In this latest blog I will look at the huge growth in the life and happiness coaching industry in recent years. The people who turn to the pursuit of happiness are largely the more affluent professional classes although of course not exclusively. However I will argue that obtaining total happiness is largely elusive and that what human beings can really achieve is a connection to their being below their egoistical self.

People turn to life coaches to achieve things like happiness of the mind,healthy bodies,an attractive partner and also financial success. Life coaches train people to adopt positive approaches to life also to try and adopt a positive energy approach. This is sometimes described as a you can do it attitude. Overcome your fears and doubts. You can be happy and successful.

Personally I would never visit a happiness coach. As I believe that what they are offering is not really obtainable. Human beings are largely alienated from themselves. This has been touched on largely by Albert Camus and Jean Paul Sartre in their novels. Many humans have a deep sense of self loathing and fear. This may seem a negative statement but alas is largely true.

However, what I feel humans can achieve is a connection to their being below the egoistical mind. This can be achieved by deep meditation for about 20 minutes twice each day. You will gradually realise that your thoughts are not who you really are. They are just your ego. Your true self is your being below your egoistical mind. Also meditation can train you to concentrate on the exact moment and not the past and the future.

The German philosopher Nietzsche said how little suffices for happiness. Little things like the clouds in the sky and the clear blue sky. Or a red sunset. The happiness offered by life coaches is largely unobtainable.

So in conclusion meditate daily. Try and concentrate on the exact moment and your true being being below your egoistical self.

Best wishes for the future. God bless you all.



Hazy sunny early Sunday June.
When the adults present look over the moon.
At their eager young hopefuls assembled on view.
To take their first holy communion at the pew.
But for me this days like all the same.
With my constant agonizing pain.

But these young hopefuls are having
one day of their life.
Many in time will doubtless make a splendid
husband or wife.
But others may find lifes pitfalls to much
and in despair and desperation on life give up.

But thats for the future, lets think of today.
Of which there is only one thing I can think of to say.
Have a nice day.
But good luck in lifes journey downs the rocky highway.

KO Written 1/7/1994.


The killing of George Floyd on the 25/5/20 in Minneapolis was a tragic event. A police officer has been charged with his murder. Clearly the killing raises a number of key issues.

Firstly some idiots are saying on the internet that George Floyd,s death was a false flag event. This is ridiculous as people could clearly seen what happened. Unfortunately shooting by the police in the USA of civilians in the street is a much too common event.

Secondly, in my personal opinion the important issue is the response of the protestors to the killing of George Floyd.

Under the Obama presidency over one thousand African Americans were shot dead by the police. However, astonishingly Black Lives Matter endorsed the evil war criminal Hilary Clinton who was a key member of the Obama administration for president of the USA in 2016.

Thirdly people are very much justified in protesting against Mr Floyd,s killing. However, the protestors have no clear political programme and perspectives. They just call for an end to police brutality.They in general do not call for an end to the economic system that creates the brutality in the first place. Some of the protestors have in fact said that they will support the war monger Joe Bidden for president. He has said that police should be trained to shoot civilians in the leg.

The protestors particularly in the USA in general have no clear political aims. They do not in general realise the need to replace the unjust corporate war mongering oligarchical capitalist system in the USA, which creates the brutality in the first place. Also the need to create a new progressive new political party as an alternative to the corporate fascist war mongering Republican and Democratic party,s.

So alas in the USA nothing will really change.The protestors will continue protesting for a few more weeks then the protests will die down.They seem in general to lack the discipline for long term political activity.

However, I urge all regular readers of my blog to keep fighting for political and social change.

Best wishes to all for the future.