I saw it in Palmers Green in a place quiet near.
The night was December so cold and clear.
As my eyes were wandered up to the sky.
There was something amazing on high.

I’ll never forget what was up in the air.
As I said to myself is it really there.
My eyes transfixed but it was true.
In a clear winter sky, which by day was blue.

But it really was there a space ship, a UFO.
Something which if you would have mentioned a day ago.
I would have only one thing said.
If you believe in that your not quite clear in the head.

It was amazing but true.
As my eyes to it were glued.
It sailed so effortlessly through the sky.

Clear to myself it was a space machine.
I knew it could only one thing mean.
That this machine in December 87.
Came from up in the heavens
and I knew with all my worth
That life existed on another earth.

Written 6/2/1997.

Afternote. The UFO sighting in Palmers Green in December 1987 led to me developing a life long interest in the subject of UFO,S and extraterrestrials.



A major victim of the corona virus is the cancellation of the major 2020 May day(May first) events in both the UK and the rest of the world.

This affects me personally as every May Day I attend the London Trades Union Council May day march and demonstration in London from Clerkenwell Green to Trafalgar Square. As a past active trade unionist it means alot to me. It is a chance to meet up with old friends.

May day roots go back to ancient Rome. The Floralia Festival of Flora. Roman goddess of .Flowers. May day really took off in England in the 14th century with the May pole festival of ribbons dancing around the May pole. The festival was temporarily banned by the brutal tyrant Oliver Cromwell while he was in power.

In the late 19th century May day became associated with the Socialist and Trade Union movement. In 1889 the second International the international for socialist political party,s made May the first May day. The date when the international Socialist and Trade Union movement held demonstrations and rallies throughout the world. In the late 19th century the Catholic church made the first of May the day of St Joseph the worker.

In recent years May day has undergone a big revival in England, with Morris dancing and May pole events being held in many towns and villages. Also the London trade union may day demonstration has undergone a big revival, with large attendances on the May day demonstration.

It is of course very sad that the May day events have been cancelled throughout most of the world in tragic circumstances. For those people interested in the May day events. I would recommend spending a few minutes on May day reflecting on how you can build the fight against war, inequality and injustice.

Socialists might like to consider singing the song The International on May day. The words can be obtained from the internet.

Best wishes to all for the future and keep up the struggle.


This Easter is without doubt the strangest I have ever known. Even Christian places of worship are closed. So Christians cannot publicly celebrate the Easter festival.

The Corona Virus lockdown is a very stressful depressing situation. People being confined to their homes apart from shopping and other very urgent matters. Of course there is the very sad situation of the deaths from the virus.

However,Easter is meant to signify a time of hope. Jesus resurrection message offers hope to believers and non believers alike.

Personally I would recommend spending a quiet 15 minutes on Easter Sunday reflecting on the message of the hope of the resurrection. Christians could ask for help with our current difficulties.

The Easter message does show that there is hope in even the most difficult times. So connect to the divine this Easter Sunday as a guide to help build a better world and help defeat all the negative corporate elite globalist political forces operating in this world.

Best wishes to all for the future.


Easter a time of early Spring.
On the trees leaves reappear
after the death of winter.

Easter a time of rebirth and hope.
Sweeping away the gloom of the dying Winter.
The promise of a passage to glorious Summer.

Easter,s Sunday,s resurrection and rebirth
give the hope of internal salvation
for those that want to take it.

Easter. Easter,s rebirth and hope
for the planet of fear.
A rebirth to sweep away the world of fear.

A message of hope that is quite clear.

Written KO 22/3/2020

A poem with a message of hope which Easter is for those who believe in the resurrection. Hope that is badly needed in these very strange depressing uncertain times that we are living in write now. Best wishes to all for the future.


As widely expected Keir Starmer was elected the new leader of the British Labour party on 4/4/2020 in a landslide victory. He won 56% of the vote on the first ballot, defeating the’left’ candidate Rebecca Long Bailey who won 27% of the vote.

Keir Starmer was in his younger days a radical lawyer. He was briefly associated in the late 1980,s with a small Trotskyist group called Socialist Alternatives. He opposed the 2003 Iraq war. However a few years ago he became part of the establishment by becoming Director of Public Prosecutions for a few years.

He is strongly pro European Union and a former member of the globalist think tank the Trilateral Commission. The Labour party will almost certainly move towards the right under his leadership.

Incidentally as a side issue the EU is behaving diabolically in this corona virus crisis. Saying that the member states must continue to stick to the EU budget guidelines, how callous can you get. Even Giuseppe Conte the pro EU prime minister of Italy says that there is no such thing now as EU ‘solidarity’ Alas Mr Keir Starmer does not and I suspect will not get this.

So it looks like Labour is now once again a safe party for the British establishment. I give myself a pat on the back for not rejoining the Labour party when Corbyn became leader. I new that most of these young pro Corbyn pro EU momentum types would quickly move towards the right.

A few of my friends who are members of the Labour party have said that they will resign from the party. This is something to be welcomed.

In conclusion I feel we must use the Labour move to the right to help build a new radical socialist party which is anti globalist an anti EU.

Best wishes for the future and god bless you all in these difficult times. Have a happy Easter.