil creator god of the old testament made our world while Jesus the good god of the new testament came to save us form the evil creator god.

My view is that although Marcions view seems convincing we just do not know what is true we will just have to wait until we die. Although I agree with Marcion that Jesus was the good god of the old testament.

In conclusion I hope you like the new subject matter and we contiue to view the blog.

Good luck all and best wishes for the future.



There has been alot of speculation recently about the possibility of a false flag attack at the London Olympics which starts on Friday 27/7/12.

Now I myself accept the false flag terror point of view Operation Northwoods in the early 1960,s shows that the USA was prepared to stage false flag attacks on its own country and then blame it on Cuba so as an excuse to attack Cuba.The plan was thought up by American army generals however was vetoed by President Kennedy who was assassinated shortly after. I personally believe that both New York 9/11 and London 7/7 were inside jobs although I do not have time to explain why I feel this in this blog.

However let us now look at the possibilty of a false flag attack at the London Olympics from 27/7/12 to 12/8/12.

Firstly there is Project Bluebeam this is where a fake Alien attack is staged using holograms. This idea has its roots in the 1960, Iron Mountain report. The reason behind Project Bluebeam is so that the global elite could use the fear of an alien invasion to introduce martial law in the planet and then introduce a central world government. Now the evidence available does suggest the the worlds leading countries know about the existence of extraterrestrials.The Bob Dean leaking of the Nato report on extraterrestrials in th 1960,s is evidence of this. However my personal view is that the elite want the extraterrestrial presence kept secret indefinitely. So I discount the possibility of Project Bluebeam taking place at the London Olympics.

Secondly and perhaps more worrying is a leaked Rockerfeller report which states that 13,000.00 people would die in a terrorist attack at the 2012 Olympics it did not state which city the Olympics were being held at. Now my  own personal view is this is disinformation. How does the authors of the Rockerfeller come up with the figure of 13000.00 people that will die at the 2012 Olympics?

Thirdly and bringing us up to date to the present time is Ben Fellows the  journalist who worked undercover at G4S security firm. He was told by army generals that there were plans in the London Olympics to deal with an event which would be a defining moment in Londons history and that there were plans to evacuate the whole of London. Also that 100,000.00 coffins were secretly ready to deal with the event that will take place.

Now I do not doubt Bens sincerity but I feel that he has been given disinformation. Top army officers would just not pass on such vital information to an ordinary security worker.

My own view, although of course I could be wrong is that neither a terrorist or a false flag terrorist attack will take place at the London  Olympics. We must then ask why is such disinformation  being spread by the global elite. A possible reason I feel is to take our minds off  a real force flag event which I feel may take place later on in the year.

This event could be the American October suprise just before the 2012 USA presidential elections. The USA presidents facing re- election have often used this October suprise to take suprise action  including military action to enhance their chances of re- election.  I would not rule out USA using this October suprise to stage a Gulf of Tonkin type incident off the coast of Iran so as an excuse for military action against Iran.

What I feel  we should conclude from this whole episode is that all human life is precious and we should do what David  Icke has suggested on his website today. At 9 pm every night meditate imagining white light coming from inside Glastonbury Tor spreading throughout the world thus helping to defeat the evil plans of the worlds global elite.


As you may or may not know the political discourse in this country in the last week has been dominated by the subject of the reform of the House of Lords.

Now to be perfectly blunt people hold Britains politicians in so much contempt I can understand why people may be totally uninterested in this subject.

Having taken this point into account I do feel that some form of reform of the House of Lords is needed. Under the present system war criminals like the former Prime Minister Tony Blair can be appointed to the House of lords for Life. This is outrageous the present system of appointing former members of parliament to the House of lords for life is unacceptable and needs to be changed.

However the reform put forward by the coalition government is not acceptable either. It proposes that 80% of the House of Lords will be elected for a 15 year period the other 20% will be appointed. The reason this is not acceptable is for two reasons. Firstly the elected members of the House of Lords will serve for 15 years this is a far two long period of time. Also the government will still have the power to appoint the other 20% members of the House of Lords so the power of patronage will still apply.

The reform that is needed is the election of the entire membership of the House of Lords by proportional representation every five years. So every member of the House of Lords will have to stand for re election every five years. This is the only reform of the House of Lords  that is acceptable and worth fighting for.


The Barclays bank crisis over the  LIBOR rate scandal has been the news headlines for the last week. The manipulation of the Libor rate has obviously affected peoples mortgages and has created something of a crisis for both Barclays and the other banks. The scandal has lead to the resignation of Marcus Aigus and Bob Diamond from Barclays bank.

But quite frankly we have had these banking  scandals before and not much has been done as a result of these previous scandals and I do not expect much to happen as a result of the Barclays Libor scandal. I thought the debate in the House of Commons was appalling and  the real issues were not discussed.

In fact this in the main point of this blog the real issues of the banking crisis are not being discussed .Firstly the theft of peoples savings by paying people a rate of interest below the rate of inflation.Secondly the great difficulty people have nowadays in being able to get mortgages to buy property and also loans to start their own small business.

What is clearly needed is new types of banks that work for the people. Both community and state owned banks. Until we get these new type of banks the banking crisis will not go away.