As 2018 at last starts to kick in. My latest blog is written from a Christian point of view who suspects that the dualist analyst may be true. By this I mean that there is the good god Jesus and the evil creator god the demiurge who may have created our present world.

It seems to me that whatever we keep trying to do to make this world a better place, it still seems to stay the same old nasty place. Eternal wars, hunger,inequality,injustice and sickness.

OF course there is also the sad puzzle of the’law of the wild. By this I mean animals and other living creatures constantly eating each other alive. A very sad world indeed.

I suspect then that this world may be the shadow world created by the demiurge. As an alternative to the good aims of Jesus.

If it is the demiurge who created this world. Of course I could be cannot be certain of this. Then the question is what can we do to make this world a better place. I write from a left Christian perspective who supports socialism.

Basically I feel that despite the sickness and injustices that exist in this world. The key answer is to still keep on fighting for a better world. Also fight against the demiurge and the other dark forces operating in this world.

To do this I would suggest get involved in the anti war movement and trade unions. Also get involved in campaigns against the international corporate capitalist dictatorship. If you have any spare time try and to some voluntary work.

I would also recommend meditating twice a day as well as praying to Jesus. Also try and live a decent honest life. In conclusion do not give into despair keep on fighting for a better world. God bless you all.